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Fender Strap Blocks (4-Pack)

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Hardshell Case of Fender Strap Blocks (4-Pack)
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Product Description

This 4-pack features hard rubber strap blocks to keep your strap from accidenally slipping at an inopterune time. Includes two black and two red. Just slip your strap over the strap button and then secure it in place with the block.

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These work fine, but unless you want red or like the Fender name on it, you can just go to a hardware store and get rubber washers for half the price.
Fender Strap Blocks (4-Pack)
.This product is easy to use and functions properly IF and ONLY IF it is on a certain style of strap button. When jumping around of simply tilting the guitar the blocks tend to work their way off the button, this caused me to drop my Thunderbird bass as well as my Telecaster (of all guitars). (They seem to work fine on my Schecter but only because the buttons are flat bottom facing the strap and not on a 45* angle)

ALSO these are not a long term solution, after about a month or so the rubber became stiff and cracked and eventually made me have to trash them.

If your looking for strap locks these are NOT A SUBSTITUTE do yourself a favor and spend some extra cash on some actual locks.
Fender Strap Blocks (4-Pack)
.Bought these to use with a Martin. They will not fit. Tried for a long time and couldn't get them to go over the Martin strap pin.
Fender Strap Blocks (4-Pack)
.An inexpensive substitute for strap locks. I have strap locks on all my solidbody basses but was leary of trying to install them on my acoustic basses. These solved the problem. They're a little hard to work over large strap buttons but after instalation the strap is locked on.
Fender Strap Blocks (4-Pack)
.These are great! Made of rubber, they stretch over your strap button and strap to hold it securely in place. No chance of your strap coming off. I have used the dunlop-style two piece locks before, and have had them come apart and fall off. Not gonna happen with these! Genius idea. Everyone should use these.
Fender Strap Blocks (4-Pack)
.Your strap will not come off very safe. Easy to put on and take off.
Fender Strap Blocks (4-Pack)
.I have been using these for a few years now, and I have them on every guitar and bass I own. They do what they are made to do, and for this price, you can't go wrong.
Fender Strap Blocks (4-Pack)
.I have them on all of my guitars now-- removed the Schallers
Fender Strap Blocks (4-Pack)
.I keep these in case I need one, but mostly use them to help someone else whose strap is slipping off due to wear, like the kids at church. They work well and are invaluable in a pinch.
Fender Strap Blocks (4-Pack)
.I bought me a regular guitar strap with leather ends and I only need one of these rubber blocks in the front screw to make the strap secure and stop it from slipping out. Pretty amazing gadget.
Fender Strap Blocks (4-Pack)

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