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Fender Amplifier Casters with Hardware Set of 4

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One Set
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Hardshell Case of Fender Amplifier Casters with Hardware Set of 4
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Product Description

Genuine Fender heavy duty ball-bearing swivel amplifier casters. Set includes four casters, mounting cups and screws. Fender part: 099-4000-000.

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Look at the "E" stamped on the side of the housing holding the wheels. It's not an "F" is it? Now, who makes casters, for less money, that starts with an "E"? Do a search on casters, and take a good look at the pic on the Ernie Ball caster page. Bingo!, and a few coins left in your pocket too for the same exact product. Kind of makes you wonder what else "F" does that on, and passes the profit on to themselves with just a little creative drop-shipping of product. Dang, and I was just starting to feel good about "F" products again. I would recommend these to a friend, but not without doing a search for casters here and using their eyeballs. Try it. You can thank me later. Oh, by the way, these are great casters. When you roll that heavy tube amp to where you want it, tilt it around and pop out those "pop out" casters, and let you amp set on it's original padded feet to reduce vibrations, etc., especially when playing at high volumes. At home, on carpet, just leave them in when you roll whatever they're installed on to where you want it. Your combo or speaker cabinet will sound better being up off the floor by the height of the "Fender" casters. Odds are you wont be playing loudly enough to induce the inherent vibrations hiding inside anyone's pop-out casters, especially on a hard, flat, smooth surface. Plus, you never know who might smash into your rig and send it rolling away in the middle of your solo. You won't even know it happened until either the cord pops out, if you still use one, or the sound changes so much because the amp has turned around, rolled behind something else, or away from the microphone, or God forbid, it's fallen off the back or side of the stage and gone bang, followed by a big electrical zap! Then you find out just how inexpensive these casters, or any, really are. That's why the smart ones make them in a pop-out fashion. Enough said, and you can thank me later.
Fender Amplifier Casters with Hardware Set of 4
.Bought these for my Fender Twin 85W Blackface vintage reissue that comes stock without casters vs my 1978 Fender Twin 120W Silverface amp that came stock with casters (got more for your money back then). All that aside, you will need to have a 5/8" drill bit to make the holes on the bottom of the amp needed for installing the casters pop in housing. Also, you will need remove the tubes first so that the filaments don't get damaged during the install and will need to make sure and vacuum out any wood dust from the drilling process while the amp is upside down.
Fender Amplifier Casters with Hardware Set of 4
.Not a lot of product description so I wanted to let people know that these casters come with the mounts and they do fit "The Twin" perfectly. (The red knob twin reverd often called "The Evil Twin".)

I am sure they fit some other Fender amps too but they definetly are the correct casters for The Twin.
Fender Amplifier Casters with Hardware Set of 4
.Great for old cabs that need new wheels or inserts or both. Nice add on for heavy cabs that don't have casters.
Fender Amplifier Casters with Hardware Set of 4
.These pop right into the pre-existing holes on a Fender-made EVH 5150 III cabinet. Exactly what I needed.

I just wish that had been included with the purchase of the amp and cabinet.
Fender Amplifier Casters with Hardware Set of 4
.Just got mine today, looks like Fender made these casters Standard for Fender.

I have an old Fender KXR 200 Keyboard amp and they fit spot on!
Fender Amplifier Casters with Hardware Set of 4

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