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Fender Classic Player Jaguar Special Electric Guitar 3-Color Sunburst

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Hardshell Case of Fender Classic Player Jaguar Special Electric Guitar 3-Color Sunburst
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Product Description

The Fender Classic Player Jaguar Special is an electric guitar that updates Fender's iconic Jaguar guitar with some thoroughly modern improvements: hotter pickups, a redesigned Adjusto-Matic bridge with floating tremolo tailpiece, a 9-1/2" fingerboard radius and a redesigned neck pocket with increased back-angle for improved stability and sustain. The Jaguar guitar's tremolo plate has been moved closer to the bridge to increase break angle and sustain. The Fender Classic Player Jaguar Special guitar has a screw-in tremolo arm that increases stability and control when executing dive-bombs.

Check the drop-down menu to the right to select colors and/or other options.

Body: Alder Finish: Polyester Neck: Maple Fingerboard: Rosewood, 9-1/2" (241mm) Frets: 22, Medium-Jumbo Scale Length: 24" (610 mm) Nut Width: 1.650" (42 mm) Hardware: Chrome Tuning Keys: Fender Vintage Style Tuning Machines Bridge: Fender Adjusto-Matic Bridge With Floating Tremolo Tailpiece Pickguard: 4-Ply Brown Shell on 3 Color Sunburst, 3-ply Mint Green on Candy Apple Red Pickups Neck: Special Design Hot Jaguar Bridge Pickup Bridge: Special Design Hot Jaguar Bridge Pickup Pickup Switching: 2-On/Off Switches, one for each pickup Controls "Lead" Circuit: 2-Position Tone Switch, Volume, Tone, "Rhythm" Circuit: Volume, Tone, Circuit Selector Switch Strings: Fender Standard Tension ST250R, Nickel Plated Steel, Gauges: (.010, .013, .017, .026, .036, .046), p/n 0730250206

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i own a dozen Jags.... i am a jaguar connoisseur. i have cheap ones and expensive ones. Cheap does not mean they are not good and pricey does not mean they are ...
i wanted this one for specific shows and reasons and bought it. price was right.
i build, wire, change and modify guitars. i did not buy this one for that reason. but i had to.
I am a Fender fan. i also own strats, tel'es, 4 and 5 sting basses, amps, picks, straps...widgets.....
this is not a knock...i really hope someone from Fender reads this with ability to understand my point...

if this were the 1st Fender Jaguar i had ever purchased, i would have sent it back and never bought another.

the neck was so far out of adjustment that i had to take it off ...why... because you can't get to the truss rod adjusting screw...... the pick guard/pickup cover blocks the access.... and the neck was set to low... and the bridge could not be lowered far enough before it bottomed out on the adjusters... and it played worse than a cheap knock off 99 special.

but i wanted it... had some time.. and i kept it.

i shimmed the back of the neck with a wedge ( at heel) .... cut out the access for the adjusting screw in the cover, started to file the bridge adjusters on the bottom but went ahead and put on a roller bridge that adjusts better...

and the front pickup was literally at a 75 degree angle because the factory had tightened it down ( remember the neck was set wrong) and the wire from the switch was under the back...so the it was tilted like a listing ship at sea.

fixed that... adjusted the neck, sanded off that ridiculous varnish from the neck so it has a great ball bat feel.. put it all back together... made a tweak on the truss rod, set the bridge.... set the pickup height .. ..even used the string it came with.... because i would have put that same set on anyway. and now it is one of if not the best playing Jag i have.

