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Fender '65 Twin Custom 15 Combo Amp

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Hardshell Case of Fender '65 Twin Custom 15 Combo Amp
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Product Description

The clean sounds of the Fender '65 Twin Custom 15 Combo Amp are loud, clear and strong. This custom version of the '65 Twin Reverb utilizes the 85W chassis of the original, coupled with a slightly modified cabinet and a single 15" speaker instead of the standard pair of 12s. The speaker is based on the JBL D130F used by Fender in the '60s and '70s. Its cast frame, shallow cone, and large voice coil deliver the clean, precise tone characteristic of the Twin but with a fatter bottom end and smooth treble. It also has higher power handling. Black, heavy-duty textured vinyl covering, silver grille cloth, nickel hardware, and a metal badge identifying the model. 2-button footswitch, removable casters, and an embroidered cover are included.

Guitarists interested in the Texas blues sound should check out the Fender '64 Vibroverb Custom (product# 483710).

85W tube power 15" speaker 2 footswitchable channels Reverb and Vibrato Textured vinyl covering Silver grille cloth Nickel hardware Metal badge identifying the model 26-3/20"W x 22"H x 10-1/2"D 64 lb. Includes 2-button footswitch, removable casters, and embroidered cover

Order the Twin Custom 15 today and get that clear, fat 15" sound.

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Gold Coverage Includes:

Unexpected and unintentional spills, drops and cracks Normal wear and tear Power surges Dust, internal heat and humidity

Other plan features include:

