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Fender '70s Jazz Bass Black

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Hardshell Case of Fender '70s Jazz Bass Black
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Product Description

The Fender '70s Jazz Bass captures the essence of the decade with striking cosmetics and a bright, full sound. The original '70s Jazz Bass had a repositioned bridge pickup-moved closer to the bridge-and the flashier look of big block inlays, neck binding, and bullet truss rod. The offset waist and ultra-slim neck make the '70 Jazz Bass more comfortable to play.

Vintage-style alnico magnet Jazz Bass single-coil pickups make this Fender bass sound like its forebears. The originals were widely regarded as the best funk basses of all time, and this new Fender reissue makes a great '70s classic bass guitar available to today's bassists.

Includes a gig bag.

Alder body Polyurethane finish 1-piece maple neck Rosewood fingerboard with white binding 7.25" radius 1.50" nut width Chrome hardware 34" scale length Vintage '70s "Fender" stamped open-gear tuning machines American Vintage '70s bass bridge with single groove saddles 3-ply black/white/black or white/black/white pickguard (depending on color) Standard vintage alnico magnet Jazz Bass Single-coil pickups (middle, bridge) Volume/volume/master tone controls Fender Super Bass 7250ML, NPS strings Includes a gig bag

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Whenever you make any major purchase (instrument, car, etc...) you always shop around for the best item at the best price. That's what I did before buying my 70s RI J Bass. I knew I wanted to go Fender Jazz because I just did not like the sound of a P Bass. I picked up the MIM Standard, the American Standard, the Aerodyne and some other models. Honestly, they all felt like junk, like toys. This bass really feels like a man's instrument. It is built like a tank. It is really solid, I feel like I could run over this bass with my car and it would be ok. Do not worry about this bass breaking.

I've had this bass for over a year and could not be happier. THIS IS THE FASTEST FENDER NECK OUT THERE. While the neck on the Geddy Lee model is slimmer, I found it uncomfortable. This neck is fast, small, and just plain solid.

