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Fender Custom Shop '54 Strat Pickups Set of 3

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Hardshell Case of Fender Custom Shop '54 Strat Pickups Set of 3
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Product Description

The Fender Custom Shop '54 Strat Pickups are an augmented set of vintage-style Stratocaster electric guitar pickups that features staggered, hand-beveled Alnico 5 magnets and Forvar magnet wire wound for classic bell tones and clear harmonic enhancement. The bridge pickup is calibrated for increased, balanced output.

Increased, balanced output Hand-beveled Alnico 5 pole pieces

Get the primo pickups and hear what an astounding difference they make. Order today.

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After buying a set of these pickups, I have to say they are average at best. (I'm being very generous)
clean tone, very tinny. (unlike popular belief, '54 strats DO NOT have to sound tinny and hollow to sound "original")

The most egregious issue with these pickups are the "hand beveled" magnets.
The bevel on these magnets look horribly uneven and chewed up as if the file had been banged into the edge of the poles, leaving tooth marks from the file.

I expect more from a set of pickups at this price and I certainly expect better quality from the Fender "custom shop".Basic single coil pickups with black fiber flatwork and fabric coated wire.
The magnet poles almost looked damaged. The height screw holes aren't even the correct sizes for the actual screws included.
You'll have to modify the holes to a larger size for the included pickup height screws to fit correctly.
I've heard better '54 replicas from Duncan at comparable prices.
Fender Custom Shop '54 Strat Pickups Set of 3
.I've had these in my Strat for a while. They have a little more output than the '69 Strat pickups. More treble response than the Texas specials and the SD SSL1's. I like them. Nice clear tone.
Fender Custom Shop '54 Strat Pickups Set of 3
.These pickups have more bass response than the standard plastic bobbin variety found in todays Strats. There is a biting treble that mellows with age also. I've had these in a strat for 3 years now and they just keep sounding better.
Pickup screw holes are fine. The wax potting makes them seem small. It comes with self tapping screws, which tap and reem the holes out.
These pickups sound fantastic! There is a sweet spot in which these pickups really shine. The magnets are the old style type, and therefore pitted in places, just like the originals.
Pricey, but a good upgrade to any standard strat pickup. American or Mexican.
Fender Custom Shop '54 Strat Pickups Set of 3
.Tortured myself over which to buy... 69's or 54'S. After much debate and research I decided on these. Think I made the right decision. I only have a small tube practice amp and have heard it's better to go low wattage and push the amp rather than have more watts than you need and have to back off. The 69's are hotter, but the 54's are more "balanced". The bridge pickup is about the best Fender makes and that's where the difference is. The only gripe I have is that they are pricey, but it's like they say... you get what you pay for!
Fender Custom Shop '54 Strat Pickups Set of 3
.After installing one set of these into my G & L Legacy Special, I loved the clean yet powerful tone I got out of them. So, I went ahead and purchased a second set and installed them into my other G & L Legacy. If you're into surf, country, classic rock, etc. then give these a try.
Fender Custom Shop '54 Strat Pickups Set of 3
.A lot more balanced than the 69 custom shop set. Bass, mids and treble frequencies sing to your ears. Remember they are NOT hum canceling, that means, just for real strat fans. Enjoy the Sparkle and glassy tone!!
Fender Custom Shop '54 Strat Pickups Set of 3
.These are the best i have ever used. Had TX Spl in a Mexican Players Special but want something that would play everything and these do it. TX Specials had a harshness when playing open chords these do not. The bridge is slightly hotter but only on the bass side so you get no ice pick sounds BUT it still sounds like a Fender bridge. The milder 5.9, 5.9 and 6.2 ohms contribute to the richness. I cannot image playing anything better.
Fender Custom Shop '54 Strat Pickups Set of 3
.if you are looking for the classic Dick Dale, surf guitar sound these are the pickups you want.
Fender Custom Shop '54 Strat Pickups Set of 3

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