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Fender Jazz Bass Knobs Set of 3

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Hardshell Case of Fender Jazz Bass Knobs Set of 3
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Product Description

The genuine Fender Jazz Bass Knobs include 2 large volume knobs, and 1 smaller tone knob for your Fender Jazz Bass.

The bass guitar knobs are lack plastic with white line position marker. These are the same knobs used on U.S.-made Fender Jazz Basses.

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look no futher, these knobs will make your basslines fatter, make your grooves groove harder, and give you that warm vintage jazz sound that Charles Parkley worked so hard to get. If you want to make it into berklee school of getting famous you're gonna need these.
Fender Jazz Bass Knobs Set of 3
.I own many basses and the first thing I do is change the knobs on the ones that have the unmarked "Chrome Domes" with these. I even put them on both of my "Pre-Ernie Musicman basses".
The only caveat is if you want all of them the same size you'll have to buy more than one set.
But then you'll have some spares when one of the "Knob Twisting Newbies" steals one from you.
On a two pickup jazz style bass these will hep you remember where the "Sweet Spot" is due to the fact they have indicator lines on them. If you're into blending your pickups like I am then these are the way to go.
How many times have you played a gig and some newbie asks if he can "check out" your bass?
Trying to be nice you say "O.K" but the first thing you see him do is start twisting the knobs even before he plucks a note.
Well, the fact that these have a clearly marked line will help you get back to that amazing tone you had before "Mr. Newbie" messed with everything.
You can buy these or opt to get some Chinese knock offs that look like the white lines were painted on with a 12 inch paint roller. I choose these.
They're not cheap but "Peace Of Mind" is Priceless!!!
Fender Jazz Bass Knobs Set of 3
.I had bought a used squire jazz bass. The person who owned the jazz bass had put strat knobs on it. I really wanted these knobs for there appearance and practicality. When I first got them, I thought that they were too big. I didn't realize you have to tighten them up with an Allen wrench. I was really disappointed. Then I looked them up online. I found out how you need to line up the allen screw on the knobs with the slot on your pots. These knobs look and work great. I like how they have one line on them so that it is easy to judge your pot settings.
Fender Jazz Bass Knobs Set of 3
.Good quality and functionality.
Fender Jazz Bass Knobs Set of 3
.Although they won't help your sound, they do make the bass look better, and you can tell what the pot setting is better than the standard "chrome dome" knobs.
Fender Jazz Bass Knobs Set of 3
.What can I say, they are knobs. But on my Squier Jazz, they made it look more like a true Fender, added some aesthetic appeal, and made everything faster. Go for it.
Fender Jazz Bass Knobs Set of 3
. They look great but are kinda of pain to install
The knobs look an work fine, but I wish they would include a allen wrench. I found one in my tool kit that would work but it was kind of a pain in the rear. Screws might be better.
Fender Jazz Bass Knobs Set of 3
.I put these on my Telecaster which has upgraded, smooth shaft pots. Looks sweet and didn't cost me too much. Set screws should latch on to anything these will fit on. Honestly they are the perfect size for my Tele. Not too big or small or short or tall...perfect really.
These are plastic knobs... not too many features available on a knob. Comes in 2 sizes so that's something?!?
They seem sturdy enough to last several years or more... depending on use. Nice and shiny with a bright white indicator line.
This price for plastic knobs sounds ridiculous but you get 3 and they are Fender originals.
Fender Jazz Bass Knobs Set of 3

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