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Fender American Special Stratocaster Electric Guitar 2-Color Sunburst

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Hardshell Case of Fender American Special Stratocaster Electric Guitar 2-Color Sunburst
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Product Description

The Fender American Special Stratocaster is outfitted with a gloss urethane-finished alder body, a 9.5" radius maple neck with a modern C profile, and a maple fingerboard fitted with 22 jumbo frets.

You'll get lots of gain and tones galore from the American Special series guitar's 3 Texas Special single-coil pickups. The Greasebucket tone circuit rolls off the highs without adding bass. Other details include a vintage-style synchronized tremolo, chrome hardware, and a large '70s-style headstock and Fender decal. Fender accompanies your American Special Stratocaster guitar with a polishing cloth and a gig bag.

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Model name: American Special Stratocaster Series: American Special Finish: Gloss urethane Body: Alder Neck: Maple, modern C-shaped Fingerboard: Maple Fingerboard Radius: 9.5" (241 mm) No. of frets: 22 jumbo frets Bridge: Vintage-style synchronized tremolo Machine heads: Fender standard cast/sealed tuning machines Hardware: Chrome Pickguard: 3-ply parchment/black/parchment Scale length: 25-1/2" (648 mm) Width at nut: 1.6875" (43 mm) Pickups: 3 Texas Special Strat pickups Controls: Master volume, tone 1. (neck pickup), tone 2. (bridge pickup), Strings: Fender USA, nickel plated steel (.009, .011, .016, .024w, .032, .042) Accessories: Polishing cloth Case: Deluxe gig bag Unique features: Large '70s-style headstock Large '70s-style decal Black dot position inlays Pickup switching: 5-position blade: position 1. bridge pickup position 2. bridge and middle pickup position 3. middle pickup position 4. middle and neck pickup

Order an affordable U.S.-made Stratocaster today.