There is one issue I had with this bass, however. The saddles on the bridge would constantly fall down. I'd raise them, and then after playing for a few hours it would fall down again and I'd start fretting out. It has the vintage style bridge which is kind of flimsy, so I bought a new full contact bridge and it was a great improvement! It fit in with no modifications and it looks great. This bass rings out for days!
Fender '70s Jazz Bass Black
.The neck on this bass is thicker which I found to be a plus. The pickups I find are an upgrade from the standard ones. There are two issues I have with my bass both of which I first noticed four months after I bought it. The first is that there is a significant rattle in the bridge esspecially when you dig in on accents in the groove, but this does not transmit when plugged in so it does not bother me that much. The second is much more annoying but easier to fix, when I strum down when playing palm muted with my thumb the a string pops up out of its nut slot. I would replace the short nut that is stock on this, but the binding on the bass makes it slightly harder. I've learned to live with it but it is annoying.
Fender '70s Jazz Bass Black
.This is as far as you can get with a MIM J-Bass. The block inlays are just wonderful and the tuners are cool (you can see the mecanics, I love it!). Of course you should do a complete overhaul when you get it - you should always do that with a new instrument - but after you are gonna have lots of fun. People always compliment my bass and they love the Vintage style. All I can say about that bass is that the pickups are kinda weak. You can manage to get a great and versatile tone but the output is very low.
Fender '70s Jazz Bass Black
.I've had this bass for about five months now. The first thing that drew me to this bass is the beautiful neck. I am a sucker for blocks and binding; this bass delivers. It is pure eye candy. I put on a tort pickguard and it made it look even sharper.I love how the instrument feels. It is a joy to play. There are only two bad things about the bass that I can find:1) The electronics are not to my liking. After the initial lust for the bass wore off, I realized that I am too fond of active preamps. I recently put an Audere in and it has done wonders. I fell in love with it all over again.2) Neck thickness. I wanted a Jazz bass because of the thin neck profile. This neck, though beautiful, is chunkier than I would like. I have grown used to it and it feels great in my hands. I just had to get over that initial shock at how thick it is (front to back).The price is also a slight drawback. It is still a Mexican Fender yet priced high. It is a great instrument and I don't regret the purchase at all. It is worth the price.
Fender '70s Jazz Bass Black
.This is an excellent bass. Very versatile. Whether your looking for the funky slap/pop sound or the gritty and growly garage punk, this bass is absolutely perfect. The further spaced pickups make a huge difference in tone. I love the chunky neck. Awesome!!
Fender '70s Jazz Bass Black
.More pleased with the Classic 70's than the American Standard I used to own. I love the brightness of the pickup spacing along with the mid-range growl. After playing primarily on 5 strings for years, the '74 deep u neck shape is refreshing. I installed a new Schaller roller saddle high mass bridge and I shielded all the cavities w/ copper tape to rid the bass of 60 cycle hum. also had to scuff the back of the pick guard to lose an annoying static pop (when slapping)added a piece of dryer sheet under pick guard for good measure. the neck has adjusted to a very straight position along with low action and I love this bass!
Fender '70s Jazz Bass Black
.Good bass, easy to play and great tone. Neck is thicker, but easy to get used to, not a bad thing. Has a good bottom end with the right amount of growl. The bass comes "setup", but it needs an overhaul. It had plenty of fret buzz and the bridge is kind of meh. I set it up to get rid of most of the buzz, I'm a light player that likes a low-medium action. I wouldn't pay the price it's going for now and didn't. I'm ok with the pickups that are on it, they are a little weak with output. The bridge as some others have said could use a more solid replacement.
Fender '70s Jazz Bass Black
.I've owned this bass for about 4 months now. It's been on the road with me already and I really think it's a great bass for what I paid for it - before the 30% hike!Features - it's a Jazz Bass. It is what it is, nothing fancy, but so classic a sound that it pretty much can be used for anything. I really don't think the neck on this bass is all that chunky....I mean unless you're used to a Geddy Lee neck then I can see the neck being a little off-puting, but I love the profile on this thing.Quality - Very, very well built bass. Way better than any real 70's Jazz I've played. Neck pocket's very snug, overall fit and finish was flawless until - 2 months down the road the 13th fret came unseated. I took it to a professional who said that it looked like it had never been completely seated properly. Other than that - the pickups sound good, but seem weak to me. Much less output than my other basses (epi jack casady, rick 4003) so I replace the pickups with SD hot stacks - sounds much better and the output is much closer to where I need it to be. The bridge on this bass is pretty flimsy, but hey, it's a vintage RI bass with a vintage style bridge, so I know why it came like that. I replaced mine with a Hipshot A style and I'm much happier with it now.Value - again, I think it was a great value for what I paid for it. I'm a former employee of a large chain guitar store, so I got it just above cost. If I had to pay what the current street value is, I would have passed and started looking for a used MIA jazz instead.Overall, I still love this bass, despite having to make some mods and the fret issue. It's really great looking (especially in sunburst), it's really sturdy, and it just *feels* right. And it just *sounds* right through a nice tube head and 8x10! I'm really impressed with the quality of all the classic series instruments that's coming out of Fender Mexico, and up until recently, I would have said they're the best value on the market. Hopefully this price increase will level out at some point.
Fender '70s Jazz Bass Black
.I play lead guitar but my bass player in my band bought this bass. It is freakin awesome. Great tone. Great neck. I don't know what all the reviews about the thick neck are about. My bands bass player had an Epiphone Thunderbird bass before this one and the neck was way thicker on that thing.
Fender '70s Jazz Bass Black
.Overall, the best bass available. I have had it for over a year now and it is reliable, has an unbelievable sound, and can be used for just about any style of music. However, the bridge is eh, and the pickups aren't that great. One of the pickups slanted to one side because I had been leaning my thumb on it.
Fender '70s Jazz Bass Black

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