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Fender Mustang V V.2 HD 150W Guitar Amp Head Black

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Hardshell Case of Fender Mustang V V.2 HD 150W Guitar Amp Head Black
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Product Description

The Fender Mustang V V.2 guitar amp head gives a new look and adds new features to one of the best-selling amps of all time. The Mustang V V.2 head increases the versatility and muscle of the Mustang series, adding five new effects, five new amp models, intelligent pitch shifting and XLR stereo outputs. It features USB connectivity and Fender FUSE software, letting your musical creativity and imagination run wild.

One 1/4" input One channel with 100 presets Gain, Volume, Treble, Middle, Bass, Reverb, Master, Stomp Edit, Modulation Edit, Delay Edit, Reverb Edit, Utility, Save, Exit and Tap/Tuner controls Two XLR stereo outputs Black textured vinyl covering with silver grille cloth 18 high-quality amp models including five new ones New effects, including big fuzz, green screamer and intelligent pitch shifting 100 onboard factory and user presets Blackface treatment and top-load front control panel USB connectivity Fender FUSE Ableton Live Lite 8 Fender edition

Call or click to pick up this flexible and powerful head.

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Excellent bang for the buck! 150 watts pushing 4 Celestion Rocket 50's, FX out the ears? When our band practices, I very seldom turn up past 4, it goes to 10.
All of these FX are fully adjustable, all of the paremeters for each effect can be manipulated any way you want it. It's a killer half-stack, I love mine! Get you one!
Fender Mustang V V.2 HD 150W Guitar Amp Head Black


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I'm not a *super* tone freak - I like what I like...and I don't always need to spend a lot of money to get it - I've played a few tube amps that were fantabulous - but they were just missing something...I was at the end of a 7 year affair with a Behringer GMX1200/Ultrastack setup (Remember that?!) - a cheap little head and cab that I bought to gig with back in 2006 - that amp and I had some great memories - 2 channels, very limited, but I got some UNGODLY tone out of that thing with my guitar - metal tone you wouldn't believe, maybe I was the only one - but after buying a little 20w Fender Mustang locally and using it only ONE TIME for a little portability back and forth to jam with - I called up MF and said "SEND ME THE V!" - and they did, and I have been happy every since - the end - no, seriously - a lot of people have had negative things to say about this amp - and they are more than entitled to their opinions - but why such hate? I can't find one thing wrong with this amp - the price is fantastic, it's built solid - and did I mention you can dial in just about ANY tone you can think of? Think about that for a second....and to top it off, you can have 100 different tones handy and get right to them when you need them with the *included* footswitch - you may never need 100 tones...I don't - I use a clean, solo w/delay and 2 dirty tones (L & R) for recording...the Fuse software is pretty easy to use too, and is really a necessity for really getting your money's worth out of this amp - the included presets are pretty cool, and Fender has included some fantastic homages to some great artists and tones! Kudos on that Fender - Fender has made some great products over the many years, and this rig is no exception - for the price, it is an unbeatable deal. Throw your distortion pedals away and get this amp! I forgot to mention - it's loud...like, seriously, got it up to 3 one time....had to back off....
Fender Mustang V V.2 HD 150W Guitar Amp Head Black
.Plain and simple this head is great. I've had it for almost two weeks and it has great tweak ability. You really have to take your time dialing it in, but once you do it's fantastic. Unbeatable for the price as well!

The absolute best feature is the new Studio Preamp. You can literally build a sweet rack system in the head. I always wanted to have that ability. Most of my distorted tones are actually built this way. The 4 button footswitch is awesome! Want to add the 2 button to have 5-6 patch accessibility.

