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Fender FCT012 Clip-On Tuner

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Hardshell Case of Fender FCT012 Clip-On Tuner
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Product Description

Fender FCT-12 Chromatic Color Clip-On Tuner is compact and easy to operate even under darkened stage conditions. It tunes instruments using a built-in vibration sensor for accurate and precise tuning even in noisy areas. The bright and colorful LCD screen with easy-to-read sweep needle display rotates 360 degrees for easy viewing. Tuning modes include: Guitar, Bass, Ukulele, Violin and Chromatic. Tuning range A0 - C8. A4 Range 430Hz-450Hz. Weight: 50 grams. Power: CR2032 battery (included)

Easy to read Accurate tuning in noisy areas Tuning range A0 - C8. A4 Range 430Hz-450Hz. Weight: 50 grams.

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I've used one for almost a year with no problems, you have to change the batteries but not that often every 3 to 4 months. I've got 2 and just ordered my 3rd for my grandson.
Fender FCT012 Clip-On Tuner
.Really don't like this. Got one for my first guitar, an Ibanez AF55. It has been functional, but I intend to replace it.

I use a lot open tunings, mostly because I've been trying to play blues standards. None of these are supported by the FCT-12. The only tunings supported are standard, bass, violin, ukulele and keys of F, B sharp, E sharp, and C. The key tunings show the actual note, usually. Seemingly at random it switches to showing the key, which does me no good at all. The key is always displayed by a separate set of lights anyway. This is particularly confusing when tuning to b or d.

There are two buttons on the back, a mode/power button and a seemingly useless pitch button. The pitch button moves a4 up one hertz at a time, between 430 and 450 hertz. My limited understanding of music theory leaves me puzzled as to why this would be useful. The mode button switches between tuning options, as detailed above.

The screen is only readable if angled perfectly.

Kind of slow, it takes quite a while to decide what to display.

Worst problem is that checking the pitch at the twelfth string is difficult. I have to pop the strings hard enough for them to buzz, wait for the buzzing to subside and then read the tuner. Absolutely ridiculous.

On the battery cover, I wish everything had covers like this. About a sixteenth turn for it to lock firmly. While there is a slot for a coin, you don't actually need it. There are two bumps for you fingers to push on, allowing it to be turned without a tool. Why everything doesn't have that I don't know.
Fender FCT012 Clip-On Tuner
.As i said in review of the fender sparkle tuner i was happy enough with it that i was going to try this tuner also. when i got it; it was a little smaller than i figured but it made up for size really fast. Easy to use, no cord needed!!! since i received the tuner i've used it on 4 and 5 string basses. 6 string guitars both elec. and accoustic and 2 different trumpets. It worked flawlessly. I'm impressed! It has mode memory which means i use it for bass guitar turn it off and next time i turn it on it stays in the bass mode. I just leave it clipped on turn it on and have a hands free tuner with no cord, no extra footswitch to mess with. It has swivelhead that also pivots so visability is good except in direct lighting, kind of like a smart phone screen. overall great little tuner. buy one, both of my guitars players are!!
Fender FCT012 Clip-On Tuner
.Ok, you can't even begin to go wrong buying this, especially at it's price point it's a no brainer.

I have it on my mandolin (because it doesn't have a built in tuner). It folds back to fit the mandolin in my case or gig bag without removing it.

It works and it's easy to use and the mount feels very good and it works great.

What can you add? Or yea, it works with other instruments also.
Fender FCT012 Clip-On Tuner
.Great tuner, easy to read disply. "Mode" button on underside steps through key tuning (of questionable value though) and the the default is "C". But that isn't exactly "C Major", it means Chromatic in that it will tune to all notes, not just the ones specified by the other modes. Display is very easy to see. You do have to know the numbering of the octaves. Good quality, works well and keeps tuning in line with piano. Much more consistent than guessing at the D string tuning!
Fender FCT012 Clip-On Tuner
.I hate to run down Fender in a review, and maybe I'm just doing something wrong anyways. But the tuner itself works / functions properly to tune a guitar. However, what I really don't like about this item is for me (right handed guitar player) I like to put the tuner on the back of the headstock; when I do that the chromatic tuner is upside down facing me, and I can't face it upright. I can have it upright on the front of the headstock, but... I'm not about all that.
It works, it's a fast and easy way to keep your axe in tune. But if / when it goes out I won't be purchasing another like it for that reason.
Fender FCT012 Clip-On Tuner
.Two buttons on the back may be confusing and easy to mess up the settings.
Fender FCT012 Clip-On Tuner
.great tuner at a great price. works great.
Fender FCT012 Clip-On Tuner
.This tuner is really quite nice. It tunes Guitar/Mandolin/Ukulele and that other stringed thing. The fact that this works on vibration and not sound makes it ideal for noisy locations. If the drummer is pounding away and the bass dude is jam'n to some other tune you've got noise to contend with. This little thing ignores them and allows you to quickly get in tune. The display is very clear and easy it watch while tuning.

1 Con - The display is not very flexible, it may be hard to position the tuner on your instrument and angle the display so that you can see it. I have mine upside-down because it will only fit on the bottom edge of my guitar's headstock (Peavey T-60).
Fender FCT012 Clip-On Tuner
.Small, easy to use tuner. This tuner is adjustable for instrument type and non standard tunings. Small enough to slip into any compartment or pocket. Just clip it onto the headstock, turn it on and tune.
Fender FCT012 Clip-On Tuner

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