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The band I toured this amp with had Heavy metal sections that would switch to "Jazz" guitar styles.
look up "Devil Doll" to see what I mean. Basically I had to be slash on the solos and jazzy ventures guy on the verses. the clean sound was always stellar and clear. I used a Toadworks "Death Rattle" to get my heavy Overdriven sounds. That band had the loudest drummer I've ever worked with and he always asked me to turn down. My job was basically to take face melting solos every song so I did have it loud enough to make sure everyone in the club heard (I turned down my guitar when the singer was singing) this amp responded to the dynamics well. (just like a tube amp should do)
It is great if you're playing loud and need to be clean. It worked best with a Les Paul and a Gretsch, Teles and Strats always sounded too shrill and plinky through this thing, even with pedals. I use a deluxe reverb and a Bassman with my country/blues/rockabilly band now. most bigger shows my amps get mic-ed so I go with smaller amps so I can turn them up and get the tubes really workin. Check any video of "Ry Bradley" to see what I mean.
Twin custom 15 is a great amp for the band I described, for most other working situations, it's just plain too loud (it only shows it's character after 4) your ears will be bleeding. I'll never sell mine, but until a Devil Doll Reunion I won't need to play loud and clean like that.
CLEAN AMP. so clean and so loud. You can drown out the loudest drummer with this amp, be careful. plenty of headroom. Tremelo and reverb are amazing as you'd expect from fender.
15 inch speaker is great and no other fender amp out today has this sound. it's made to replicate the original twim with 2 JBL speakers. I've done a side by side comparison and it is just as good.
I beat the hell out of mine for years on the road. I've only had to change the tubes after 7 years and it still is a great amp. I've dropped it when slipping on icy stairs in colorado, and it even survived and worked great after the van flipped off the highway.
Fender '65 Twin Custom 15 Combo Amp
.The 15" speaker has extraordinary range. You might expect great lows, and they are there, but the highs and mids will blow you away. The twin 12" model is a great amp; this 15" model is a whole different animal. The best way to describe the tone is "musical." It inspires you to play better. Unlike some amplifiers, this amp sounds good accross a wide range of guitar types and accross a wide range of musical styles. I am extremely pleased with this purchase.
Fender '65 Twin Custom 15 Combo Amp
.I'm 50 and play everything from Hendrix,Eric Johnson,SRV,BB KING,Brent Mason,Danny Gatton and back again. This amp gives me ALL the tones required. The onlu way i can beat this amp is by having a sponsor buy it for me ! ....OH WAIT THEY DID !!! BUT BECAUSE I SERIOUSLY SHOPPED AROUND I WANTED EXACTLY WHAT MY EAR WAS LONGING FOR. Nice,warm,immediate response with major head room and a beautiful clear sound. FENDER YOU JUST CAN'T BE BEAT !! THEY TRY AND THEY DIE...Thank you for the past 35 years !!!!
Fender '65 Twin Custom 15 Combo Amp
.I bought this new from Custom Guitars Friend in late 2007 because I always wanted a Twin Reverb. But I never thought I would actually use it for gigs, given its size and weight.I perform as a one man band - I play guitar and keyboard, use a vocal harmonizer, and a Boss Jamstation for my drums and bass. I come pretty close to sounding like a 3 or 4 piece group. For years I have hauled around a small guitar amp and a PA system, running the backings, the keyboard, and vocals through the PA. While none of these items is especially heavy, there were enough of them (amp, speaker stands, speakers, PA amp) to make setup take longer than I wanted.One day I decided to see what would happen if I ran everything through the Twin Reverb. All I can say is, "Wow"! First, my guitar of choice, a Fender Strat, sounds so "fenderish" through this amp - by tweaking the bias I am able to get a wonderful warm sound just short of distorting. Of the dozen or so amps that I own, this sounds the best by far. The Amp's reverb and vibrato add very rich effects, and I only use an effects pedal when I want a little more grit in my sound.With the 15" speaker, the keyboard sounds awesome. I run the keyboard and guitar through the vibrato channel.I run the vocals and backing through the normal channel. The sound is amazing. My vocals are so much richer and full bodied than what I was getting through my PA system (Fender Passport). And with the 15" speaker, the backing sounds so much like a real band it's scarey.So, from having to lug 6 different things around, I am down to one big box, the Twin Reverb. And while it is heavy, the casters make it easy to move (provided you can stay on concrete or similar hard surface).So, what started as "I always wanted one of these" has turned into a dream for this one man band guy. And, if I ever do gig with other musicians, the Twin will hold up to just about any situation!
Fender '65 Twin Custom 15 Combo Amp
.I have been through 6 amps in the last 6 months looking for the perfect tone and versitility including several Fenders. I finally found it in the Twin Custom 15. I mainly play a American Strat Deluxe and an American Tele Deluxe with S1 switching. (this amp was made for a tele IMO) If you play country, jazz or blues get one. If you play rock get one and a pedal. Perfect sweet tone accross the spectrum, very quite and powerful! Very different from the Twin W/2 12's" which is a little shrill and brittle. The Custom is a little heavy but worth it and it does come with casters. Would have been all ten's except for no pre out jack. After 30 years of playing this is my all time favorite amp.
Fender '65 Twin Custom 15 Combo Amp
.This amp is wonderful. If you like to play clean,this is hard to beat. The reverb and tremolo are beautiful and that speaker has very unique dynamics. I'm using a sparkle drive and a ts9 right now, although I have a tonebone ordered. You need a pedal to dirty it up and it has good harmonics.I set my bass to 7 or 8 and my mids to 5 or 6 dependig on the room. Treble is at 4 or 5. The other great thing is that this amp sounds the same regardless of where you are standing. The guys in the band are amazed at this. there are absolutely no hot spots. I even set it on one of those horn baffles made for open back amps and it didn't sound any different.Try one out!
Fender '65 Twin Custom 15 Combo Amp
.I bought this amp recently and I have been pleasantly surprised. I have owned a 60's Super Reverb in the past and thought I would try a Twin this time. After reading the specs on this amp I decided to take the plunge and buy it. I have not been disappointed. I play an American Strat and a Gibson ES 135LE through it. Both sound great. My Strat has never sounded so "full". The Strat will now fill the mix and keep up with the guys using humbuckers. The Gibson is clean, glassy and has tons of distortion free low end. This amp is built like a tank and is a winner.
Fender '65 Twin Custom 15 Combo Amp
.I had a Fender Twin Reverb back in the day. For those of you thinking about buying one, they are cheaper today then they were in the early 60's. (adjusted for inflation). I wanted the same sound I used to get years ago, so I bought the 65 Twin 15 Combo. I am not dissapointed. It brings back many memories. The big 15 inch speaker absolutley has no bottom. I play clean, and this amp gives you everything you could want. The tube reverb has no match. I own four other amps and nothing matches the sound of those warm tubes.I did not give this amp the hightest rating because when it was shipped the cabinet castors had been placed inside of the amp cabinet, during shipping they managed to break the tubes and I had to replace the tubes at my expense. It seems to me that someone should have considered how fragile tubes are and placed the castors outside of the cabinet for shipping.Other than that, I highly recommend this amp for anyone who wants a high quality sound.
Fender '65 Twin Custom 15 Combo Amp
.I play jazz through 2 pretty nice archtops, so I bought this amp for its clean headroom and great tone, certainly not for its weight. I have been playing about 40 years (all kinds of music), have owned many amps including four Twin Reverbs, one a '68 with JBL's. I always return to Fenders for their unbeatable tone. I love this Custom 15. Possibly the best sounding amp I've ever owned. The sound from the Eminence 15" D130F copy is big, clean and focused without the 'hot spots' of the 2x12 version,i.e., consistent tone from any direction. There is a nice balance between bass and treble, and it brings out the individuality of each of my two quite different sounding archtops - any guitar will sound great through this amp. The tube driven reverb sounds - like a Fender! But this amp is definitely not for beginners, it amplifies what you actually sound like. I like that it comes already equipped with casters. So far I'm thrilled with this purchase. Way to go Fender!
Fender '65 Twin Custom 15 Combo Amp
.I really like the amp and it's perfect for what I play. It's very clean and sounds great.Another reviewer mentioned the casters damaged his tubes during shipping - my amp was shipped upside down in the box, and my casters also burst/came out of the padded envelope somehow, and were loose during shipment. The amp worked and none of my tubes seemed to be damaged, but the tearing of the padded envelope made a huge mess inside the amp and required an unbelievable amount of clean up. Someone needs to come up with a better way to attach the casters when shipping these amps.But, bottom line, it's a great amp and I'm very pleased with it.
Fender '65 Twin Custom 15 Combo Amp

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