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Fender Deluxe Vintage Leather Guitar Strap Natural

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Hardshell Case of Fender Deluxe Vintage Leather Guitar Strap Natural
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Product Description

Modeled after Fender's original vintage straps but updated for comfort. The shoulder pad is extra thick for painless hours of playing. Extra-long strap includes replica of the original Fender buckle.

Vintage appeal Genuine leather Extra padding Extra long

You've got the vintage axe, get the details right with a vintage strap. Put it in the cart.

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i just got this black leather "deluxe vintage" Fender strap from MF a couple weeks ago (thanks again for the quick shipping guys!) and I gotta say, I like it. I needed a replacement for a (non-adjustable) Levy's strap of similar type which was just a couple inches too short. I'm about 6'1" and while I don't like my guitar all the way down to my knees, having the bridge in front of my hip usually feels right. The Levy's strap was starting to cause some cramping from having my hands at a weird angle, so I strapped it to my Talman acoustic (which is more comfortable higher up) and adjusted this new Fender strap's buckle out to its last hole. Perfect fit!

I use this on an Ibanez XPT700XH, which despite being pointy has its strap buttons in standard electric-guitar locations. With the Fender strap it barely sits right where I want it (with the bridge in front of my hip), but I note that this strap isn't long enough to hang bigger-bodied instruments like Explorer- or V-shaped guitars this low; I have both and checked to see. Basses are likely to have the same issue. Just a reminder to account for how far apart the strap buttons are on your guitar, as well as your height and your preferred playing position, when you're looking for a leather strap; they'll stretch a couple inches if they're not broken in at the factory, but not too much. This one is perfect for this guitar, and should provide a similar ride for the "big 3" electric body shapes on people around 6' tall, but for a super-low ride with larger-bodied instruments I'd need something longer.

I saw some other reviews mentioning the shoulder-pad, and I do think it's worth a comment since I noticed it too. The strap is not broken in at the factory, so the side of the shoulder-pad which contacts the shoulder was still rather stiff, scratchy and rough when it got here. The "padding" (if there's any in there, I don't see any) leaves a bit to be desired, but I'm probably feeling a little spoiled by the Levy's super-deluxe, foam-packed garment-leather shoulder-pad - perhaps I'll switch them until the Fender pad breaks in. Or maybe I'll just remember that leather needs to break in, recognize that this strap was a lot less costly than the Levy's, and tough it out like a proper metalhead until it softens up.

I've also seen mention of the buckle, and being a little paranoid I gave it a few good hard yanks to see if breakage was likely to be an issue. I feel better about it now; mine has already withstood more abuse than it is ever likely to face on the road, in the studio, or anywhere else. I didn't hit it with a hammer, but then I don't see why it would ever take such a blow in the wild. If it did, AND if it broke, I'd probably still spend another $25 to replace it; I'm definitely not concerned that it's going to randomly just break loose and drop my guitar.

So, it looks good without being tacky, holds up my guitar where I like it, and displays nothing to suggest that the product isn't worth the price. Good-quality leather, and once the shoulder-pad breaks in I expect it'll feel even better. Yes sir, I like it. I like it a lot.
how many features should a strap have? really though, there is a limit to the adjustability range if you don't want to cut into it.
the shoulder pad's "soft" side is kinda raw, but for new leather that's not unusual.
just try to find this type, grade, length and thickness of all-leather strap for less! no really, try, and if you find one, let me know and i'll buy that one next time!
Fender Deluxe Vintage Leather Guitar Strap Natural
.There's not much you can say about a strap. This one is made of cheap, stiff leather, but at this price point, what do you expect? It holds a guitar comfortably on my shoulder and looks great doing it, so I don't really care if it's premium leather or not. It was also very long on me (I'm 5'9" and don't like the guitar at my knees), but I cut it down a bit and punched in a few more holes and now it fits like a charm. It's a great looking strap at a fair price, which is exactly what I was looking for. I'd say go for it.
Fender Deluxe Vintage Leather Guitar Strap Natural
. Excellant quality and quite inexpensive for a leather product. I did have to make the holes larger to get it over the strap lugs. Very comfortable shoulder pad and I had to punch new length adjustment holes to fit, but not a problem if you have the leatherworking tools.
Fender Deluxe Vintage Leather Guitar Strap Natural
.I ordered one of these when my odd-shaped guitar couldn't be fitted with a "normal" strap end. The strap button is placed in a spot where I have only a quarter-inch of wiggle room. Since the odd shape also prevents resting it on my lap, I need a strap any time I play it. This vintage style Fender strap does the job perfectly. The only problem is that I'm not only shorter than the guys that usually use them, but I like my instrument set high. Like another of these reviewers, I had to punch holes and cut off the excess. The design lends itself well to such savage manipulations. I had to toss over 8 inches of premium leather into the trash, but it lookes like it came this way!I agree that the pad is REALLY hard and stiff, so that's the only thing Fender could have done differently. A cushion of lambs wool, or whatever they cushion things with these days, would have made it perfect. Other than that, great job Fender!
Fender Deluxe Vintage Leather Guitar Strap Natural
.Fender makes two "grades" of these straps, with the other version being about a third less expensive. I can also tell you the economy version IS not what used to come in every single G&G case with a new Fender instrument inside. THIS IS THE ORIGINAL; is high quality with natural suede padding on the underside to prevent slippage, and compares to the factory originals of Gretsch and Rickenbacker from back in the 50's and 60's. It's a very long strap, and even though I have 37" sleeve length arms, I still had to add one more hole, 2" further up on the strap to get the length I like to play at. If you are uncomfortable with doing this yourself, take it to a good shoemaker/repair and ask them.
Fender Deluxe Vintage Leather Guitar Strap Natural
.A very long strap that would work well for tall, fat person, or wearing guitar at knee levels. I had to cut off a lot so I could wear it up high like Buddy Holly. It is too cool looking, makes me feel so hip, it even makes my guitar sound better. What more could you want? A+++
Fender Deluxe Vintage Leather Guitar Strap Natural
.Great strap. Very Strong. Nice pad. Grips the neck strap buttons securely.

I had to drill many more adjustment holes in the strap to accommodate my higher hung guitar style for when I play slide.

It works and is worth every penny. Didn't mind the extra work to make it right for me.
Fender Deluxe Vintage Leather Guitar Strap Natural
.the strap is too long, even at the shortest setting. it is not functional at all for me, and i am an average sized player who likes to hold guitar at a comfortable and common position. i will attempt to return this item.
Fender Deluxe Vintage Leather Guitar Strap Natural
.I like this strap. I found it to be sturdy and fine for regular practice. Personally, I don't understand some of the negative reviews. This straps works and for the money it does what its suppose to do. In my opinion the quality is not bad at all. I plan to buy another one.
Fender Deluxe Vintage Leather Guitar Strap Natural
.Bought this for a bass. Not long enough for the position I like to play in. The workmanship was only 'so-so' for the 'deluxe' version. Would be fine for a guitar.
Fender Deluxe Vintage Leather Guitar Strap Natural

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