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Fender Original Telecaster Pickup

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Hardshell Case of Fender Original Telecaster Pickup
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Product Description

This Original Vintage Fender Telecaster Pickup Set provides you with two pickups that give you extremely accurate vintage Tele twang, as well as the warmth and edge that people have expected from Fender for over 50 years. These pickups are built with Alnico 3 magnets and enamel-coated magnet wire-the same materials and specifications of an early 1950s Telecaster pickup. The bridge pickup sports the traditional copper-plated steel base plate.

Accurate reproductions of original Fender Telecaster pickups Constructed of Alnico 3 magnets and enamel-coated magnet wire Bridge DC resistance: 7.2K, inductance: 3.27 Henries

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These deserve a 10 easy. The sound is great. Good tele twang. And you have a hard time finding "Imports" for this price. I would go with these before I tried the expensive boutique PUPs, expecially if you're after the vintage tele tone.
Hey, they are pickups
The sound on these PUPS are vintage and a very nice upgrade to a MIM tele. A wonderfull tone, especially when a custom wiring harness is installed as well. I don't understand why we buy the imports to upgrade and then do nothing about the wiring. I got a four way wiring harness with all the bells and whistles and it takes my tele to a new level.
The value is nothing short of outstanding. USA pickups (a pair) for a great price!
Fender Original Telecaster Pickup
.They are well worth the money that I paid for them. I haven't had the chance to compare them to the higher end ones that are out there other than the lace Golds, but I can say it's the closest thing I have heard to the tone that my wife's grandfather gets out of his late 50's model through the same amp. He just laughed when I asked if I could borrow his. I can't wait to let him hear mine now.
I installed these on my 2007 American standard Tele. The original p-ups were lacking the tone I wanted. I purchased the guitar used and am not sure what kind they were/ if they had been changed. I replaced them with a set of lace golds and wasn't happy with those either. Contemplated giving up on the tele but figured I'd give it one more chance. These arrived yesterday and I installed them under a haze of guilt from possibly just having thrown away money. After they were in and the strings were tuned, I plugged into my Fender Pro Junior. Not the greatest amp as far as tone goes, but it does the job for practicing without giving a free concert to my neighbors. – By the way, I didn't switch string brands and normally replace them every few weeks, so that's not part of the equation. I was really blown away by the tone that I heard and that was before I made the final adjustments to p-up height. After adjusting them to my liking as far as volume and brightness goes I played a few licks switching between the 3 positions. I was just literally amazed. So much so that I plugged into an original bassman that my wife's grandfather was kind enough to let me borrow. Man let me tell you, it sounded so good that I risked being visited by the cops. Thankfully, no one called them. (It was past 11pm by this time, lol) To sum this up, I can truly recommend these to anyone that is not happy with the current tone of their Tele.
Fender Original Telecaster Pickup
.I spent a while researching pickups to replace the factory ones in my 1993 MIM Tele. After finding some good words about these, and noticing the incredible price compared to other pickups being recommended, I went for these, and I made the right choice.These pickups have a great, pretty traditional Tele tone that are a decided step up from the stock pickups from my guitar, and in the current Standard Tele models. The bridge pickup has just the right amount of Tele twang and bite and sounds great. The neck pickup is downright incredible. It has a wonderful, chiming, bell-like quality to its tone that the stock ceramic pickups don't have.I have heard better, but these pickups are among the top Tele pickups available, and to legitimately improve you'd need to spend considerably more. These are almost a no-brainer upgrade for any MIM or Squier Tele.
Fender Original Telecaster Pickup
.I play '50's-'60's rock & roll, plus country & rythm & blues. These pups are the ultimate for me, I got them here at MF, shipping was 2 days, plus I save 70+ by buying here . . .
No special features, just perfect vintage tone.
My rating says it all, just purely Fender sound.
An absolute steal . . .
Fender Original Telecaster Pickup
.Great upgrade to my 1993 MIM Tele. I have had the guitar since 93 and only wish I would have made the upgrade sooner. The original bridge pickup was (as they say) like an ice pick to the ears." No longer. These are much warmer and do not feed back with distortion like the stock pickups. Great, affordable improvement. Its like a new guitar.
Fender Original Telecaster Pickup
.After installing both pickups I noticed there wasn't any output from the neck pickup on the G string (probably an uncharged pole piece).
Custom GuitarsFriend (some friend) refuse to exchange the pickup because I installed it (makes no sense) how can I tell if the pickups are working unless I install them.
I will never do business with MF again.
Fender Original Telecaster Pickup
.Put on "I Can't Quit You, Baby" by Led Zeppelin. If that is the Tele tone you are after, buy these pickups A.S.A.P. If you're into killer Michael Bloomfield Tele-tones, buy these pickups for your guitar. I put a set of these into a Rondo Tele copy and they totally transformed the guitar. When I bought a Mexican Tele last year, I immmediately stripped the Rondo, and put the Original Tele Pickups into it. I also added CTS pots, a CRL swich, a Switchcraft jack, Locking Schaller tuners, an American String tree, Graph-Tech String-Saver saddles and N.O.S. Paper-in-Oil caps, now this thing is a tone machine. I'm a dyed-in-the-wool Strat guy and these have nearly put the Telecaster at the top of my personal list. I'd highly recommend these pickups to the discerning ear.
Fender Original Telecaster Pickup
.Original Tele sound with modern touches make these pups the best buy around. Buy 'em, you won't be sorry!
I've tried many, many different pickups over the years, but keep on going back to the Original '52's. They've modernized everything (wiring, etc.), but not that timeless Tele sound.
Perfect in every way. (See rating above).
MF has the best price I've seen, plus they back their products, so you're safe there!
Fender Original Telecaster Pickup
. I installed this on a Rondo Tele copy. After fighting cancer for 2 years my friends bought me the Rondo to get me back on stage again. Now the Rondo is a quality low budget guitar to start with but these pickups made all the difference in the world. I installed them the night before a gig and to quote my buddies that were on stage with me - "Jeff's sound is back!" I recommend you give them a try. For the price, you can't go wrong.
Installed perfectly with no modifications. You just need to know how to use a soldering iron.
What can I say. Made by Fender. Good solid construction and looks like the pickups that were in my first tele I bought when I was a kid (a very long time ago)
If you can't afford a real tele, at this price you can give any tele copy the sound you're looking for.
Fender Original Telecaster Pickup
. Strong deep bass response and that nice Tele twang trebles.
The pickups in my 1993 Tele were just okay and a litttle weak. Putting in the new Fender vintage set really juiced things up. Nice warm tones from the neck pickup and strong deep bass and cutting trebles from the bridge pickup. Installing these pickups was a huge improvement in the tone and feel of my guitar. I now enjoy playing this guitar again.

I do need to say one thing about Custom Guitars Friend. I found this product cheaper from another online store and they matched the price. No questions asked. Great job, thank you.
You can't beat the price.
Fender Original Telecaster Pickup

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