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Fender Vintage Reissue '59 Bassman LTD 4X10 Guitar Combo

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Hardshell Case of Fender Vintage Reissue '59 Bassman LTD 4X10 Guitar Combo
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Product Description

The straightforward Fender 59 Bassman outperforms most of the fancy amps on the market today. In the 1950s, the Bassman was perfect for amplifying that new invention, the Fender Precision Bass. This 50W rig allowed the bass to hold its own onstage with drums, electric guitars, and miked piano, the common instrumentation of the day. Over the years, it also won the hearts of guitarists who, after experimenting with all kinds of preamps and effects racks, found its simplicity, great tone, excellent dispersion, and touch-sensitive dynamics a true pleasure. This reissue is true to the original while adding several enhancements: U.S.-made GT-6L6 output tubes, improved 12AX7 preamp tubes, and an internal bias pot, making it easier to experiment with other output tubes. It also features a genuine lacquered tweed covering, solid finger-jointed pine cabinet, and an original-spec 4AR4 rectifier tube for natural compression when you play hard. Includes fitted cover.

True to the original '59 Bassman design 50W 4 - 10" speakers Finger-jointed pine cabinet Genuine lacquered tweed covering New US-made GT-6L6 output tubes Improved 12AX7 preamp tubes Original spec 5AR4 rectifier tube Internal bias pot has been added to adjust for other tubes Fitted cover is included

A classic, chosen by bassists, guitarists, and harp players over decades. Get it now and love it.

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I bought a'65 Reissue Twin Reverb at MF online after trying used Bassman and Twin reissues at a local store. I play blues, classic rock, and some clean stuff. The four corners of our sound might be Little Wing to Born Under a Bad Sign to Ramble On to Break Down. I play with a guy who has a 100W EVH 5150 amp and had a hard time being heard so I wanted something with some volume. While the Twin certainly had plenty of volume I found it did not take (quality) pedals as well as I would like. I'm talking about Blues Driver and GMD Luther etc. While it took time based pedal very well the response to distortion pedals was a very loud clean version of distortion and not the beautiful warm overdriven tube tone bolstered by the pedal which I wanted. As I am writing this it occurs to me that this should be self evident. I exchanged the Twin for the Bassman and what a difference! First thing I noticed is the woody resonance of the cabinet. Just setting it down on the ground or tapping on the cab like a drum produces a beautiful natural wood tone. I like it loud and turned about a third to half way up which would be plenty of volume for a small to medium venue it starts to break up beautifully. Mixed into the warm tube overdrive tone are swirling natural harmonics which makes the sound richly complex and to some degree replaces reverb. The tone of this amp is outstanding for what I play. I transport the amp to our practice sessions and while it is on the heavy side it is not burdensome. It's worth it because the amp gives me confidence that I can be heard with a tone that inspires me.
Fender Vintage Reissue '59 Bassman LTD 4X10 Guitar Combo
.I had (still have maybe) a house full of overly complex, overpriced amps with way too many 'Easy Buttons' and way to little of rock-solid fundamentals... One day I just found that I had replaced ability and style with canned imitation and emulated skill...I wanted the artistry back, so my long and through amp hunt began...and eventually ended at this amplifier.It is the core of everything I do now... From Strats to 335's to my Fender Custom Shop Bass VI and my 'Thin Skin' Jaguar.. This amp is brilliant...Anyone who tries to tell you that this amp belongs in a certain niche is stuck in a false mindset... I don't do surf, country, blues, or anything too heavy... I just do music, and this thing is the Stradivarius of amplifiers in my opinion... It does one thing and does it wonderfully, it doesn't try to be anything else...it is the peak of fundamentals... You get out of it what you put into it... I couldn't be happier...I went 5 across the board based on the idea that "Features" to me means "relevant features"You may want something flashier, or more trendy, or with more holes for toys, I dunno, but if you want a big, solid, undeniably awesome tone and signal... This will not disappoint...
Fender Vintage Reissue '59 Bassman LTD 4X10 Guitar Combo
.The Bassman is the perfect amp for me for the sole reason of its simplicity. It's a very effect friendly amp that I run a Fulltone OCD, Electro Harmonix Cathedral, 535Q Dunlop Cry Baby, and finally a Live Wire ABY1 footswitch for changing between the normal and bright channels. When combining the channels you really can get some fantastic tones and a drastic change in volume when doing so. I have to mention when playing acoustics through this amp (because after all it is a bass amp) it does tend to feed back easier than most amps. Primarily using a Strat I have found that you can get absolutely beautiful chime and bell tones on the the bright channel. That being said this amp is great for blues, jazz, classic rock, and country alike and I would recommend it to any one who is looking for an amp with real authentic tone.
Fender Vintage Reissue '59 Bassman LTD 4X10 Guitar Combo
.I love it. It is loud and it is one of the most pedal-friendly amps I have
ever played through.
I actually had one of the original 4x10 Bassmans back in the early 70's when you could pick one up easily for 4 hundred bucks. Decided after all these years it was time to get nostalgic and
buy the reissue
Out of the box, had pretty much the same feel as the old one. I always thought the
treble channel was usless unless you were playing surf rock or chicken pickin. The reissue
is loud as hell, just like the old ones, which I always thought could hold their own with a half stack.
Liked that it came with a cover, tweed looks like it will wear well. My wife likes the retro vibe look of it so well, she let's me keep it in the living room next to the grand piano.
Not cheap, but you can pick up a used one for around a grand. A lot cheaper, tho, than what
the old ones are going for now.
Fender Vintage Reissue '59 Bassman LTD 4X10 Guitar Combo
.I have to agree with the previous reviewer--RELEVANT features abound; this is the amp that someone who hungers for authentic tone will love. Even without a drive channel, he Bassman does overdrive, contrary to popular belief, and does so naturally, fiercely, beautifully. The 4 by 10 setup captures every single nuance of your pick attack and playing like a sonic spotlight. If you're used to hiding behind effects, you're gonna feel butt naked playing through this amp. I had some quality issues about a year or so in, but warranty came through and it was easily fixed. What I'm noticing about China factories in general is that they are able to do very competent mass production, but they screw up in the dumbest of ways--in this case, mounting screws for the chassis were too small/narrow. They needed to be heavier. Easy fix, but a fairly stupid problem that an extra $.05 would have rendered nonexistent. But when it comes to what matters--an amp that can sculpt multidimensional tone with none of the b.s. programming, modeling crap that goes for quality--the Fender Bassman cannot be surpassed. I've put this mother through its paces, too--beaten the crap out of it, violently fed it back, pushed it over, ranged from the gentlest of jazz to the screechiest of Sonic-Youthie weirdness and it delivers all day every day. This amp can do absolutely anything you ask it to--all it asks in return is competent musicianship.
Fender Vintage Reissue '59 Bassman LTD 4X10 Guitar Combo
.A lot of people who commented had only recently gotten this amp. I've had mine for 11 years now. ZERO issues. Taken it across the country many times. Bought a good case for it, of course, which it lives in when not being used--so it still looks like the day I bought it. The amazing thing is the sound. It will expose poor technique and musicality (which still haunts me from time to time). No hiding behind effects here! Pure unadulturated tone. Beautiful.

