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Fender Mino'Aka Concert Ukulele Mahogany Top Satin Body Finish

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Hardshell Case of Fender Mino'Aka Concert Ukulele Mahogany Top Satin Body Finish
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Product Description

Fender's concert-style Ukulele Mino'Aka takes its name from the Hawaiian word for "smile". That's exactly what you'll do when you play it, and that's exactly what other people will do when they hear you playing it.

Features include an all-mahogany body with tone bar bracing for sweet, mellow tone; three-piece mahogany neck with 19-fret rosewood fingerboard; aged body and fingerboard binding; attractive acrylic abalone rosette; Telecaster headstock with Fender gold screen logo, vintage-style chrome tuners, smooth natural satin finish and Aquila strings.

Case sold separately.

Body Style: Concert Scale Length: 13.66" (34.7 cm) Top: Laminated Mahogany Top Back and Sides: Laminated Mahogany Back, Laminated Mahogany Sides Finish: Satin Body Finish Bracing: Tone Bar Bracing Neck: Mahogany Neck Finish: Satin Neck Finish Nut: 1.38" (35 mm), Synthetic Bone Bridge: Rosewood Hardware: Chrome Number of Frets: 19 Tuners: Vintage Style Die-cast Chrome Strings: Aquila Nylagut Tenor Wound C Unique Features: Aged body and fretboard binding, Telecaster headstock with gold screened logo, 3-piece mahogany neck, Aquila strings and Acrlyic abalone rosette Case sold separately

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If the action had been set up properly, I'd give the Fender Mino'Aka a 12 out of 10. I'm a beginner to ukulele, but not to music or musical instruments. I wanted a serious instrument to learn on, but not something that would break the bank or deter me from actually beating on it a little. I think it fits that role perfectly.

I wouldn't necessarily recommend it as a first uke for a child or someone looking to make an impulse buy. Although it would look really nice hanging on your wall if you don't stick with it.
I chose the Fender Mino'Aka in part because it's a Concert ukulele, which means there are a few more frets than on the diminutive Soprano ukulele. No problem there, I got all my frets.

One gripe I had with those frets though is how they are marked (or not marked). Fender wisely marks the usual frets not only on the fretboard, but also on the side of the fretboard with a little black dot, as you would see on a guitar. However, the 3rd fret is not marked. The 3rd fret gets a lot of use in playing common chords such as G and C. Maybe they figure there's no way you could screw it up, but I would certainly appreciate having it marked, especially on the side of the fretboard where it's visible while playing.

By way of comparison, my friend's Luna concert model has all the frets (3, 5. 7...) marked on the front of the fretboard, but not on the side.
The fit and finish of the Fender Mino'Aka is beautiful. There is nothing cheap or toy-like. It looks and feels like a substantial musical instrument.

Compared to my friend's Luna Tattoo model, the tone from the Fender is noticeably more crisp and bright. People often talk about volume or loudness with ukes, but I live in an apartment so I can't really wail on this thing to see how loud it really gets. I play at a moderate level and sing along with no complaints (except maybe my singing). I'm not playing shows or concerts.

I had to knock a few points off due to the way the action was set up. My Mino'Aka has low action at the top frets (1-5) and very high action by the time you're nearing the 12th fret. This is one area where my friend's Luna comes out on top. The action on the Luna is perfect, top to bottom. Some of the more advanced songs I was learning on the Luna aren't even playable on the Fender until I can get the bridge lowered/adjusted.
I helped my friend research and purchase her Luna Tattoo ukulele, so I got to handle quite a few ukuleles before I chose the Fender Miko'Ana for myself.

