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Fender Fatfinger Guitar Sustain Enhancer

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One Set
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Hardshell Case of Fender Fatfinger Guitar Sustain Enhancer
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Product Description

Instantly add more sustain and tone to your guitar with Fender's Fatfinger. By clamping the Fatfinger on the headstock of your instrument (no tools needed), it will enhance the overall tone and note-to-note response of any electric or acoustic guitar.

Instantly adds more sustain Enhances tone and note-to-note response Easily added and removed

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Works as advertised.
If you have a Stratocaster that's way to brite, as most of them are, this really helps mellow it out some. I believe it does help somewhat with sustain also.
It's just a hunk of metal. But it's a nice hunk of metal.
Fender Fatfinger Guitar Sustain Enhancer
.Great product! This enhances the tone of my Fender Stratocaster producing some warm mellow tones with increased brightness and sustain. I could hear the difference even when my guitar is unplugged.
Fender Fatfinger Guitar Sustain Enhancer
.I was very skeptical when I first heard about the Fatfinger. I was able to try one for myself. I played with the unit attached and removed several times. I could easily hear the difference the Fatfinger made to my strat and tele's tone. I was so impressed I bought two.
This is a chunk of metal that is fastened to your guitar's headstock. It adds sustain and body to your tone. This is my 2nd Fatfinger. I liked the 1st so much I wanted another so I could leave one attached to my primary instrument.
The Fatfinger is made well. I gig and rehearse alot,with no problems so far.
This is a really easy and inexpensive way to improve the tone of you guitar.
Fender Fatfinger Guitar Sustain Enhancer
.Good quality, easy to use, economical. In fact, this device may replace a pedal or two of mine as I try to eliminate some of things that corrupt the honest tone of my guitars (LP, Strat, PRS, Hamer) plugged directly into my amps (Two-Rock, Marshall, Bogner, Fender).
This is a simple little gizmo that subtly enhances the sustain and tone of your guitar.
It is a relatively substantial (not cumbersome) clamp-on device---not a toy.
Considering what I have spent on effects pedals, this was an economically sensible purchase that supports my quest for great tone.
Fender Fatfinger Guitar Sustain Enhancer
.It helps alittle with my taylor for sustain but my tele sounds the same with or without this on it so i wasted my money on this thing
Fender Fatfinger Guitar Sustain Enhancer
.I feel this is a legitimate and effective tool to support good tone and sustain especially on a guitar with lighter woods.Nay sayers say what you will.I'm buying a few more.
Fender Fatfinger Guitar Sustain Enhancer
.Bought a mid seventies Fender Tele brand new back in the day. Paisley reissue. It truly had a dull muffled sound, But the beauy of it sucked me in. The Paisley covering, front and back was glued on wall paper, with a very thick clear coat covering over it to smooth it out. I purchased the first "Fathead" producy, a 3/16" thick brass plate, cut perfectly emulating the tele headstock, including the tuning key holes and their mounting holes also. I mounted on the back of the headstock, and used the origina tuning key screws which seemed to work fine. And yes it made a cleared up the muffled part, and increased sustain. Well worth it it. Ended up trading the tele in for three other guitars at my friend's shop. No regrets. Anyway later on they started selling this new clamp on fathead gizmo, and I liked the idea of quick change to any guitar. It worked, but maybe not as dramatic, but I admit I didn't give it a real try-out changing positions ect. Now Fender has bought the rights to this product. It's a matter of simple physics that it will improve the sound. I plan to buy one, maybe two and experiment. Been playin 44 yrs, near
Fender Fatfinger Guitar Sustain Enhancer
.clamp this on the end of your headstock and hear a much more resonant guitar tone.
Fender Fatfinger Guitar Sustain Enhancer
.If you try this product it will eliminate all kinds of buzz and give you more sustain
Fender Fatfinger Guitar Sustain Enhancer
.Doing what it's says, really gives the Guitar Life. Especially for open notes.
Fender Fatfinger Guitar Sustain Enhancer

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