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Fender Super-Champ 112 1x12 Guitar Speaker Cabinet Black

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Hardshell Case of Fender Super-Champ 112 1x12 Guitar Speaker Cabinet Black
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Product Description

The Fender Super-Champ 112 1x12 Guitar Speaker Cabinet mates perfectly with the Super Champ X2 Head or other quality amplifier. Made in Ensenada, Mexico, it's compact and rugged; rated at 80 watts RMS (at 8 ohms) and features a single 12" Celestion G12P-80 speaker for tight, defined tone and a closed-back design for increased bass response.

Powerful Celestion speaker Compact and rugged construction

Get the most from your Super Champ head. Order today.


Super-Champ 112 1x12 Guitar Speaker Cabinet

Speaker: 12" Celestion G12P-80 Speaker
Impedance: 8 Ohms
Height: 17" (43.2 cm)
Width: 17.5" (44.5 cm)
Depth: 9.156" (23.3 cm)
Weight: 28 lbs. (12.7 kg)
Unique Features: Celestion G12P-80 Speaker for tight, defined tone, 80 Watt RMS power handling, 8 Ohm impedance, Closed back for increased bass response

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Although this enriches the sound of my Super Champ, I use it a lot as an extension cab to my Deluxe Reverb and place it on an amp stand for our drummer's benefit. It works great as an extension for a purpose as that. I gave it a 4 star rating rather than a 5, because Fender doesn't offer a cover for it, and I had to spend 45 good ones to have a custom cover made for it. I can't understand the manufacturers building any kind of amp or speaker cab and not offering a cover for their products. I want everything I have covered so as to protect it when in transit and storage. Surely I'm not the only musician who thinks like this.
Fender Super-Champ 112 1x12 Guitar Speaker Cabinet Black
.The SC112 cabinet does a great job! I was looking for a small practice rig, and this does a fantastic job at filling that role, but this could easily serve as a gigging cabinet too. The Celestian speaker in the cabinet is rated at 80W and more than handles my power amp rated at 44W. The closed back really brings out the bottom end for extra punch. I've tried to push it hard to see if it would break up or distort, but it's got more than enough headroom, and it was entirely too loud for ME, before it was too loud for the cabinet to handle. When I run through a preamp, the sound is pure and true to how I shape it. I'm incredibly impressed by this little cabinet. It might be small, but the sound it produces is not. Very cool!!
It's a simple 1x12 cabinet. No extras. It does what it does....and does it well.
It's made by Fender......'nuff said.
I thought it was a good price for a 1x12 cabinet with a Celestian in it. After hearing it, it's a HUGE value!
Fender Super-Champ 112 1x12 Guitar Speaker Cabinet Black
.I bought this as an extension cabinet to be used with my Super Champ XD amp that has a 10" Rajun Cajun. Bottom line the Rajun Cajun sounded better, The ext cab had a more highs and was thinner sounding?
Fender Super-Champ 112 1x12 Guitar Speaker Cabinet Black
.Overall a good addition to the little amp. Added a lot of sound.
I'm using this cabinet with my Fender Super Champ Deluxe amp. Great sound. The 12" speaker in the closed cabinet really brings out the lows.
Seems well-built. Made in Mexico although I wish it were made in the States
Great value at the price.
Fender Super-Champ 112 1x12 Guitar Speaker Cabinet Black
.I use this with my Fender Super Champ X2 head. It's a good cabinet. The closed back brings a lot of oomph to the low end. The speaker, a G12P-80 (aka the "Seventy-80") is a decent all-purpose speaker. I personally find it sounds a tad bright, but it's versatile and cuts through a band mix well. Some day I might upgrade the speaker to a greenback or Vintage 30. The box is well made and not overly heavy. Despite the picture, there is a carrying strap on top. I've gigged this cab for over a year and it's proven durable and 100% reliable. Fender does not make a cover for this cab, but their Blues Junior cover fits it perfectly.
Fender Super-Champ 112 1x12 Guitar Speaker Cabinet Black
.No surprise, it really works!
Fender Super-Champ 112 1x12 Guitar Speaker Cabinet Black
.Got this cabinet first week of February...wanted to break it in so I can give as honest of a review as possible.
I don't think I can be happier. This thing is absolutely awesome. Bought the Super Champ X2 amp head at the same time, and it's a match made in heaven. The amp is 15 watts (Tube), and I guarantee this thing can handle a LOT more than that.
I think the combination of "closed back" and Celestion G12P-80 speaker is a perfect match (atleast for my particular amp). Everyone's ear is different, but for me, I don't see a need for a speaker change....takes a while to break ANY speaker in---play this G12P-80 for a good 20 to 40 hours, and it sounds just as good or better than the 12 inch Greenback in my Fender Blues Junior (also 15 watt tube amp).
This cabinet is "Fender made" durable and beautiful. I DID add some Fender Chrome Corners to all eight corners though, just for more of a retro look and to protect the cabinet/tolex. (Takes the '3 screw' amp corner covers for the back, and the '2 screw" amp cabinet corners for the front)---just an eye candy thing for me; you do what you want...you WILL have to relocate the rubber feet on the bottom of the amp just a tad to accommodate the chrome corners, and you can't be afraid to drill into this thing.
I would recommend this cabinet to anyone and everyone. Looks great, sounds great, and priced great.
Five stars!
Fender Super-Champ 112 1x12 Guitar Speaker Cabinet Black
.I use it mainly with my Kustom amp and it made it sound the way it is supposed to sound. I like the nice light feel of its construction. The solid thumping I can get out of it with no distortion is really great.
Fender Super-Champ 112 1x12 Guitar Speaker Cabinet Black
.This is a nice lightweight cabinet for the Super Champ X2 head. The size matches the head perfectly and together make what some would say is a "cute" little bedroom amp combo. Don't let it fool you, this cabinet puts out some sound! I bought it with the intent of using it only in the studio and took it out for a trial run on a gig, turns out this cab with the X2head can rock! I would recommend this cab for the SC X2 head. It make a great amp! and it's less expensive than the Blues Jr!
Fender Super-Champ 112 1x12 Guitar Speaker Cabinet Black
.I power this bad boy with the Superchamp X2. Like everyone else, I use it at home, and the road. Its bass heavy to the point it took the scream out of my SG but a little tweaking got it back. Very clear sound and it'll handle LOUD without breaking up. Doesn't take up much room either. Good cab for the price.
Fender Super-Champ 112 1x12 Guitar Speaker Cabinet Black

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