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Fender Telecaster Bridge Kit

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Hardshell Case of Fender Telecaster Bridge Kit
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Product Description

Chrome-plated steel bridge with 6 fully adjustable powder-coated bridge saddles for string-through-body Telecasters. Mounting hardware included.

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I have four Made in Mexico Nashville (Great)Telecasters, and I have replaced this bridge, which is stock on there, on all four. Even when properly assembled, twelve different height screws are fighting to keep their feet on the ground while making contact in five different places with other saddles. If you use a three brass saddle arrangement, the saddles can be kept from touching in real world use and are firmly grounded; here, no way. Further, the string below the saddle break point makes contact over most the length of each of the springs that fit over the intonation screws. If you cannot make a tile compensated Fender 3 brass saddle bridge assembly intonate right, buy one that intonates by slanting as well or which has facets cut onto the face of the brass saddle. These 6 barrel jobbers do not even look cool, Fender should just pull 'em. They are the top heavy monster trucks of the saddle world, and it isn't entertaining to see them trying to flip over.
Fender Telecaster Bridge Kit
.I hot-rod guitars as a serious hobby. One look at the Fender bridge photo and the problem is obvious. If you look closely, you see that the string emerges from a hole on the left side of the adjusting screw. But the saddle groove is on the right-hand side of the screw. This creates the various buzzing and dragging by the string. Simple solution: unscrew the adjustment screw completely, flip the saddle around so that the string groove is on the left side of the screw, screw the adjustment screw into the reversed saddle. Do this for all six....problem solved.
Fender Telecaster Bridge Kit
.The title summarizes it all! My 2006 Fender Highway 1 Texas Tele is one sweet guitar, great vibe - all-blonde looks, nice comfortable weight with swamp ash body, but sounded out of tune with the true-to-vintage, non-slanted 3-brass barrels/saddles bridge.I consulted with the owner of a small, but well-known vintage guitar shop in my home town (Portland, Oregon) who had a new Fender vintage-styled, six-saddle Telecaster bridge in stock complete with mounting screws with the slotted heads, allen wrench for adjusting the saddles, and installation/intonation instructions. This shop also had a new Barden Tele bridge, with three-slanted brass barrels, but it was more expensive, and I wanted to keep my Fender Telecaster, all-Fender.I took a lot of time setting up my new six-saddle Tele bridge, carefully "eyeballing" the saddle adjustments for both length and height on my 2004 Fender Highway 1 Stratocaster which has a six-saddle, six-screw vintage-style vibrato bridge. I installed a new set of D'Addario EXL110 strings, going up one guage from the 9's that were originally installed on my Highway 1 Texas Tele. Using my trusty, old Sabine ST-1100 AutoTuner, I only needed minor fine-tuning adjustments for string intonation, using the clear instructions supplied by Fender with the new Tele bridge. One final "plus", the ashtray bridge cover fits perfectly over the new Fender six-saddle bridge, giving a nice look and feel to my now great sounding, *in-tune*, Fender Highway 1 Texas Telecaster electric guitar.
Fender Telecaster Bridge Kit
.I purchased this bridge setup to replace the one that came on my MIM 52 Vintage Tele......it came with the barrel bridge setup that made it impossible to intonate at the twelfth fret and in general wouldn't allow the guitar to stay in tune......mine (the new bridge) came perfectly ready to screw on...I didn't have to flip the barrels to line up with the pickups (as stated in one of the other reviews) and as far as the chrome finish, it was identical to the chroming on the original bridge, so it didn't bother me at all.....all I can say here is that it did it's job and made the Tele a great instrument that will be perfect for recording and live gigs......staying in tune is a must.............................and it's supper affordable...................
Fender Telecaster Bridge Kit
Fender Telecaster Bridge Kit
. I bought a '69 re-issue Tele back in 2002 and have never enjoyed playing it because it was never in tune with the stock 3 saddle bridge. I had tried using compensatory methods of sharpening one string and flattening another but it sounded terrible. I bet I don't have ten hours of actual playing time on this guitar for ten years. Finally, I broke down and bought and installed the 6 Saddle Telecaster Bridge and the guitar's sound is 100% better. Sure, it takes some time to set up everything but the end result is worth it. After installing and setting the intonation, there was a 1/2 inch difference between the large E and A string and a 1/4 inch differnce between the high E and B strings. No way was the 3-saddle going to work on this guitar.
Fender Telecaster Bridge Kit
.A great idea, just NOT well planned. It is very difficult to adjust these, and they tend to want to flip over because of the way it was designed. See the other review on this, same story. This is the cause of SO many complaints on the deluxe series teles as far as that 'ghost buzz' you get at the bridge. This is the ABR1 of the Fender world.
Fender Telecaster Bridge Kit
.Buy the American series bridge instead. This barrel saddle style is awful. You can get your guitar setup correctly and intonated perfectly but it will be a battle every step of the way. I also prefer the full access allowed by the American series bridge.

I do not feel that this product was a waste of money, as it does work. But i will be buying the American series style bridge sometime in the future and replacing this one.
Fender Telecaster Bridge Kit
.I have this bridge on a custom tele, And now its wery easy to tune and the guitar stays in tune works great looks good and its a Fender product. I have read some of the other reviews for this bridge giving it low product ratings, All I have to say if you know how to use it dont buy it.
Fender Telecaster Bridge Kit
.The buzz that people have commented about was driving me crazy, until I figure out what was causing it. I am constantly bending strings, which eventually wares out the hex screw or barrel thread. This makes the saddle drop lower, and eventually the hex screw starts buzzing in the barrel shaft. Even though the problem could easily be fixed by using a tighter fit thread, Fender has not addressed the problem. I like the sound of this bridge and flexibility for intonation for each string.
Fender Telecaster Bridge Kit

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