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Fender American Standard String Guide (2)

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Hardshell Case of Fender American Standard String Guide (2)
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Product Description

Refurbish your American Standard with genuine Fender factory parts.

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As the photos show, there is a little nub that helps to keep the tree aligned properly. If you don't like the idea of drilling a little hole in your headstock for this nub (I didn't), then simply grind or file the nub off. The upward pressure of the strings on either side of the center of the tree keep it aligned without the nub. I did this on my MIM Strats. Much better then the stock "butterfly" trees. Strings slide much better under the smooth, round branches of these trees. They tended to get stuck and stick under the butterfly trees. Tuning is easier and strings won't beak so easily. Highly recommended.
Fender American Standard String Guide (2)
.I bought these to put on my MIM strat. I never had a lot of trouble with the guitar staying in tune like others have said. I just didn't ever like the look of the cheap pressed metal clip that was originally on the guitar. The clip had started to tarnish as well. These look a lot better, more substantial. It's a pretty simple install. You will have to drill into the headstock of your guitar. Each of the trees requires two tiny holes. One of for the screw and one for the peg that sticks out (you can see it in the picture above). It easy to line up. All together there are three hole to drill: a screw and peg hole for the second tree and a peg hole for the one replacing the original clip (the screws are the same size). I looked at a few pictures online to find a good postion to mount the second tree. All that and voila you have a better looking headstock.
Fender American Standard String Guide (2)
.I like many other people expected these to be rollers, while they are not. Fender and/or Custom Guitar's Friend should probably have that stated clearly somewhere.
When I got mine, the top side of the "rollers" looked great, but the underside that would actually come into contact with the strings was rough, unfinished and would clearly damage my strings if I used them. Maybe I just got a bad set, but I intend to see if I can return them for either my money back or a new and functional set.
It also took several months for Fender to ship them to my local music store.
Fender American Standard String Guide (2)
.I just wish these were rollers, but they are the best looking (for my guitar) ones i could find.Dont worry too much about the little pin that sticks down. Just figure out where youre putting the tree (the old holes or whatever) then start screweing it down to the headstock. the pin will make a mark where you need to drill a little hole.And actually, the idea of grinding off the pin might be good, then the tree would be free to center itself under the strings.
Fender American Standard String Guide (2)
.Most American Fenders come with this type string guide, and I absolutely love the looks of them. So I bought a set for my Mexican Stratocaster, and my Indonesian Squire Standard Telecaster (which both came with rams horn string guides).
They all do the same thing, I just prefer the looks of the American Standard T.

Be forewarned though; these string guides come with a nud/nipple on the bottom (in front of the screw hole) to hold the base in place, and not let the guide twist or turn. So, drilling WILL be required on a non-American guitar. And if you're as obsessive as I am...it is tricky and time consuming to assure the string guide is perfectly straight once in place with the newly drilled nub/nipple hole.
And to install two of them on a guitar that formally had one...take your time, and good luck. Will look fantastic when your done, so the work (to me) is every bit worth it.
Fender American Standard String Guide (2)
.I eliminated the nub which made installation and alignment easier. Guitar seems to tune better.
Fender American Standard String Guide (2)
.These are excellent. Great fender quality. Much better than the old type that look like they were cut from tin and hinder tunning and tremolo action.
Fender American Standard String Guide (2)
. For the past couple of months, I've been in the process of re-modding a Squier Standard Strat which I got back in June od 2011. I redid all of the electronics from adding new 250K pots, MIA 5 way pup switch, Custom Shop 57/62 pups, Fender "F" neck plate, and even a 70's Waterslide Fender headstock logo decal. These were the final finish to my project and, they do a outstanding job of keeping my guitar in tune, especially on the B & E strings. Great product which I reccomend to anyone who is doing a mod on their Squiers or MIM Standards .
Fender American Standard String Guide (2)
.nice upgrade.
T post looks better than round button. Rounded T should go easier on the strings.
goog finish.
Adds class for a few bucks.
Fender American Standard String Guide (2)
.No complaints here!
I had lost one of these on my Strat. These help a lot with string tuning. My 3rd and 4th strings no longer go out of tune in the middle of a gig.
Fender parts are always top notch!
A bit pricy for what the part actually is, at least it's under $10.
Fender American Standard String Guide (2)

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