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Fender Amplifier Jewel White

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Hardshell Case of Fender Amplifier Jewel White
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Product Description

Customize your favorite Fender amp with a colored jewel. Accessory part is available in 6 brilliant flavors.

Customize your Fender amp! Order now!

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I have a '94 Concert Amp.. I bought the Purple Jewel Lens just as a fun replacement for my original Red Jewel Lens. The fit is SUBLIME. The Purple Lens is a little darker then the Red, obviously.. Kinda like a 'black-light'.. But, NO regrets.. It looks sweet, and I feel that it's a unique way to personalize your Fender Amp...
Fender Amplifier Jewel White
.This amp was missing the jewel, and I think that is why the amp sat in the store for sale for so long (lucky for me). Without the jewel it appeared abused and in disrepare. The jewel is a window to the soul of the amp. If you dont share this connection, perhaps you should change its color and connect with it in this way.
These are transparent glass. Turn them clockwise, the go in. Turn amp on, they filter the power on light. Thus you feel good.
The jewel is of fair quality. I am in the decorative glass business and I have seen better jewels but these are fine. The metal trim fits well to the glass and I had no issue threading them into my '68 Champ.
There was no shipping on the item from MF that helped the value. Plus I grouped with srings and picks, and no shipping on that stuff, so I felt good. Its a bit much to pay but its difficult to get something like this to market for any less. Plus, how many of them are you going to buy? I think the price is ok. The bottle of wine I got the same day is long gone, I still have the jewel.
Fender Amplifier Jewel White
.I bought all five colors for my Fender Deluxe VM amp figuring it would be nice to change them out occasionally but little did I know that they have a different thread than the one on the VM amp. I wish that on the product description they would inform the customer that these jewels do not fit all of the Fender amps. I am keeping them do to the fact of the return hassle and that I also own a Fender Super Reverb that I will use them on.
Fender Amplifier Jewel White
.In 1964 I somehow got a hold of a blue jewel and put it in (on?) my 64 Twin. Then I saw these and had to have one for my Fender Frontman. THEY DONT FIT, so that's where the beware comes from. Other than that, they are great little "dress-ups". Just make sure they fit your particular amp.
Fender Amplifier Jewel White
.The green jewel is rather more eye catching than the standard red, and compliments the silver grill cloth on my Deluxe quite nicely.
Fender Amplifier Jewel White
.I got the purple jewel because the blue one seems too light, but it was unsatisfying. The standard red that came with my amp has a nice glow, the other ones just don't have enough color. I had a vintage Princeton once that had a nice blue light but can't find anything comparable. I guess I could try a dimmer bulb but the one I have is standard. Kind of baffling why they can't get something right that is this simple.
Fender Amplifier Jewel White
.Purple looks great on a Triple Rectifier!
Fender Amplifier Jewel White
.My favorite color!
Fender Amplifier Jewel White
.These jewels are great quality and very nice looking.
The purple looks really cool with a blackface Fender
And the blue with a silverface.
Fender Amplifier Jewel White
.Ordered a Green Jewel to replace the red one on my Fender Hot Rod Deville 4x10 60w tube amp and it looks great. I liked the customization aspect so much that I then ordered the Purple Jewel for my recently purchased Peavey Valve King II 100W Head (these will fit that amp)..can't wait to see the 'purple haze' glow...!
Fender Amplifier Jewel White

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