The only fault with this head is the preset selection. Only a hand full are worth anything. However, all the amps, cabs, and effects are easy to use. The Fuse software is amazing as well! I've been playing for 20+ years, and I can honestly say this is the best piece of equipment I've ever bought. It's not an Axe FX or even Line 6 HD, but it has plenty of processing power and in depth parameters to make it a great purchase.
Fender Mustang V V.2 HD 150W Guitar Amp Head Black
.I own a number of amps (Marshall, Spider, Crate & Fender). I shopped around for a while to find a decent amp and a reasonable price. Everything I read about the Fender Mustang V V.2 was positive, and I almost wondered if it was "too good to be true". But, I invested the money and once I unpacked it and powered it up....it was indeed everything I had read. A great sound, easy to navigate and oh sooo sweet.
Fender Mustang V V.2 HD 150W Guitar Amp Head Black
.I purchased this amp a couple of months ago. I have it running through an older Marshall 4X12 cab when I need it coming out of the speakers...however much of the time, I just use the line outs into my computer. I mainly do recording into a DAW on my computer. I will attest however, it does sound good through the speakers and can get quite loud.

The biggest problem I have with the amp is that you really have to dial int the settings to get what you are looking for (you may find that you like some of the 100 presets...and I've used a couple), but really, I've had to dig in and experiment to get the sound I was envisioning in my head. Once you get it though, it is awesome. Download the FUSE software and tweak away...just don't forgot to play the guitar because you can spend so much time tweaking...you won't get any playing done.

Three months into it with no issues yet, so I guess I'm satisfied with the quality...time will tell.

I did invest in the expression pedal and have both a 2-button and 4-button foot switch. They definitely seem worth of being called quality. The foot switches would be very useful in a live situation, but you are going to figure out what you want them to control...you have a few different options, so you'll have to figure out what's best for you. If nothing else..I recommend the expression pedal. It's ability to control volume or pretty much any parameter of any effect is pretty cool.

I guess the best way to put it....it's like buying a car but having to take a few days of tweaking it before you can just drive it.
Fender Mustang V V.2 HD 150W Guitar Amp Head Black
.All Good. Love the sound !..
Fender Mustang V V.2 HD 150W Guitar Amp Head Black
.I have had this amp for less than 6 months, it has always been a studio amp and has never been gigged. I did a restructure of my home studio and suddenly the guitar input does not work? The aux input works but that's it? I have been referred to a local Fender Gold service location in Rock Hill SC and will be dropping the amp off this coming week for repairs, should still be factory warranty, but we'll see. One other thing, when I go to the Fender website, I see Mustang I, II, III and IV....... but no V? Has this head been cancelled?
Fender Mustang V V.2 HD 150W Guitar Amp Head Black
.I haven't even begun to scratch the surface with everything this amp is capable of, but I know that it's a winner. The amp models are insanely accurate. The on-board effects sound incredible, and the level of customization is endless. In my humble opinion, the Fender Mustang V.2 series is the pinnacle of amp evolution. It destroys the myth that modeling/solid state amps sound inferior to their tube counter parts and sets a new standard in the value and versatility your amp provides you. All a price that affordable to all musicians. Haters gonna hate, but I'll take this amp over a bulky, one trick pony amp any day of the week. This amp paid for itself once I sold off all my other pedals and amps.
Fender Mustang V V.2 HD 150W Guitar Amp Head Black
.Great amp after you pic what sound enviroments then going through all the uses this is a quality amp But you need to be able to set what sounds you want because this amp has it all almost way to much but you can eventualy get what presets you want..
Fender Mustang V V.2 HD 150W Guitar Amp Head Black
.After being a long time Line6 fan, I thought I'd try out some of these Fender products. I bought the new Mustang cabinet with it as well.

Some of the delays give a maximum Rate of only 370ms. Others are only 555ms. Then, the rest are 1110ms. So, they are fast delays.

Also, you can't just simply manually set the tempo in anyway; not even in the software.

All the Modulation pedal's Rates are HZ. So, your tremolo effects aren't going to match your tempo.

USB & Fuse software without a VST for DAW?

If you don't like this amp, you can simply use the Auxiliary In.

You can set the Delay rate with a knob.

The Heavy Metal amps sound simply amazing.
Also, the cleans channel amps as well.

Withe the Fuse software, you can setup a Gate for your amps.
Fender Mustang V V.2 HD 150W Guitar Amp Head Black

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