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Fender Artist Series Jimmie Vaughan Tex-Mex Stratocaster Electric Guitar Olympic White

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Hardshell Case of Fender Artist Series Jimmie Vaughan Tex-Mex Stratocaster Electric Guitar Olympic W
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Product Description

The Fender Artist Series Jimmie Vaughan Tex-Mex Strat Electric Guitar reflects Vaughan's deep roots, traditional style, and preferred Strat features. This smoker comes armed with three Tex-Mex single-coils including an extra-hot bridge pickup, a special tinted maple V-shaped neck, vintage machine heads, original synchronized tremolo, and custom tone control wiring. Alder body, Schaller straplock-ready buttons, and medium-jumbo frets. Includes Fender deluxe gig bag.

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Three Tex-Mex single-coil pickups Special V-shaped neck Vintage machine heads Original synchronized tremolo Custom tone control wiring Alder body Schaller straplock-ready buttons Medium-jumbo frets Fender deluxe gig bag

If you want to play as hot as Jimmie, get a guitar that's as hot as Jimmie's.

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Plug one of these into a Fender reissue Bassman, slap some flatwound strings on, roll the volume knob back a hair, and voila! Instant JV sound! Well tone anyway, of course you gotta do 50+ years of homework studying old blues and R&B records , and just be an all around badass, to actually SOUND like JV, but hey, thats the fun right? The fact that Jimmie Vaughan is still playing these on his albums and tours says a lot about the quality and craftsmanship that Fender puts into them. Great quality components, such as an American Vintage style bridge assembly, heavy duty trem block, good quality tuners, medium jumbo frets and strap-locks along with the hot Tex Mex pickups, custom V to C shape tinted neck, custom wiring and just a cool retro vibe make this honey the best deal Fender offers. I read in some magazine that Jimmie changes out the bridge pup with a better one (I put a Fender CS Texas Special in mine) and then swaps the position of the bridge and middle pups (leaving the wiring as is) so that you can basically get the hot open bridge sound coupled in any position, pretty clever, and cool he shared that with fans.
Ive spent a lot of money on guitars over the years, and sold almost everything off except for my JV Sig Strat. I love this guitar, you will too. Pick one up and keep em in production!
Fender Artist Series Jimmie Vaughan Tex-Mex Stratocaster Electric Guitar Olympic White
.Best Strat I have ever owned or played. I had a days vacation and went to a music shop with the intention of going home with a Strat-cost no object. I've had a lot of Strats over the years and several at the same time. The Jimmy Vaughn Strat is the only Strat in my collection today.I don't even look at Strats anymore. I got the ultimate with this one. I bought the white one. Anyway, I spent an entire afternoon playing strats. From Squiers all the way to the most expensive American made that was there. I must have played 30 Strats and had 3 guitars I narowed it down to and spent hours playing after narrowing it down to a Clapton strat and I kept going to the Jimmy Vaughn strat. I kept playing it, putting it down and going back to that and another American made I liked.The low cost blew me away. I picked out the intro to Sweet Home Alabama with it that blew me away. It's got twang, it screams. I do a lot of Hendrix and played "Little Wing" and bought it. I have a buddy I jam with a lot and I have 20 guitars and he always uses this guitar when he comes over. Run this puppy through a Twin or a Deville amp and you will buy it!! American made means nada to me! The sound and playabilty is what matters. I don't care about resale value. If you are worried about that then waste your cash on an American made strat but you won't find one that sounds this good. I took off the whammy bar. Never use them... Money is no object when it comes to me buying a guitar and I would have paid 3 grand for this axe. The Tex-Mex pick ups are awesome.
Fender Artist Series Jimmie Vaughan Tex-Mex Stratocaster Electric Guitar Olympic White
.I returned and exchanged a 57 Hot Rod Strat for this guitar and was absolutely stunned by the tone and playability. Overall, this guitar is worth much more than Fender asks for it and I would highly recommend it to anyone who is a fan of strats or Fender in general.

It was set-up well right out of the box and although Fender strings are not necesarrily my first choice, their tone, feel, and appearance was very good.

The strap locks that come with it are easy to install and are very durable and attractive. The finish and fit was excellent and easily rivals all of the American models that I have played and owned in the past.

The only complaint I have about this guitar is that Fender should have an option for locking tuners. However, if you do not float the bridge, tuning IS a lot more stable.

