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Fender Mustang Bass Guitar Case Black Black

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Hardshell Case of Fender Mustang Bass Guitar Case Black Black
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Product Description

The case is custom-built to house your Mustang electric bass guitar. Textured vinyl exterior, poodle plush lining, vinyl ends, and Fender logo.

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It looks nice, but its not going to hold up.
Two button locks and one clasp closure. It has metal corners, but they are more decorative than anything. Lined inside with a strap to hold instrument neck.
This is the case that matches the Mustang Bass. There are not many other options for the 3/4 scale Fender Mustang Bass. It does have the perfect vintage look, but its not going to be durable enough for frequent use. Probably is great for resale value with the matching bass - way down the line. If you are going to play your bass and need to put it away in the closet or under the bed when you are done this case will work. If you are going to throw it in the van with other gear weekly - don't buy it. It will not hold up. My case's lid doesn't quite line up when closed.
This case is 50% more money than a basic hardshell road worthy case. Its not worth the money in terms of protection, but it does look really sharp.
Fender Mustang Bass Guitar Case Black Black
.If I could be assured that Leo's grand kids are studying hard and maintaining their GPA's at some of the prestigious Ivy League colleges, then maybe I would feel a little better about paying such an inlated price for a case.
It has hinges and snaps.
An additional feature is the locks, which must provide a mighty deterrent to anyone thinking of stealing an instrument, not mention giving the manufacturer reasons to raise the price.
Personally, I would rather skip on the locks in exchange for a lower price.
A lid for the inside compartment would be nice.
The case is strong enough to protect the instrument, bu the same can be said for some of the lower-priced cases.
The main reason that I bought this case is that my Mustang Bass (which is over 43 years old) does not fit in the many other cases.
I won't use gig bags for any of my guitars or basses.
If Custom Guitar's Gear or Squire made a case that could accomodate the Mustang Bass, that was half the price of this, I would be submitting a different review.
Fender Mustang Bass Guitar Case Black Black
.Unfortunately, this is the only game in town if you want a hard case for your Mustang or Bronco bass. You're paying for that bolted-on Fender nameplate. Lining is skimpy to say the least. No accessory storage whatsoever. If there was another alternative, I'd be all over it!
Fender Mustang Bass Guitar Case Black Black
.My biggest issue with the Fender Mustang Bass Case is the lack of a storage space. There is a lot of room for extra strings and other accessories, but there is no way to secure the items. Had Fender put a flap of some kind under where the neck lays, you would be able to store these items. The case itself seems fairly durable. My thumbs are always getting hit by the locks when I open the case. I believe there are better cases out there for a lot less!
Fender Mustang Bass Guitar Case Black Black
.The case is overpriced for what it is, and it lacks an interior compartment for picks and strings, but there are few other options for snugly storing a Fender Mustang bass.
Fender Mustang Bass Guitar Case Black Black
.When researching vintage Mustang basses, specifically used ones, you always read about the "typical neck ding" from the strap snap for the little vinyl strap that holds down the bass neck. If you don't place the bass in the case carefully, it's easy to contact the neck with metal snap since the strap has to be un-snapped to put the bass in the case. This is a drag.. I'm removing this thing from the case to avoid damaging the back of the neck. It would have been better to have left out the strap feature that dates back to the old cases and instead update the case with a compartment like a the strat case ..
Fender Mustang Bass Guitar Case Black Black
.This case is just a case with no extras. It has no pockets for strings or picks. It is just to hold my mustang bass and it really doesn't seem too strong either. It'll do, I guess???
Fender Mustang Bass Guitar Case Black Black
.First Off let me tell you this thing is too much. It looks nice for something that came out of China but it really wouldn't protect a mustang anyday. I had a mustang bass and sadly I had this case. Both were pretty lousey but the case was the worst. Terrible and Too Much!!!!!
Fender Mustang Bass Guitar Case Black Black
.Good is that my mustangs fits well in it. BAD is No room for much and very cheap build' handle is junk and cover does not hold up well. You get that all for alot of money
Fender Mustang Bass Guitar Case Black Black
.Been playing this Mustang for 8 years including studio and concerts. Other case wore out. This case fits well. I like the snap down strap for the neck. I can keep extra strings, tuner (in a leather case) and allen wrenches and screwdiver also (in a leather cases). Latches fit well. It's just not very sturdy and the handle seems weak. I'm gentle in handling all my guitars anyway but do some road work and travel. Certaily over priced. Looks great. Time will tell.
Fender Mustang Bass Guitar Case Black Black

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