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Fender Strap Lock Gold

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Hardshell Case of Fender Strap Lock Gold
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Product Description

Fender "F" Straplocks are designed for simple, no-hassle performance and reliability. Design features include: A secure and simple release action system which holds up to 100 pounds. Simple, removable fastening cap allows you to change straps effortlessly.

Simple no-hassle performance Holds up to 100 pounds

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These work great and the quality is top notch BUT THEY ARE HUGE. I bought them and found them to be too enormous to put on my guitar and gave them to my bassist who loves Fender guitars and basses, wouldn't take them for free, because they are so darn large! Once installed they are like the largest darn metalic things coming out of your guitar. If you are Lady Gaga I'm sure that's a desireable trait, and you can pull it off. But if you are regualar folk and want avoid others thinking you have a strange relationship with you guitar I might pass. Trust me when i saying they are not for everyone!
Fender Strap Lock Gold
.I'm going to put these on my Jazz bass as well. In fact, I've been reluctant to play it now without the strap locks since the strap has slipped from time to time. The strap I use is a Levy wide suede leather strap. So it's not a cheap strap. They just get worn around the holes after regular use. If you're playing regularly with a strap you need these.
You install them like any others, take out the existing strap buttons and put this on. To put the strap on and off you put index and middle finger underneath and push with your thumb to release. I would have like to be able to just push it on without unlocking but really that would probably make them less dependable. Attacking the locks to the strap is just screwing it on there. I think there were some small grooves to help them not slip. I've heard of people saying to use lock tite on some but I didn't see a need to do it on these.
I installed these on a MIJ Jaguar Bass. The screws went in nice and snug without stripping or needing a lot of extra effort. The lock are solid with no loose parts. They lock on and have no indication that they will come loose unless you purposely take them off. The strap moves freely once it is locked on but shows no sign of coming off.
The price on these is in line with better quality locks so I'd say it's worth the money. Honestly, it's worth spending the money to keep an expensive bass from hitting the floor. If you're going to invest in nice equipment, it only makes sense to make sure you are protecting your investment.
Fender Strap Lock Gold
.I bought these and installed them on my Fender Deluxe Jazz V bass (MIM). The part which provides the lock and quick-release between the strap and the bass works very well and it's easy to operate.

The problem I've had is that the two parts the screw together to hold onto the strap itself come unscrewed very easily. I've had it come completely undone during a gig. I've now conditioned myself to check and tighten between songs.

This is not how strap locks are supposed to behave.
Fender Strap Lock Gold
.Easy to install on a Fender Strat - just unscrew the existing strap buttons and screw in the new ones, fast and easy to do. They work great. Now I want these for all my other guitars!
Fender Strap Lock Gold

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I have been a die-hard fan of Schaller strap locks for over 10 years now until I discovered this. Out of curiosity, I ordered a set and installed them on my main Les Paul. Not only are they easier to use, but they require no modification to the strap itself. Typically when installing Schaller strap locks, to get the nut/washer to thread through the strap hole completely I would have to take a pair of scissors and enlarge the hole on my strap. While, these fit perfectly right out of the box.

Also, unlike Dunlops, the button itself is very unobtrusive.
Fender Strap Lock Gold
.I bought these to go on a Fender syedde strap they do not fit well and have very little tightening on the strap may be ok to add loctite if you have thin strap
Fender Strap Lock Gold
.I use these on my P Bass and they are very sturdy. Makes taking the strap on and off very simple. They are quite large; they might look large on a guitar but the high quality of these would make it worthwhile to me.
Does all you can imagine a strap lock should.
Spring-loaded, very sturdy.
A great price for the quality and ease of use for these.
Fender Strap Lock Gold
.I use dunlops but decided to try these on a pbass very easy to install like the release and thay dont rattle while i play , thay also look good on the pbass
Fender Strap Lock Gold
.Used this on a Fender P Bass that I just finished. It makes putting & taking off a Guitar strap a "Snap", literally! The Guitar is fairly heavy & these buttons support it with no problem. You can't go wrong with this purchase. Highly recommended.......
Fender Strap Lock Gold
.I like the lock design , easy to detach the strap. These are a little bulky and add to the length of the body of you have a tight fit on your case. These are nice though
Fender Strap Lock Gold

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