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Fender 9050L Stainless Steel Flatwound Long Scale Bass Strings - Light

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Hardshell Case of Fender 9050L Stainless Steel Flatwound Long Scale Bass Strings - Light
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Product Description

Gauges: 45-60-80-100.

Fender has been an instrument of choice for many of the greatest musicians since 1946. Fender's popularity through the generations is a result of their design innovations and commitment to quality. These flatwound bass strings reflect this legacy and are worthy of the Fender name. Attention to detail and the finest materials ensure that you will get the best feeling and greatest sounding replacement strings, set after set.

Fender Stainless 9050L bass strings are flatwound for a warm, rich tone.

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Awesome strings. Sound great. Best bang for your buck.
Cheapest flatwounds I can find. Grab some!!! Your fingers and your frets will thank you.
Fender 9050L Stainless Steel Flatwound Long Scale Bass Strings - Light
.I have a bass that I love, but I don't like the treble sound. I had stainless strings, and it sounded like an acoustic drednaught or something. I then tried nickel strings, and that helped a little, but still too "twangy". I then wanted to try flatwounds, but was afraid they would either be twangy due to their stainless steel construction, or too thumpy and dead being flatwounds. Well, not to worry. Fender combined the thumpiness of flatwounds with the brilliance of stainless steel and got a very nice, balanced sound. And they are so smooth! I am all over the fretboard when I play, and do a lot of sliding around, so I realized that for once it was actually comfortable to play my axe! You gotta love these strings.
Flat-wound stainless steel strings. They have the smoothness of flat wounds but still enough upper-frequency response that they don't sound "dead". James Jamerson had a set of flatwounds that he never changed in order to get the thump that characterizes his work at Motown. He also used a Precision Bass, which is not known for its treble response. Today's music, however, calls for more treble, or at least the ability to get it when you want it. These strings can handle both jobs.
They are Fender - what can I tell you? I don't think you can go wrong.
These are the cheapest flat wounds on the market - can't beat that!
Fender 9050L Stainless Steel Flatwound Long Scale Bass Strings - Light
.I'm using these on a Fender Black Top. The strings loads from the top with no problems. It came with 7250M. Tried the 9050M, they were OK. I wanted more clarity more pronounced notes. I put on 9050L and love them. I was skeptical of the smaller gauge. But they still have the deep bass but with more clarity across the board. Best strings I've ever used so far.
Fender 9050L Stainless Steel Flatwound Long Scale Bass Strings - Light
.I have 30+ assorted basses and been playing 45ish years. When I first started playing flatwounds were common until roundwounds were the 'thing'. I use roundwounds on 75% of my basses HOWEVER I use these strings on a variety of basses from early 50's P Bass, 60's P Bass, Asst. Hofner and Danelectro basses, and all my fretless basses. I uses the 45-100 light set on all of them. No neck adjustments needed like some other strings. They sound great out of the package and get better sounding the more you break them in and last forever. Some of mine are a few years old and still sound as good as the day I put them on. They have a great feel, reduce almost all fret noise, and with the EQ on your amp get a huge variety of sounds out of them NOT just thump. I use Hofner Club basses alot and I can get that McCartney sound or I can get a variety of other useful sounds as well from them. As a professional bassist lately I have rarely been playing my basses w/ roundwounds. All my basses with the Fender flats tend to be my 'go to' basses and I never have to worry about how old they are and I get nothing but compliments on my 'tone'. Just grab and go! If you are a 'slap/tap' bassist these won't work for you, but if you play blues/jazz/classic rock etc. you may find these to be the perfect fit. I always take more than one bass to a gig so there's always one with roundwounds for those slap/tap moments but find that I rarely use them.
Fender 9050L Stainless Steel Flatwound Long Scale Bass Strings - Light

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I've changed over from roundwound strings to flatwound on all my basses except one -- that's what this purchase was for. For the posted price, I wasn't sure what to expect with these strings, but so far I've been pleasantly surprised.First, I noticed that the gauges in the "L" set had changed from six months ago: the low E is now a .100 rather than a .95 (making it slightly thicker). Also, Fender is now sourcing these strings from an American manufacturer; they are no longer sourced from Mexico as with the previous sets. The ends also now get lime green silk windings, which is a nice touch.How do these compare with my other strings? Actually, not so bad. One of my other sets come from a British maker (Monel wrap) and the other from another American maker (stainless wrap). One thing I noticed right away is that the Fenders are smooth, but not quite as smooth as the others. They're quiet, but there's a bit of a difference in the feel. It's not a deal-breaker; it's just different. If you've never played flats before, you won't notice. The pull is about the same as the light roundwound set they replaced, as I haven't had to adjust the neck rod.Overall, I'm happy with the strings for the money spent. It's well worth saving my fingers and my frets to make the change, and they do have that big 60s classic bass sound that so many folks are looking for these days: strong bottom and mids with finger attack detail and no fret clatter. This is a good set for someone looking to try flatwound for the first time, or needing a replacement set at a reasonable price.
Fender 9050L Stainless Steel Flatwound Long Scale Bass Strings - Light
.I've used these over the years at different times and for anyone trying flatwounds for the first time, these are not only a great deal, but they are great strings as well.
I use them on my P-Bass playing jazz, blues, R & B, and rock and they work well in all of those genres.
It truly gives you a "bass" sound begging you to lay down nothing but the fattest grooves!
Fender 9050L Stainless Steel Flatwound Long Scale Bass Strings - Light
.These flatwound lights are far more than I expected! I thought I would loose some of the low sounds with the "light" strings, but I was surprised and very delighted in the sound and quality. No noise except pure bass sound! The only strings for me from now on.
Fender 9050L Stainless Steel Flatwound Long Scale Bass Strings - Light
.Back in the olden days, Fender bases came equipped with flatwound strings and later migrated to roundwounds. All of my basses now have Fender LIGHT flatwounds. They're very "solid" and maintain tone. They also have a little more color in their tone than I remember the originals having back in the early 60s.
Fender 9050L Stainless Steel Flatwound Long Scale Bass Strings - Light
.These sound great on my VM 70's Squier Jazz Bass. I tried them because they were on sale. Now I will purchase a couple more sets because I love em:-) The tone is very nice and balanced and the feel is fantastic. I play all styles but I got these primarily for Jazz.
Fender 9050L Stainless Steel Flatwound Long Scale Bass Strings - Light
.Thess fit my squier affinity jazz bass fairly well. I see only one possible issue with the fit. The bass strings are wrapped with actual string on both ends, and:

On the low E string the actual string is all but touching the low E bridge saddle. If it went any further I wouldn't be able to back the saddle up enough to set the intonation.

The tuner end of the bass strings have a thin length that gets wrapped around the tuning pegs. On the low E string the thin section just runs out causing a small lenth of the actual string to start to wrap around the tuner peg.

Long story short if the low E string was a hair longer or the bass a hair shorter the strings wouldn't have worked on my squier jazz bass.

These are longs. Not sure if mediums would fit better or be too short. Just some insite here for someone who may be looking at these for their squier jazz bass.

I'd buy these string again. They feel very nice, sound very nice, and stay in tune very well...
Fender 9050L Stainless Steel Flatwound Long Scale Bass Strings - Light

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