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Let me start by saying, I have owned almost every make and model of guitars out there Gibson's, Ibanez's, Jackson's, Gretsch's, PRS's, and several other Fenders including an American Deluxe Strat ect. I strongly believe that the American Special Series of Fender guitars is bar none the best instrument in Fender's line, and better than anything up to double its price point from any other manufacturer. Bold statement? Let me explain.. First the playability of this Strat and attention to detail are absolutely superb. The fret edges are filed flush with the maple neck therefore there is no rough fret ends to cramp your comfort, the satin finished neck is silky smooth, melts in your hands and doesn't get sticky under any circumstance, the fingerboard radius combined with the larger fret wire provides effortless string bending and does not fret out on those daring two hole step bends anywhere along the neck, the finish on the body is flawless and glossy smooth, the tremolo is tight, slop free and stays in tune fabulously. Last, but definately not least are the Texas Special pickups!!!! I am thouroughly convinced that they can do anything! I play in a band that covers many, many musical genres and these pickups will do it ALL, from Cash to Led Zeppelin and beyond. I was amazed at how well it handles insane amounts of high-gain distortion! This Strat offers a more comfortable, flatter C- shaped neck profile than the American Standard and better pickups also made in the U.S. So why pay $200 more?? Check out the American Special Stratocaster! I guarantee that you will immediately fall in love with this guitar especially the price. Whether you are a vintage Fender purist, a Gibson loyalist or a devout player of another brand, you will re-analyize your beliefs! Rejuvinate your tone! Pick up the American Special!
Fender American Special Stratocaster Electric Guitar 2-Color Sunburst
.This guitar is everything i could have asked for. Tone and overall sound is incredible. It is extremely versatile and well-suited for most genres of music. In addition, it stays in tune very well. I usually change my strings, stretch them and tune them and never have to re-tune until the next time i change my strings (once every two weeks -- give or take.)I have tried many different guitars, although I always keep bouncing back to the Fender American Special. Perfect neck radius and frets.on top of everything else, this guitar looks and feels perfect. I could go for years bragging about this guitar, but unfortunately, i already made this review too long for anybody to want to read. Overall-- great guitar!
Fender American Special Stratocaster Electric Guitar 2-Color Sunburst
.It has been a long time since I did anything professionally,so,I have been using the experienced description. I have been playing the guitar for almost 50 years. In 1964, everyone in their late teens and early 20's, wanted four things: a Fender Jaguar Guitar, a Fender Dual Showman, a Fender Reverb Unit and a Pontiac Tempest with an extra cost, upgrade option, that borrowed a name from Ferrari, in short, the GTO. A Fender Stratocaster became a "sleeper," until it was rediscovered as a more versatile instrument just as the GTO was a "sleeper" on the street. In other words, no one saw them coming. I own and have owned many different guitars, including a '64 Jaguar and still have many "high end" Strats. I bought one of these American Specials because it was an inexpensive American made(about 85%)Fender Strat, which I could use every day, so that I did not have to be concerned about scratching one of the high end Strats. This is what I would call a "sleeper." It is worth more than its asking price because it can perform against almost any high end guitar, and be a "winner" in the end. I was impressed with the finish and the fit on the one that I bought. It was as good as the finish on any of the high end guitars. I chose the two tone edition, which is reminisant of the early Strats. I like the vintage tremolo, which is one of the features on this guitar. I was planning on changing out the pickups with the Fender SCN set, but, once I plugged this guitar into three different Fender Amps, one at a time, that are used everyday, I decided that the stock Texas Specials with the Grease Bucket circuit utilizing the 250K potentiometers, and "assembled in Mexico" five way switch would stay. The range in the sound qualities are fantastic. Backing off of the volume and the tone knobs from "10" can change the response for any venue, which would chiefly be Classic Rock, Blues, Country and Jazz, but not limited to just these forms. Of course, the set up on the amp is important as well. I played this guitar through a '59 Bassman, a '64 Twin Reverb, and a contemporary Hot Rod III with the 2/12 speakers, and it was impressive. I did some upgrades to this Strat, which were primarily cosmetic. The Korean made pickguard was changed to one of the gold anodized aluminum, US made models with a '62 aluminum shield, to put behind it for grounding, and the "aged" pickup covers, triple knobs, tremolo end piece, back trem cover plate and switch tip. A set of the Fender Schaller strap holders replaced the standard strap buttons. I replaced the machine heads with a set of Fender locking machine heads that have the "F" on the back knobs, although there is nothing wrong with the machine heads that Fender has been using in recent years. I like using locking machine heads, as it is additional assurance that the guitar will stay in tune, during a performance. This helped the stock strings, which were light "9's," stay in tune after an extreme bend, but I replaced them with a set of round wound "10's," which did change the character of the signal sent to the amplifier(s). I would guess that flat wound strings would play well on this particular Strat, as well. The one complaint that I would have, is that the set up, right out of the box, was terrible. Of course, this was taken care of, with the machine head exchange and string replacement as well as adjustments to the tremolo. Another small problem was that the tremolo baseplate was not sitting flat on the body, as it should have, so the two screws that hold the "claw" had to be tightened up. The large "CBS" type of headstock adds to the overall sound produced by this guitar. Without my additions, this Strat is one of the great ones, currently available. "Gatemouth" would have loved it.
Fender American Special Stratocaster Electric Guitar 2-Color Sunburst
.I recently bought a Gretsch Brian Setzer Hot Rod (which I Love) but about two weeks ago I decided to buy this Strat at Guitar Center, and I have been playing it through a Fender super champ XD and I cannot put it down. Having played for years on acoustics like Martins and Taylors I have reaaaaaallllly come to love the light touch of this sweet sweet guitar. I do have guilt hat I have been neglecting the Gretsch, but hopefully this infatuation will wear off. If you ever want to buy a guitar that is soft to the touch and a great value then this is it. I will never part with this guitar. Don't walk, run out and get one.
Fender American Special Stratocaster Electric Guitar 2-Color Sunburst
.I do not normally post reviews on products, but after another jam sessions with my American Special I decided it was worth my time to do this. I just want to say that this guitar plays phenomenally! I have the SSS version in CAR color. The neck is so smooth and plays so easy - jump frets really help. The Texas Special pickups have a nice harshness to them that I didn't have in my other guitars. The big headstock looks badass, and the finish looks great. Vintage trem is what it is - used to my locking trems or stop tails! Love the guitar!
Fender American Special Stratocaster Electric Guitar 2-Color Sunburst
.I own about 20 Strats and my buddy in Phoenix just got one of these on my word. We tried 7 or 8 different USA Strats before the guy handed this model to him. 1st strum I knew he was gonna buy it ! I've played other ones with Texas Special pickups that I did NOT like the tone but they got this one RIGHT ! The neck is sweet with soft edges and after throwing our brand of strings and setting the intonation & action it was a tone beast ! We played it all weekend till the new strings were FLAT ! If you're thinking about getting a USA Strat, this is one to check out. I have a Highway 1 and a "VG" and a bunch others but I'm ordering one for my collection if they have the color I want ! GET ONE ! MUSICIANS FRIEND KEEPING AMERICA ROCKIN' !
Fender American Special Stratocaster Electric Guitar 2-Color Sunburst
.Fender should be ashamed. This has the potential to be a very good guitar. Unfortunately, I apparently got a lemon. The workmanship on this guitar was atrocious. The nut was cut poorly, fret buzz, volume knob bottoming out on the pickguard, string tree (only one) slightly crooked, really bad overall. The frets were what shocked me the most. It was like they were corroded or the fret wire had been sitting in the back up the shop for a couple years and they threw them on anyway. I was just disgusted that they would put out product like this especially since I loved the size and feel of the neck along with the sound. I have a number of Strats, 3 Mexican, 1 Squier SE, 1 Squier Classic Vibe, 1 American Standard and the only guitar that has worse workmanship than the "Special" is the Squire SE. The Classic Vibe was built better than the Special!

