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Fender Strap Locks and Buttons Set

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Hardshell Case of Fender Strap Locks and Buttons Set
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Product Description

Genuine Fender special strap locks and buttons keep your favorite Fender guitar safe and secure. The set includes 2 locks, 2 buttons, 2 screws, and felt washers.

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I have Schaller strap locks on three of my guitars and decided to try these (1) because they were on sale, and (2) because they come with two sets of felt button pads (Schaller's don't). These are identical to the Schaller strap locks - they are Schaller strap locks - except they're stamped "Fender". Great value.
Fender Strap Locks and Buttons Set
.I'd recommend having white or wood glue, round toothpicks, and some locktite on hand for installing any brand of strap locks and these are no exception.

Remove your old strap buttons. Cut a round toothpick to length so it fits flush in the strap button hole left in the body of your guitar/bass. Add some white/wood glue to the toothpick and drop it in the hole. Now screw your new strap button into place. The toothpick acts as a dowel and compresses against the screw for a stronger bond. The glue helps set everything in place and you never have to worry about the strap button working loose on its own. Add a bit of locktite to the threads of the strap lock and then tighten down the washer and nut to your strap. This ensures the nut doesn't work loose either.

Since you have to do this with all similar strap lock systems, I think this brand is the best value for the money.

Of course, you can also use the rubber grommets available from a certain beer with a ceramic top as strap locks. Then you get to enjoy a beverage that comes with a free strap lock :)
Fender Strap Locks and Buttons Set
.Here's why I gave it a 2:
Because I can't use the washer, the nut being the only fastener will work loose, so I lose my nuts, pun however you like. To make matters worse, the lock on the top cutaway will work loose the wood screw, & I'm having to constantly tighten that. So with nuts hitting the floor & getting lost, I thought I'd try finding replacements. Let me reassure you that AIN'T GONNA WORK. Those are known in the industry as panel nuts, they're metric, & you're not going to find them at any hardware store or supplier unless you're willing to order 1-2K of them.
Now I've been advised to use blue Loc-Tite, which I'll probably go with, & then I might just tank them & have some Bb strap buttons installed.
Bottom line, with a longer threaded shaft (which I don't see happening anytime soon) or a thinner strap, they're okay. Otherwise, they're more fuss than function.
My overall quibble with the Fender/Schaller strap locks is they're not thick strap friendly. Basically the threaded shaft is not long enough to accommodate thicker (leather) straps. I have to lose the washer to make them work, & therein lies the problem as to why I had to order this set I'm reviewing.
My Amer. Dlx. Strat came equipped with these, & I'm not really crazy about them anyway, but I use them. Sticking to the script, they feature a tough, heavy duty construction compared to other systems, & when used with thinner straps, sure, they're great. Also that heavy dutiness can be an issue too, & they can be clunky, I'll get into that below.
As mentioned above, they're heavier than other strap lock systems I've check out. Where this is an issue with me is that they're so heavy you have to be careful when reaching around to attach/detatch the rear lock because if you're allowing it to swing around it will nick the guitar, hence the nickname "cat of one tail". All dings/nicks on my instrument have come from those things.
I rated this high because in comparison to others it's the most bang for the buck, only that you take heed as for it not to be most "ding" for the buck.
And because I had to order these because of parts falling off, the price is okay enough I didn't get hurt too bad.
Again, when used with a thin(ner) strap they're okay.
Fender Strap Locks and Buttons Set
. I am glad i purchased these. It was really no problem making them work on my guitar. Just took a little longer.
I gave an 9 only because the screws were too small. I had to replace them with larger ones with a small enough head to fit through the lock button. Once I did that they are fantastic. A nice chrome look that compliments the guitar.
I had no problem modifiying then so they would work on my Squier Tele. Would have been much easier if they came with a larger diamiter screw. The screw from my original buttons would not fit through the lock button either so I could not use them.
I think these are at a great price.
Fender Strap Locks and Buttons Set
.I've used these strap locks on all my guitars for years and years. I once tried the competition since they were less, but those actually snapped in half. That was the one -- and only -- time I "strayed" from these strap locks.

Simple to install, simple to use, and you can literally "set 'em and forget 'em."


1. Make sure you use a wrench to tighten the nut on the strap end. Some straps are thick, and you need to make sure the nut really gets a good bite on the teeth of the threaded post. I hold the clip in place by folding the strap around it, then crank on the nut with a wrench until I can't tighten it any further.

2. If you find the stock strap post hole is too big, simply apply some wood glue to a piece of a toothpick and shove it into the hole. No need to wait for the glue to dry.
They do exactly what you need them to do: hold your strap onto the body of the guitar.
I've been using these strap lock sets for years, and I've never had any issues with breakage, finish, or anything else. Install them and forget them.
What's the value of keeping your strap from slipping off the stock strap peg? Exactly.
Fender Strap Locks and Buttons Set
.Yep, Cheaper than Schaller, Nicer than Pro-Line.

They are invaluble if you switch or take-off your Guitar or Bass often during a set. There is no chance of the "slack" strap falling off the buttons, especially that well-worn "favorite" strap.
Locks fit Schaller and Pro-Line buttons and those locks fit the Fender buttons. You may have to find different screws depending on the Guitar or Bass you are installing them on.
Heavy Chrome plating, nice thread on lock part and smooth operation of locking pin.
Lower Price point than the similar quality Schaller's.
Fender Strap Locks and Buttons Set
.Great locks. Work perfectly on my custom shop tele. Use a thick leather strap and fit perfectly. You can use stock buttons but i used the supplied screws and washers. Use paraffin on screws. Makes them install easier. Tightened nuts with socket. They are not coming loose. They are not coming loose. Have checked them several times. They are still tight. Would recommend them. Have another brand on my strat.they are good but not like the Fenders
Fender Strap Locks and Buttons Set
.This is my second set; I first used them on my (heavy) P-Bass, then got these for my Strat.
I put a small amount of light grease on the "stud" turns freely w/no squeaks.
Fender Strap Locks and Buttons Set
.If you work you must have strap locks. These are the type I've been using for over ten years, no failures.
Fender Strap Locks and Buttons Set
.These strap locks fit my strat perfectly without changing the buttons. One of the reasons I bought them was someone said they fit both strats and teles without changing the buttons. But the buttons on my thinline tele are different so they don't fit. I know I could change out the buttons but I like to keep everything stock so...
Fender Strap Locks and Buttons Set

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