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Fender Original 1962 P Bass Pickup

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Hardshell Case of Fender Original 1962 P Bass Pickup
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Product Description

Lay down the low end with the Fender Original 62 P Bass Pickup -- accurate reproductions of the pickups from the 1962 Precision Bass -- used on the American Vintage '62 P Bass. This split-coil humbucking Fender pickup is made with flush-mounted Alnico V magnets, enamel-coated magnet wire and cloth output wires to deliver the big, bad bass and snappy high-end sound that's perfect for any style of music! Would you expect any less from the company that invented the electric bass?

Split-coil humbucker Flush-mounted Alnico V magnets Enamel-coated magnet wire

A round, tight bottom, lots of mids, snappy highs, balanced tone, and a fantastic price - what more do you want? Order a set now!


Original 1962 P Bass Pickup

DC resistance: 10.5kOhms Inductance: 6.4 henries

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This is a very bright and very sensitive P-Bass pickup. Bright and sensitive are two words not usually associated with a Fender Precision pickup. I am most impressed with this pickup and it ranks with the best split coil P-Bass pickups I've ever used including WILDE by Bill Lawrence and the legendary Lindy Fralin. This Fender one is actually as good as the Fralin! This Fender pickup has bold up front tone galore, even more than the new Custom Shop 60's Pickup being used in the 2012 American Standard Precision Bass. This one is the same pickup used in the American Vintage 62 Reissue. In the AV 62 RI Fender specifies a 0.10uF capactitor instead of the usual 0.05 that is found in almost all other passive Precision Bass tone circuts. If this pickups sounds far too bright you might try replacing the tone cap with a 0.10uF as that tames some of the brightness. In my case I use it with a 0.05 and just let the upper mids soar! If I was a pick player I'd probably want the 0.10uF cap though. I suggest before changing the capacitor out to try it with the stock 0.05uF cap though since you might like it as much as I do! Glad I tried this one. This comes with the integral baseplace wiring harness and I do not suggest putting it in anything but a FENDER PRECISION BASS as you are going to run into compatibility issues with the baseplate not fitting anything but Fender Precision Basses or you'll have to modify the pickup cavity.
Fender Original 1962 P Bass Pickup
.I replace this pickup for my Squier CV 60's P bass.For my ear, it sound more balance than CV 60 p pickup,exspecially A string sound which i found too huge with CV 60 P before. E string sound more crisp & focus in basswood body now!
For somebody said this Fender Original pickup sound thin & tiny after install to their MIM P because those guys DINT have knowledge enough with TONE capasitor.
Change the Tone Capacitor ....PLEASE.
Use 0.1 uF Paper in OIL capasitor to get Vintage tone.
If u guy NOT a vintage tone fans, u can try 0.68uF for smooth Mid tone.
If u guy need TIGHT Warm MID,try Orange Drop 0.47uF 225P.

Xcellent Pickup if u know how to choose RIGHT capasitor for it.

Final word, this pickup CAN make ur cheap bass guitar sound close to Over-Price US-Made Fender stuff!!!
Fender Original 1962 P Bass Pickup
.What can I say, it's a Precision Bass Pickup... Removing the pickguard was a snap, and you need minimal soldering skills to install it yourself... 13 pickguard screws, 4 pickup screws, and a couple of snips with wire cutters and the old one is out...
Really, you can't beat this pickup at this price...
Fender Original 1962 P Bass Pickup
. Wow, totally blown away....I have a very cheap bass, a yamaha BB series bass. The instrument is not so bad to tell you the truth, it has a nice resonance but comes with a terrible lifeless pickup that just kills the instruments dynamics. I switched it for the fender and could not believe my ears! It sounds awesome! Almost like a real fender p bass. I had to drill new holes into the cavity in order for it to fit, but nothing major; also the string spacing unfortunately doesn't match with the pickup, but still is not a major issue. Highly recommended for that p-bass sound!
Fender Original 1962 P Bass Pickup
.I have a Fender P-Bass that I got around 1989. I had originally swapped the stock pickups for Fender Lace Sensors, but I found them to be too dead sounding and low output for my liking. Then I switched to DiMarzio Split-P pickups, which I found to be way too hot and they had too much of a harsh mid-range. So I decided to go back to Fender, and I got myself a set of these '62 re-issue pickups, and I am now officially in love with my Fender again. The tone is fabulous and very even throughout the range. They can do everything from bright clean to mellow and jazzy. I replaced my pots and the jack when I replaced the pickups, and I have to say, the Fender no-load tone pot matches up really well with these pickups. If you're looking for amazing tone, look no further.
Copper plate on the bottom, with good, strong insulated wires and decent pickup covers. The pickups are mounted on rubber pads for height adjustment.
The quality all around is excellent.
There isn't a better value out there. To get this tone, I'd have paid twice as much. These pickups are amazing!
Fender Original 1962 P Bass Pickup
. Good sounding pickups thru my Ampeg SVT Classic/1540HE Rig. To Hollow sounding thru my solid state practice rig. They are a good sounding pickup upgrade, but not the best.
Straight forward design with two-wire install. Good output.
Wish they American made. One pole was irregular looking. Pickup covers were scratched up.
Good upgrade for the least amount of bucks.
Fender Original 1962 P Bass Pickup
.I bought these and installed them on my precision bass and they sound excellent. This is what a classic p bass should sound like! There is a review on here for these pickups that says they sounded good in 2 other basses but when installed in his bass they sounded thin?! It sounds like they were not installed correctly because mine sound great! He also says that they are a good upgrade for a squire or a MIM p bass for but not a USA p bass? Not to knock the reviewer but, after much research from Fender, Talk forums, talking to professional techs, etc. here's reality, I called Fender and they said there aren't any discernible tones or sound differences between the USA and the MIM p basses.
I just hate for someone to be led astray by a negative review from someone who didn't have them installed properly.
My advice, get them, have someone who knows how to install them and see for yourself.
Fender Original 1962 P Bass Pickup
.I replaced the stock pickups in my MIM p bass and I am very pleased in the changes in the sound. I looked at videos online for examples of sound quality and can say they were very good examples of what it sounds like in my p bass.
Fender Original 1962 P Bass Pickup
.I put these p-ups in my Squire Affinity series P-bass and could not belive the way it opened up such a low cost bass. This is a great way to have an awesome sounding P-Bass under three bills.
Fender Original 1962 P Bass Pickup
.I play bass in our worship band at Church. I use a cheap precision bass copy made by Bentley. Using in ear monitoring I always notice a hum and quite a bit of white noise using this bass. After installing the Fender 62' pickups, I found no noise in the in ear monitors. It also gave my bass a fatter bass sound.
Fender Original 1962 P Bass Pickup

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