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Fender TBX Tone Control

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Product Description

The Fender TBX Tone Control will also work in place of any standard tone control on any guitar with passive pickups. Some American Standard Strats are equipped with this tone control to cut either treble or bass instead of the standard style that attenuates treble only. When the control is set at the centered detent, it is off. Turning the control one way cuts treble; the other way cuts bass. The TBX can be also be wired as a master treble/bass control.

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Installed this on a Flying V with Seymour Duncan JB and Jazz. I hate normal tone knobs cause I pretty much just leave them up all the time. All it does is cut the treble. This gave OPTIONS!The wiring diagram included makes it hard to tell which pot is what cause they're STACKED, but I found an online side view that was a TON easier. Got it in easy and works great even on a humbucker!
Fender TBX Tone Control
.First, this is a great mod option. I say option because there are a few possiblities there.

Okay, first thing is that you need to know what you're dealing with in the instrument you're installing this in. There are many possibilities with this pot. You need to research the internet and discover that this is not ordinary concentric pot. The 250K pot goes out of the picture at the half-way detent. The 1M pot is about 1K Ohms at the half-way detent. You take it from here.


I'm using this on a Tele with Texas Specials. Wanna keep as much brightness as I can, yet keep options available. Here it goes... Don't use the 82K provided in the kit. Replace the standard 250K volume pot with a 1M ohm. Use a 330K or 390K ohm resistor in place of the 82K. This will keep the load on the pickup at 248K or 280 ohms respectively (depending on the 330K or 390K chosen), similar to a 250K standard setup. You get to the center detent, and the tone control is gone. You get a 250K load volume pot wide open without a tone control load. You then have the IM pot controling the load on the pickup form that point on. It goes from a 250K to a 500K load (sort of a presence adjustment at the peak of the resonant frequency of the pickup). You won't get any more high end than this unless you open everything up and use only the pickup straight in).

This pot can also be used as a treble and bass adjustment. I will leave this up to you. Check out the internet, it's all there. I didn't see a need to cut the bass, so I decided to pass. That could more easily be done at the amp if necessary, for whatever reason.

Good Luck. BTW I doubt if you will find another option like this anywhere else.
Fender TBX Tone Control
.Brilliant! if you love your pickup, but you think it needs a bit more bass or treble, then get this! 5 is off, up is treble boost, down is bass boost. great idea!
Fender TBX Tone Control
.This is one of the best and simplest mods you can make. I added this to my Tele and it makes the tone control functional.
The center detent has no affect on the tone. One way decreases the bass, the other decreases the treble. Can't get much simpler.
Good enough for the job at hand.
I would buy again for my next guitar.
Fender TBX Tone Control
.This is a great little upgrade for stratocasters. Maybe it doesn't increase the prescense as much as I would like, but hey, it's as good as you can get without finding a place for a 9-volt in your guitar.
In one direction, it's a regular tone control. In the other direction, I guess it's like a prescence control.
You can't beat CTS. It's smooth and luxurious to use. The center detent is a little sloppy for me, but that's no sweat.
Fender TBX Tone Control
.I used to have a Tele deluxe custom that had the TBX system in it and I didn't use it, big mistake. I purchased this to upgrade a Steinberger GM I've been working on and words can't express how cool this simple device is. Cutting out some of the low end can give your leads an entirly new dimention, you can sculpt your sound by just turning one way or the other. I'm buying one of these for every guitar I own, at this price, it's the best, cheapest upgrade you can get!F.Y.I. Ya don't gotta be an electrical engineer to install this. This was my first attempt at a wiring upgrade and I had it done in under 30 minutes.
Fender TBX Tone Control
.I put two of these on a lefty Squire Standard strat(the original pots had a mind of their own). I put one in the T1 position for the Neck & Bridge pickups, and the other in the T2 position for the middle pickup(it was a mess to figure out; but having a tone pot for my bridge pickup was worth it). These babys come with a wiring diagram to install one for the bridge and middle so if thats what you need cool. Its worth the price to upgrade some low-end pots
Fender TBX Tone Control
.well I bought this to hotrod a custom guitar and honestly I love it. I wanted something to help give me that jimmy page tele through supro tone, and still be able to get those jeff beck sparkling highs. it works very well though I whish it had come assembled but it only took about two minutes to put together and a couple more to wire in mu guitar.
Fender TBX Tone Control
.I have an Ibanez RG with a scratchy tone pot. The original pots are very cheaply made so I was going to change it out anyway and had a TBX sitting around and decided to give it a shot.

In short, the TBX controller provided a new tone palette that the standard tone pots do not. Rather than just rolling off highs you actually have a knob that gives you some EQ control.

The one downside is that the pot is a little stiff and as it can turn right and left off of center it is a little more cumbersome and for me a bit slower. If you don't have numbers on your tone knob you may want to mark "center" somehow so you can visually dial in without having to feel for the detent.

The one thing you should be aware of is that the shaft diameter is 3/8". I had to bore out the hole in the body so the shaft would fit. Will probably replace the volume pot now so the holes will be the same size.

I am very pleasantly surprised by the result and am now considering putting them in my Strats which are wired for dual tone (T2 is bridge tone).
Fender TBX Tone Control


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The way to go. Ad's superior high & low tone controll to any guitar
Fender TBX Tone Control

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