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Fender 346 Shell Guitar Pick Thin 6 Dozen

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Min.Order Quantity:
One Set
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Hardshell Case of Fender 346 Shell Guitar Pick Thin 6 Dozen
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Product Description

These large rounded triangle picks provide 3 edges to use. When one wears down, just switch sides. The wide body provides plenty of surface to hold and the rounded tip has a nice, smooth action. Choose thin, medium, or heavy.

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A good and useful product for those that need it!
A good in-between size. I found the old triangular picks a little too big and the round backed picks too little. This one is just right!
Good Fender quality, these will last a long time.
The price is right!
Fender 346 Shell Guitar Pick Thin 6 Dozen
.Never really used a pic before as I just played for myself. Now I play with a group who were complaining that they couldn't hear me. So after trying many different types of pics. this one fits well. It is large enough that I don't loose it across the room. The thin ones work well for me and my style of playing. No more complaints of not being heard, and no complaints of being too loud. I am glad these came in a dozen so I can carry a few in different places so I always have a pic handy.
Thank Custom Guitars friend.
Fender 346 Shell Guitar Pick Thin 6 Dozen
.For decades I used 'normal' size picks, and was happy with them. Then one day, when I must have had nothing better to do, I visited a music store, plunking myself down in a corner with an acoustic and about 20 different picks just to hear how they all compared to each other sound-wise. Well, the winner was this 'giant' Fender pick in heavy gage. The notes jumped out with a noticeably big, fat, round sound. Seems size and weight do matter. Now when I use a 'normal' size pick the tone is small and it feels like it's gonna fly out of my hand. Pick up a few and try them for yourself. If given the chance I'd bet you'd be impressed.
Fender 346 Shell Guitar Pick Thin 6 Dozen
.I use these picks on two basses. I wanted that punch and "click" and these did the trick. They are also larger so I don't drop them or they won't pop out of my hand while playing.
Fender 346 Shell Guitar Pick Thin 6 Dozen
.I have tried just about every pick for sale in the standard teardrop and rounded triangle and some the jazz shapes. Including the whole range of thickness and synthetic materials. I play EB 10s on three American Deluxe Strats. I?m 6?4? with 37? sleeves and X-large hands so my playing configuration may be a little unique.The rounded triangle is by far the most comfortable for me. For my hands, anything smaller is too small to receive accurate feedback, control well and apply the power that is natural to me. (Darn, this revelation after try to pick like Hendrix for 2 years!). The Fender white and shell work very well for me. I prefer the shell because it is a bit more elastic (?snappy?) and less ?rubbery? that the white, allowing me to play faster with more string articulation. I get about 15 to 20 hours of practice/hard playing out of each pick. Yes, after about 5 hours a tip becomes misshaped, rough and speed and accuracy start drop suddenly, but I have not found any other material that lasts much longer. These picks allow me to get much closer to the music than any other, clean or distorted.
Fender 346 Shell Guitar Pick Thin 6 Dozen
.Been using Fender picks for over 50 years. Why buy anything else?
Fender 346 Shell Guitar Pick Thin 6 Dozen
.The pick is large enough to grasp and has a softer, more mellow sound on an acoustic guitar.
Fender 346 Shell Guitar Pick Thin 6 Dozen
.I like these picks because I can change the tip in a second if one wears down or breaks off.
Fender 346 Shell Guitar Pick Thin 6 Dozen
.A great place to get "hard to find" products
Fender 346 Shell Guitar Pick Thin 6 Dozen
.No matter how you orient these picks, you are good to go. Over 50 years of useage.
Fender 346 Shell Guitar Pick Thin 6 Dozen

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