I'm at the point where I don't even know if I can buy Fender products anymore. There are so many better guitars for less money and Fender just seems to not care.

If you find a good one, buy it if you must, however I would recommend checking out a G&L Legacy or S-500 before you do. G&L blows Fender away in price and construction.
Fender American Special Stratocaster Electric Guitar 2-Color Sunburst
.I've been playing almost 40 years. I've own a 64 Jazzmaster, 65 Telecaster, Venture Mosrite (2 times), Fender 2012 Mex Tele and various tele and strat knockoffs. I'm mainly a keyboardist but also love to play guitar and bass as well. I do my own home recording since 93 after I left my 7 piece band.

Having owned all these guitars and various amps (including a 64 Fender Tremolux). I can not put this guitar down. My keyboards and Mex teelcaster are getting neglected.

It is what everyone says it is. A players guitar that has so many sounds and variations with the greasebucket tone circuit. NOTE: This guitar uses the .1uf capacitors that the strats originaly had in the 50's and 60's before they went to the .022uf. It has bite with the tex spcl pickups but yet can be bluesy and mellow with a creamy sound as well.
I'm using it in my re-mixing of my old recordings to be sure.
Fender American Special Stratocaster Electric Guitar 2-Color Sunburst
.Love this guitar.The best fender I've ever played. I find nothing wrong with it. Plays smooth as ice.
Tried out the guitar as soon as it arrived, which was very quick. Wow what a guitar, It has that little extra I was looking for. It sounds great and plays real smooth. Better get one while they last.
Fender American Special Stratocaster Electric Guitar 2-Color Sunburst
.i bought this guitar about a month ago and all i can say is..WOW! the tone and feel of the guitar is great. i use it almost everyday for private practice and with a Youth Group band at my church. i play a wide range of music and it hasnt let me down yet. i recomment this guitar 100%
Fender American Special Stratocaster Electric Guitar 2-Color Sunburst

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