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Fender 14" Tilt Leg Kit

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Hardshell Case of Fender 14" Tilt Leg Kit
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Product Description

If your ears were attached to your knees, your amp would sound better, but since they usually are located on the sides of your head, Fender has Tilt-back Legs! Secured to the sides of your amp cabinet, these legs allow you to tilt your amp back so you can hear what you're doing!

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All combo amps should come with tilt legs on them! It's much nicer to listen to your amp with your ears, rather than the backs of your legs! I put these on my 1978 Deluxe Reverb in about 10 minutes, tilted the amp back, and cranked up the rock and roll! Enjoy!!
Fender 14" Tilt Leg Kit
.I bought these to put on my Peavey classic 30. I had been using a stand but required just "one more thng" in and out of the gig. The legs get the sound of the speaker up to my ears without the need to lug a stand...perfect. Here's the bonus, on the classic 30, I didn't evern have to drill holes. The screws on the side of the cabinet that hold in the amp chasis, are in the exact perfect location...just take the screw out, put the leg on (add a spacer washer) and screw it back it. I'm thrilled...went back and ordered two more sets for my super champ XD's
Fender 14" Tilt Leg Kit
.These legs are more durable then I expected. After I installed them, I was more than pleased with how much better I could hear my 65 DRRI. I just wish they would've come with instructions. Fortunately I found some great info on a Fender forum.
Fender 14" Tilt Leg Kit
. If your guitar volume is not loud enough for the keyboard or drummer guy on the other side of the stage, then by all means turn it up a little...or he can goose a little of it in the monitor mix. It just isn't good practice to point your amp to the front of the stage, blasting the back of your legs. Your ears aren't there. Let the sound guy do his job. Then maybe, just maybe your band will get hired back to the venue. Winning!! ?!!
These shiney, low tech problem solvers are just the ticket for hearing what you guitar sounds like when the tone finishes the amplification process. Just think, your public address technician will never again ask you to turn the treble down or turn the volume down. You will know already because the sound will be directly in YOUR face!! Cool, huh?? Right!!
Sturdy? Yes. Simple? Yes. Dumb-proof? Probably. I paid a guy to install mine. That way it was done correctly. I have a pair on a Fender Deluxe Reverb and a pair on a Peavey Special 130. I also have them installed on a couple of custom 15" speaker cabs. Tilt the amp back and point it across the stage side and your guitar amp is your and your band's monitor for the guitar signal. It's a no-brainer, people!
If you don't care about your band's sound mix out front...if you don't care about your guitar tone...if you don't care about the stage volume/mix...then heck, don't bother with it. But, if you value these important elements of the gig experiance, then you must get with this program. Am I getting through, here?
Fender 14" Tilt Leg Kit
.The only problem with these leg kits is they don't come with any instructions. You need to carefully measure the position of the mounting holes on an amp that already has these legs; I used a '74 Fender Twin Reverb. Even though the Twin was taller and had longer legs than the amp I was putting these on, the hole spacing worked perfectly. Tip: measure from the top and back of the cabinet; those surfaces are usually perpendicular to each other. (90-degrees) The front of the cabinet might be angled. And, as usual with any project where you are cutting or drilling anything, measure twice...cut once!

Took about two and a half months to get these; they were on backorder forever. Probably due to the small size. But I wasn't in a hurry and when I finally got them they were great. Price was much better than I could find anywhere else on the web.
Fender 14" Tilt Leg Kit
.I wish all combo amps had these legs on them. If you set your amp on the floor, you do not have ears on your ankles! These legs get your amp tilted back so you can hear what you're doing. There's also an apparent increase in bottom end with your amp on the floor which is really cool. My only nitpick was no instructions. It's pretty simple to install them but yet it would be nice to have some helpful hints included in the package. But to sum up, if you want to have your amp on the floor and preserve all the tone while still being able to hear what you're doing, do yourself a favor and put a pair of these on your amp. You won't be sorry. Besides that, they look REALLY cool!
Fender 14" Tilt Leg Kit
.Nice chrome and very solid heavy duty build.
They do not come with instructions but I dug around the net to see about how they were installed on vintage amps. It took about an hour and now they look perfect on a '68 Custom Deluxe Reverb.
Fender 14" Tilt Leg Kit
.What's not to like about Fender tilt back legs... a touch of nostalgia and functionality all in one. The worn out phrase "Your ankles don't have ears" is yet so true. Put a set of these on and tilt 'er back and hear what you've been missing. By installing these, there's no need to deal with bulky amp stands. I would have given them a full five stars had there been instructions included. It seems simple but with a pair of stops and a pivot hole, a person still needs to know where to use the bolt, screw and washers for a perfect install. I prowled around the internet and found some info, but Fender is silent on this. Strange. Would I recommend these to a friend. OF COURSE!
Fender 14" Tilt Leg Kit
.Surprisingly easy to install, and genuine USA Fender parts! No directions come with so go online, there are plenty of video tutorials.
Tilt your amp back without having to carry an amp stand, the less you have to carry the better!
Fender 14" Tilt Leg Kit
.These beat the heck out of amp stands. Sturdy, unobtrusive, and they say "Fender". What more could you want? Check out YouTube for installation.
Fender 14" Tilt Leg Kit

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