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Fender American Standard Strap Buttons (2)

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Hardshell Case of Fender American Standard Strap Buttons (2)
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Product Description

Fender put together this package of 2 genuine Fender American Standard Strap Buttons.

Don't settle for less than original Fender parts! Call or click to order today!

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I have been playing guitar since 1976, Schaller strap locks are what I am accustomed to using.

I have a very large collection of guitars and a small collection of guitar straps.

American Standard Strap Buttons = Schaller Strap buttons, this is the product to buy if you are just needing Schaller strap buttons without having to purchase the complete Schaller strap lock kit for the buttons. For some reason (at least not to my knowledge)Schaller does not sell their strap lock buttons alone, so I buy these "Fender" American Strap Lock Buttons and save money vs purchasing a kit for all of my guitars.

P.S. before use, always ensure the strap lock nuts are good and tight, it doesn't hurt to use "lock-tight", but always ensure you check the lock nuts so that they are good and tight before, during and after you play.
Fender American Standard Strap Buttons (2)
.Fender puts these buttons on their Deluxe Stratocasters. As a strap button, it is not reliable. Why? Because it is actually the button for the Schaller Strap Locks that have been available for several years. MF sells Fender marked strap locks, identical to the Schaller model, at a reasonable price. After a while, you will have a drawer full of the primary part, which attaches to a guitar strap. Offering the buttons for sale as an individual set, makes it possible to interchange straps on the guitars that have this set of buttons. The other use for these buttons is to make it possible to hang the straps on the wall. Using a pre-finished piece of wood trim, available at a home store, one set of these buttons makes it possible to hang two straps so that they are easy to get to use. Most people have favorite straps that they like to use on all of their guitars. Since the entire stap lock system is one of the best ways to insure that the guitar will not get dropped, making straps that are already set up to attach to these buttons is not only a good idea, but, making them available without a hassle provides for more playing time.
Fender American Standard Strap Buttons (2)
. These are really only good for using with strap locks. The buttons have hardly any flare at all and without a locking mechanism a strap could easily pop off. If you're like me and already have a drawer full of locking mechanisms, it's a great find.
These are the same buttons that come with strap locks. So if you're using one strap for several guitars or replacing a worn out button, you can save some cash buying these instead of the whole strap lock set.
I've used them for years. They do eventually wear down to the point that the strap no longer locks. In my case on my main gigging guitar, about 5 years.
It's an excellent value if all you need are strap lock buttons.
Fender American Standard Strap Buttons (2)
.I have these strap lock buttons on all 13 of my guitars. I use a Blue Note Guitar strap, (which are no longer in production), DARN IT. This slows me to use my favorite strap on any of my guitars without the risk of the strap slipping off of the guitar strap pins causing a possible dropping & damage to a guitar. Also prevents wear to a strap button hole. Very fast & easy to use.
Fender American Standard Strap Buttons (2)
.Be aware the screw holes are a little smaller than the actual Schaller brand bottons, but these do work with Schaller strap locks. Great product if you already own a Schaller strap lock system works great. Thanks fender!!!
Fender American Standard Strap Buttons (2)
.These strap lock ends fit the Schaller strap locks that I use on all my guitars. They save me from having to buy the whole set, when I just need the guitar ends. Now I have one strap that works with every one of my guitars. A real time and money saver!
Fender American Standard Strap Buttons (2)
Fender American Standard Strap Buttons (2)
.The Fender strap lock buttons work great with my Schaller strap locks.
Fender American Standard Strap Buttons (2)
.I have a Stratocaster and a Jazz Bass that came with the standard strap buttons. These work well with the Schaller strap locks I use and they are a genuine Fender product.
Fender American Standard Strap Buttons (2)
.These are compatible with Schaller strap lock systems so if you're like me and have numerous extra Schaller strap locks but not enough buttons, buy these.
Fender American Standard Strap Buttons (2)

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