but most people would not want it that bad. Leo would not be happy.
Fender Classic Player Jaguar Special Electric Guitar 3-Color Sunburst
.The Jaguar Classic Player is an excellent guitar for surf music. I've played the CIJ and an original early '60's model as well. I find no significant difference in my sound or performance abilities on any of these three variations. Yes, the Classic Player has a fixed Tune-O-Matic (TOM) bridge with fixed saddles which theoretically is not the best idea when diving the whammy bar. I therefore put on a TOM with roller saddles. A TOM bridge made for the large posts found online for about 20 clams fits perfectly. Yes, the Classic Player has higher output pickups than an original Jag but, with the guitar hooked up to a tank and Showman, I still hear the fundamental Jag surftone loud and clear. The alternate electronics work just as they have on earlier Jags. The closer placement of the tailpiece to the bridge doesn't seem to affect the sustain much which I'm happy about as the Jag is s'pose to have limited sustain. The increased angle of the strings at the bridge does reduce the slipping of strings from the bridge saddles during bends but not entirely. Anyways, slap some heavy flatwounds on this Jag and you've got a Jag every bit as good for surf music as earlier models and you'll have saved enough to purchase the required '63 reverb tank.
Fender Classic Player Jaguar Special Electric Guitar 3-Color Sunburst
.I've been playing this beauty constantly since I received it. The 24" scale fits my smaller hands like no other guitar I've ever played. Like all new instruments that get shipped, things get jostled around and a proper setup is SOP. One thing I would like to mention is that instead of coming with what I'd call a low priced gig bag, it should've come with a case. After having received it, though, that was the first thing I did. Plunked the down the dosh for the Fender Jazzmaster case, and well glad I did. Fits like a glove, and looks great too.
It's taken a while to figure out the controls, but after a call to Fender, they supplied me with the schematic showing what controls do what. Armed with this, I've been able to figure out how to get the sound(s) I want.
As I said before, this guitar fits me like no other. I wish I would've bought one when I first started playing guitar (in 1967!).
Surf, punk, country, jazz- this baby can do it all with aplomb. Do yourself a favor. Buy one.
Oh yeah, buy the case, too.
Fender Classic Player Jaguar Special Electric Guitar 3-Color Sunburst
.I was at a local music store looking for a new guitar in this price range and it was down to a Fender Tele, or a Strat, then the dude who was showing me around told me to look at this one, I was soon sold on the tonal abilities alone. Also it was much cheaper then buying it anywhere else, so I left the store with a great guitar only to find it sounds even better through my Orange half stank with some tube distortion on it. All in all I've owned it for a month or two now and I love it, go get you some...
Fender Classic Player Jaguar Special Electric Guitar 3-Color Sunburst
.First, the MIM family of Fender guitars are decent, but definitely subpar to the American or Japanese models. I think everyone knows that already, but this new Jag is no exception to the rule (mine had the usual scratches in pickguard, waxy stuff left behind, etc).I have played many Jaguars, original, reissue, etc...and this one can hold it's own despite the updates. I guess what bothers me and the only reason I would write a review on a MIM, is that some have stated this has Strat pickups. I think whoever said that is confusing this with the HH model that has those Enforcer pickups that look more like Strat.What I found in this one was something very similar but a little more powerful than what you get in the 62' reissue. In fact, you are getting a 62' reissue, only assembled in Mexico with a Mustang style bridge and higher output pickups. In doing so you save about 600 dollars....so keep that in mind.
Fender Classic Player Jaguar Special Electric Guitar 3-Color Sunburst
.I wanna play jags for the rest of my life. Huge upgrade from the Squier Tele I had before. The neck is incredibly fast. This is my favorite guitar. Period.
Wow, this has all the bells and whistles. You can get any tone from this Jaguar. Tele bridges or Strat necks, you got it all right here. The tremolo system is the best from Fender, stays in tune great and feels better than a strat.
Great finish, I have the sunburst one. Frets look and feel great, neck feels superb. Everything is finished finely.
This plays just as good as the AVRIs. The American ones do have a fuller body it seems and more colors to choose from however. Pickups on AVRIs are obviously a tad better but hey, this is a great value. This is better than a MIM strat or tele in my eyes.
Fender Classic Player Jaguar Special Electric Guitar 3-Color Sunburst
.While the Jaguar might not be for everyone, it is hard to argue with the tone and playability of this instrument. You don't have to be a surf machine to understand that this guitar can realize any true tone you are looking for- at a much lower price than the '62 model. If you are talented enough to be able to play licks with your eyes closed...do an A/B on this Classic model and the '62....except for the muting device, you won't know the difference!
Fender Classic Player Jaguar Special Electric Guitar 3-Color Sunburst
.I have owned this now for 2 years. I find it hard to put it down. Yeah, I have other guitars, including a Fender Custom Shop Jaguar. but the sound and quality of this guitar is darned good. (and the CS Jag doesn't leave the house. )
All the features of the original except the bridge mute. (I don't miss it)
Who said MIM is bad. This is a great guitar. Excellent build quality for a production line. Everything was spot on out of the box including both neck and intonation. Finish is Candy Apple Red and flawless.
Best you can get for this money.
Fender Classic Player Jaguar Special Electric Guitar 3-Color Sunburst
. There's nothing like a Jag and I have played many guitars and own an American Strat as well. This one will be with me for many years to come. My question is "How could anyone NOT love a Jaguar?"
All the bells and whistles are included.
Excellent finish, just beautiful. Mine was ready to play right out of the gig bag. A little intonation tweak and it was right on the money.
Of course I would like to see these a little cheaper so more people could play them and have the Jaguar experience. But you get the quality you are paying for.
Fender Classic Player Jaguar Special Electric Guitar 3-Color Sunburst
.This jag is built well and sounds great. The bridge is waaay less problematic than the old jaguar bridge though I wish it had the 7.25 neck radius like the mij and american jags. Then it would be complete.
Fender Classic Player Jaguar Special Electric Guitar 3-Color Sunburst

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