This amp will keep warming up the older it gets and the more it's played. Now after 11 years, it sings-- no matter what style you are playing...it's amp perfection. I tend to mainly play rock and blues, and it's simply perfect.

Be warned though: this thing's a monster-- Get a good airline case with castors. Makes all the difference. I've used it to play big and small venues. Slap a mic on it and away you go. And yes, this amp goes to 11--so it's louder then, isn't it...
Fender Vintage Reissue '59 Bassman LTD 4X10 Guitar Combo
.Having owned an original that I played for many years, this amp hits the mark as a reproduction. Same basic tone and versatility with rock solid construction. I believe it to be somewhat quieter (humm. buzz, etc.)than the original at higher volume. Yes it gets very loud and is knocking you down when saturation takes off. I run the amp at high volume and use my guitar volume to control output. Fool around and great sounding distoration is possible at lower levels with no pedals. It works with every effect I have used and I own alot of new to 50 year old gear. Only "Thrash and Mash" metal players will not like this amp. Only thing I would want, and will add, is an effect loop after the preamp and before the final amp. While I have 50 years of collecting Guitars to select from, I can't stop playing a 52 Tele Repro w/ Joe Bardon pickups and a few other mods with this amp. A touch of Vibrato and Chorus and I am reminded of the Great Danny Gatton. Rest in Peace Danny, I'm still trying.Fender hit the mark an this one.
Fender Vintage Reissue '59 Bassman LTD 4X10 Guitar Combo
.I purchased this Amp as a used but in very good condition. The first time I plugged in to it I heard a buzz and the fuse blew. I replaced the fuse with another 3 amp fuse and got the same result. I am pleased with the service I get from Custom Guitars Friend's Customer Service Department they got right on it and sent me a shipping label right away. I am lucky I had my old amp with me for that performance. I feel the amps should be closely checked out before shipping. Just a suggestion.
Fender Vintage Reissue '59 Bassman LTD 4X10 Guitar Combo
.If you are a fan of 60s & 70s Blues & Classic Rockabilly and Rock & Roll There is no other choice.This amp Made me sound like all my heros from SRV to Jimi to The Stray Cats and everyone else that used this amp.Its like this-You cant Play the Blues with Fender there is nothing else to say
Fender Vintage Reissue '59 Bassman LTD 4X10 Guitar Combo
.Playing my '59 Bassman Reissue was a significant musical awakening. It was like playing a real amp for the very first time. It was as if I were seeing beyond ordinary reality and into the truth of what I was trying to say musicaly. I've writen my share of original ideas over time and it's as if the sound that this amp offers is the only way that my ideas can be communicated effectively. The only danger is becoming almost too dependent on a certain piece of gear for your sound, but in truth most of us are. I use a Gibson Les Paul faded double cut with P-90's through an EB volume pedal jr, a Rat, and a Boss DD3 digital delay. Many describe the tone of a Tweed Bassman as vintage. But to me it has a timelessness to it that's very much in the 'now'. Hope this helps
Fender Vintage Reissue '59 Bassman LTD 4X10 Guitar Combo

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