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Fender Tex Mex Pickups set of 3

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Hardshell Case of Fender Tex Mex Pickups set of 3
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Product Description

These overwound vintage style Strat pickups offer increased output, sparkling highs and a very nice warm tone while retaining your favorite vintage Strat characteristics. Constructed with Alnico 5 magnets and polysol magnet wire and featuring a reverse wound/reverse polarity middle pickup for hum canceling in positions 2 & 4, these pickups scorch. OEM on the Jimmy Vaughan Stratocaster. Available in white only.

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Tex Mex Pickups set of 3

Tex-Mex Stratocaster Bridge Pickup:
DC Resistance: 7.4K
Inductance: 3.7Henries

Tex-Mex Stratocaster Middle Pickup:
DC Resistance: 6.4K
Inductance: 2.75Henries

Tex-Mex Stratocaster Neck Pickup:
DC Resistance: 6.4K
Inductance: 2.75

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I have played for years and own 9 guitars. My vintage guitars are stock but the rest are modded, as are my tube amps and pedals. I chase tone. I bought an FSR Strat and wanted to get that Texas blues sound - overdriven warmth with high-end bite. I tried some other brands and got the overdrive but they lacked depth, color and clarity. I bought and installed these Tex Mex pups a year ago after reading other reviews and found was I after. I also wired my guitar so that the mid pup tone pot controls the bridge pup (ala Jimmie Vaughan - move the pot's wire over one post on the switch), so I cut the treble off the bridge, and then got a professional setup. This guitar smokes! I can only echo what others have said: low-mid growl, smoky haunting tones and harmonics that jump off notes. Up the amp volume and cut the guitar volume for headroom, and you have vintage sounding highs, and Strat quack. Bottom line, these are the most versatile pickups I have on any of my Strats (stock '74, Custom Shop '69, '57/'62). At the current sale price, these are an absolute steal! It's ridiculous to spend more and not get what you're after (I know). Get 'em now!
Fender Tex Mex Pickups set of 3
.I've installed, recomended, and sold a load of these over the years. ALOT of guys think price tells them how good a pickup is , uhh , WRONG !These are overwound single-coils they are RWRP for hum cancelling in position #2 & #4 and alot of other companies do that but tag a BIG price tag on it. I've done much on-hand trial & error and $pent ALOT on buying high dollar boutique $tuff even winding my own by hand and can honestly tell ALL guitarists who love Strat's tone that these are a PERFECT upgrade for any $50 beater Crapocaster's or nicer MIM's and even the "S" word, Squires. I stuck my 1st set in a 1985 Kramer Pacer that came with 3 single-coils and an Original Floyd Rose from the factory, I can do pinch harmonics, dive bomb bends, tapping and anything any guy could do with humbuckers on this 10.12lb. monster with Tex-Mex pickups ! NO LIE ! Just buy a set and I KNOW you'll like them ! MUSICIANS FRIEND ROCKS AMERICA ONE NOTE AT A TIME !
Fender Tex Mex Pickups set of 3
.You can spend $150 to $300 dollers for strat pickups these days with variable difference. Or you can buy a set of Tex- Mex for $61 that sound just as good as most . Remember true tone is in your hands,ears and musical ability .Not just the gear you have .
Fender Tex Mex Pickups set of 3
.If you have a mexican strat and you want a great blues tone then these are for you. When I began playing with them installed, my father asked why I was playing an SRV record so loud. Definitely worth it for such a low price.
These pickups get a perfect 10. Just what I was looking for in my strat.
%The sound quality is fantastic. They have just the right amount of bite and they can make any strat scream.
Nothing negative to say.
Fender Tex Mex Pickups set of 3
.Great range of sound options, all work well with these pups. Can't really complain about the sound they produce, and the range. Just the hum.
The Fender Tex-Mex pickup set made my 2003 MIM sound much clearer, butinstalling them wasn't easy. The diagram included was wrong, and the sound was erraric and rediculous buzzing. Took the guitar to a local shop to fix the wiring. They said some Fender schematics are just plain wrong. They wired it correctly and my guitar sound like a Stratocaster should, although the 60 cycle hum from these is a bit much. Positions 2 and 4 are fine, but the bridge pup produces alot of hum. I like the sound of the Tex Mex set, but probably should have got the noiseless set.
Great Fender quality, but the hum is a bit much.
For the price, they will make your stock MIM Strat sing, but if the hum is a concern, get a noiseless set.
Fender Tex Mex Pickups set of 3
.I own these in a Jimmie Vaughn stratocaster, and while I would typically go for a higher wound pickup like the Texas Specials by preference, the Tex-Mex pickups are actually quite good.

I would say they fall somewhere between the vintage strat pickups and Texas Specials in both output and tone, as they have notably louder midrange and highs than vintage strats, but are not quite as fat as Texas Specials. I would describe them as the do everything strat pickups.

The downside to these pickups is they can sound treble heavy when used with a thinner (typically higher gain) amplifier and be quite fussy with EQ settings.

The neck pickup offers a fat and smooth sound, and the middle pickup is a high point, as it doesn't thin out like many lower output single coils, and neither is it too overly twangy.
Fender Tex Mex Pickups set of 3
.Full, round bass tone with chimey trebles that sing. Every bit as good as the Lollar and Kinman pups in my other Strats. I'm glad I trusted the feedback from others and gave them a try.

If you're chasing SRV tones, you cant go wrong with these.
Fender Tex Mex Pickups set of 3
.Replaced the stock p'ups in my 94 MIM Strat, which weren't bad but not exciting either. I've had the Tex Mex's for a little over a year. They are excellent pups if you're looking for a vintage yet very hot sound. And make no mistake - these things are hot. They are great b/c while they're not necessarily ideal for the sweet, nice, delicate glassy sounds of more refined Strat pickups, they're perfect for nastier, biting, snarl. They really shine when the amp is overdriven or though vintage distortion boxes.
Fender Tex Mex Pickups set of 3
.These pickups sound amazing! They have a little bite to them so if you like a little more aggressive fender tone these are for you.
Fender Tex Mex Pickups set of 3
.Just finished installing these in my '91 MIM Strat along with a rewire to match the Jimmie Vaughan Siggy model, tone controls to the bridge and neck only. I have to say that for the price, these things woke my old girl up! The bridge pup is plenty hot enough as advertised and the other two sound great. I have a Tweed Deluxe that I built from TubeDepot that made it apparent the old pickups were inferior, but with these I've got my Strat quack back. The old 5-way switch died in the process so it got replaced as well. I don't know if that had any bearing on the tone, but there are distinct sound choices now. Maybe with higher end guitars, there's a need for dropping the extra coin on more expensive pickups, but I couldn't be happier with the sounds and bite mine give me.
Fender Tex Mex Pickups set of 3

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