I feel that the Fender looks and plays better than similar priced models from Luna, Lanikai, and Mitchell.
Fender Mino'Aka Concert Ukulele Mahogany Top Satin Body Finish
.This is a very good uke for the price that plays and looks mighty fine.
This uke is all out mahogony. The headstock is the classic telecaster model, which was appealing to me when I bought it. The only complaint that I have about it is that it makes the uke a bit heavy to that side. But it was nothing I couldn't get used to. The satin finish is beautiful right out of the box and months later as well.
Let me get one thing straight: this is NOT a top of the line uke. It's well-crafted in Indonesia and it plays well, but of course it's just not as good as a koa uke would be. That being said, I love it anyway. It stays in tune nicely after settling in for about a week and the tone carries very nicely. As is predicted in the description, I really do smile when I play this little number. It is also surprisingly durable. I've already dropped/hit the thing accidentally a couple of times, but there still isn't a scratch on it and it plays the same.
For the price, you can't go wrong.
Fender Mino'Aka Concert Ukulele Mahogany Top Satin Body Finish
.Great instrument! I've been playing guitar for 20yrs, and just started learning to play ukulele. Definitely a fun instrument to play, really happy with this Fender model. The action on the neck is nice and it stays in tune really well. Definitely recommend this for someone looking to play ukulele. I've always been a fan of Fender.
Fender Mino'Aka Concert Ukulele Mahogany Top Satin Body Finish
.Great Uke for the price. This is my third Uke. It is extremely functional. Sounds great with awesome intonation right out of the box.

A couple issues though:
There are a few bubbles on the plastic on the side of the finger board. You wouldn't notice it unless you were playing it.

The headstock is heavy, and oddly shaped. If you are setting the instrument down, string side up, the instrument will rest on the tuner for the a string. When I set it down, I have to set it down string side down so it will stay in tune. I worry about scratching the instrument. This is not a problem with the other two ukes I own.

This is a great, great, uke for the price range. It sounds fantastic, and feels solid. I'm not worried that I will snap it in half on accident, which is how I feel playing beginner level ukes.

This uke also stays in tune really really well. The synthetic gut strings that come on it are awesome. However, I live in Louisiana, so the strings are more affected by humidity and temperature than wound guitar strings. The intonation seems pretty solid across the entire fingerboard.
Fender Mino'Aka Concert Ukulele Mahogany Top Satin Body Finish
.I am more of a guitar guy. New to the ukulele. The Mino' AKA is a step above entry level but not a professional model. It has a laminate top not solid. The logos are screened not inserts. It seems to hold a tune well. The sound is crisp. Love the Tele style headstock. I beleive it to be fairly priced for the quality. It is a much better quality instrument than the models in the entry level price range. It's heavier, has better bracing, and better sound quality. It is perfect for learning, practicing or playing with friends, but I probably wouldn't take it on stage.
Fender Mino'Aka Concert Ukulele Mahogany Top Satin Body Finish
.If you're looking for a great ukelele to start learning, this is perfect for the price. It's a nice ukelele and I expect it to last real long.
The instrument is simply beautiful. The design, color, feel, and headstock are all just beautiful. The thing about the headstock though, it's noticibally heavy on that side. But it's not bad enough to take away from playing it.
The quality is fantastic, and sounds great; especially when considering the price you pay! I haven't had it real long, but when it's tuned, it STAYS in tune for a decent amount of time. However, if you are considering purchasing this, and you want a hardshell case, be careful because the headstock is longer.
The overall value is awesome. I was able to pick up the uke, a hardshell case, and a pair of strings for less than just a uke itself from a big brand such as lanakai. It also sounds just as good.
Fender Mino'Aka Concert Ukulele Mahogany Top Satin Body Finish
.my best type of ukulele
Fender Mino'Aka Concert Ukulele Mahogany Top Satin Body Finish
.Great Uke Looks and sounds great
Fender Mino'Aka Concert Ukulele Mahogany Top Satin Body Finish
.This is my first ukulele purchase, but seems to be a decent ukulele for the price. Mine came with a small scratch on the headstock and has a small intonation problem on the C string. Other than that seems to be a good deal. Really love the fender look and the overall tone is great.
Fender Mino'Aka Concert Ukulele Mahogany Top Satin Body Finish
.We gave it to our granddaughter for Christmas, and now all her friends want one.
Fender Mino'Aka Concert Ukulele Mahogany Top Satin Body Finish

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