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Fender Standard Vintage Leather Guitar Strap Black

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Hardshell Case of Fender Standard Vintage Leather Guitar Strap Black
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Product Description

Modeled after Fender's original vintage guitar straps that were shipped with instruments for years, but updated for greater comfort. The shoulder pad on this guitar strap has been made extra thick to go easy on your shoulder. Extra long. Buckle-style adjustment. Discrete Fender logo.

Order this guitar strap today for the vintage edge.

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leather is ok, not super hard, not super soft. Like the old ones from the '50's, '60's. surprisingly it's not uncomfortable with my 9 pound Gretsch. move the pad around till it's in the right spot. I like it. It's just like the less expensive ones of decades ago. Put strap locks on, and it's safe as can be.
Fender Standard Vintage Leather Guitar Strap Black
.This is a GREAT STRAP. It really fits well and is very comfortable. Shoulder pad is great for my Heavy Vintage Les Paul and my Heavy Vintage Telecaster. I like the vintage tagged looking buckle on it too. I have bought 3 of these straps for different guitars. The oldest strap is 3yrs old and is not worn at all. Looking for a great vintage strap... Here it is.
Fender Standard Vintage Leather Guitar Strap Black
.I like this guitar strap so much I had to buy 2. 1 for my electric & 1 for my acoustic. I have tried others but the straps where too wide and would dig into my neck. Since I am a large guy and have a weird shap to my shoulders & neck this thin vintage strap does the trick. I even removed the should strap and it feels so comfortable that I could play for hours, Thanks MF for carring this.
Fender Standard Vintage Leather Guitar Strap Black
.Bought this to use with my lutar. It fits perfect and is great quality. The pad is very comfortable. Good value for the money.
Fender Standard Vintage Leather Guitar Strap Black
.Well made but a little too skinny and too long for me
Fender Standard Vintage Leather Guitar Strap Black
.The strap isn't that bad, I mean it works. My only issue is that it was waaaay too long like others have said. I put a couple extra holes and it works fine. It's really thin and dainty. But it holds up a 5lb Danelectro DC and a 8lb Telecaster. I tried it on my Gibson Les Paul (about 9lbs) and it was fine, I just didn't trust it THAT much. Anyhow, its a good strap for lighter guitars, Fender or not. Love the vintage vibe
Fender Standard Vintage Leather Guitar Strap Black
.I like it. It was way long for my Fender Jaguar (I'm 6'3" don't like my guitar real low), had to cut it up to make it work. Says Fender on the buckle. It's an inexpensive strap- the quality is on par with the price. It gets 4 stars because the price fits.
Fender Standard Vintage Leather Guitar Strap Black
.In my 40 year career as a musician, I have had plenty of guitars and guitar straps. I use to own a guitar strap very similiar to this one decades ago, but unfortunately, I was stupid enough to let it go with a guitar I sold that it was on. I have always found the old school retro look the best for "any" guitar, even acoustics. I have several good quality wide leather guitar straps, and to be quite honest, other than being a bit flashy (not to mention annoyingly in the way) they just don't do it for me. I purchased this one in black, and I love it. It does exactly what it's suppose to do...hold my guitar up horizontally in front of me in a comfortable position. I play long sets, and with this nicely padded movable shoulder pad, I don't feel my Gretsch on my shoulder. I love the old school silver buckle, but I do have to be careful when I am putting the guitar back in the case, that the buckle rests on the strings and fret board of the guitar, not to damage the guitar body with a little scratch or ding..but that's not really an issue for me because I'm careful. I did add some gold colored strap locks to the strap, which makes it a breeze to unattach/attach the strap to the guitar, and it can be done is a split second. So you can go for flashy, wide, expensive guitar straps, or you can go for this simplistic retro looking strap that does a great job, and looks just aweseome. Sometimes, "less is more", and that defintiely applies here.
Fender Standard Vintage Leather Guitar Strap Black
.I definitely love the retro look of this thing.
The shoulder pad can be removed if you want an even more retro look; but make sure your shoulder can handle the weight of your guitar with that thin of a strap.
There is plenty of strap there to work with (for me any way) to run the top of the strap all the way up to the headstock on an acoustic comfortably.
The down side on mine is, I feel the button holes are a bit larger than they need to be...so might wanna get some rubber strap locks (washers).
I leave my strap on when I put the guitar in it's case (to avoid widening the button holes even more), so I have to lay the buckle over the strings so it doesn't scratch the guitar.
I'm willing to put up with that, because I like the looks of the buckle.
If you're looking for a way to ad a little more eye appeal to your guitar (especially acoustic), grab one of these...people will notice.
Fender Standard Vintage Leather Guitar Strap Black
Fender Standard Vintage Leather Guitar Strap Black

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