The inclusion of a hardshell case would also be a nice addition, however the gig bag that the guitar is shipped with is very nice and has already proven to be very protective.

As I stated in the opening paragraph, I received this guitar as an exchange for a product that I did not personally like. The customer service at Custom Guitar's Friend was outstanding in this regard! They shipped my exchange choices before they had even received the original products and followed up with me after my new guitar and amplifier had arrived. I have been a customer of Custom Guitar's Friend for over two decades and would not dream of using someone else. They will match the price of competitors and their easy return policies eliminate any trepidation you may have concerning buying a musical instrument online, sight unseen and unheard.
Fender Artist Series Jimmie Vaughan Tex-Mex Stratocaster Electric Guitar Olympic White
.This is the first Mexican strat that I've bought and I have to say, I'd be hard pressed to buy another. First, it needed a setup very badly and the thing just sounds dead. I have a spalted tele and an American deluxe that are wonderful axes. They both really ring on clean and drive big time on crunch. I play through a Mesa 5:50 with a Boss od. Just can't seem to bring the JV to life. Maybe it's just mine, but I think I'll stick to American guitars. I also have a PRS custom 24 artist and love it also. Just wanted a Tex-Mex puped guitar to mess around with. It's going back and being replaced with an American Special. Ya don't always get what you pay for
Fender Artist Series Jimmie Vaughan Tex-Mex Stratocaster Electric Guitar Olympic White
.I work at a local music store in my area and I see a lot of guitars come through, some good and some not. I purchased my Jimmie Vaughan about two years ago because I was so impressed with the way the guitar sounded and played. When it came through I had to grab it, it's a very early one with a '96 serial # and it was in perfect condition. The soft-V neck profile is great and it really makes the guitar a joy to play, the V isn't very pronounced and you only notice it up by the headstock, but when you feel it you like it and the rest of the neck has a great feel as well, the satin finish makes it feel pretty fast, even with the maple. The stock pick ups are great as well, the best words I can use to describe them is super clean and dry and a little punchy, they're pretty hot pick ups, especially the bridge, they actually have a little more volume than the active EMG-sv's in my other guitar. And the maple also gives that punchy sound some people are looking for. I say the pick ups sound dry, but that's not a bad thing, hearing them through an amp like a super reverb, or any of those nice clean fender amps will really make you dig the tone and feel they have. And it sounds great over-driven too. It's really a "plain jane" guitar, it's not that fancy, the one-ply pick guard gives very plain looks and there isn't any thing that appears particularly special about it. But, I'll be honest, I've been less satisfied and impressed with some American Fenders. It's a great guitar that's not so bad on your wallet, and if you want something fancy it's easy and fairly cheep to dress up if you don't dig the plain look. I put about 200 bucks in some gold parts and a nice pick guard on mine and the thing looks like i paid $1500 or more for it. The only thing bad i can say about it is that mine is a little heavy, nothing like a Les Paul, but to my experience it's about the same as any other Mexican Strat or Tele. But other than the weight, you'll never know it's a Mexican, the quality is incredible. I will mention though, mine is a very early model, but if they make 'em anything like they used to you'll be happy.
Fender Artist Series Jimmie Vaughan Tex-Mex Stratocaster Electric Guitar Olympic White
.I own two of these, a newer sunburst and a late '90's in vintage white. The best thing about the JV is the neck, where you would play your "Cowboy" chords has a nice "V" shape for wrapping your thumb around the neck and transitions to a rounder "C" profile for lead work, very comfy. I own around 20 Strats and this is my favorite neck on any Fender, my most favorite neck is on a Music Man (Sorry Fender). It has good hardware like used on American Vintage Fenders. That is one thing I like about the JV is it has the appointments of a vintage Strat at a good price. My newer sunburst was hand picked for the wood grain. My older white one has aged to a beautiful creamy almost yellow color and the neck wood has aged to a deep amber color. The only thing I didn't really like was the pickup stagger which on my white one I just tapped the "G" and "B" pole pieces down a bit to even out the response. I don't know why pickups are used with a stagger intended for a wound "G" string, guess they need to please the vintage purists. On the newer one I pulled the pole pieces out and replaced them with alnico 3 for a bit warmer sound. Much cheaper than new pickups! This is not your typical MIM Fender, the higher end stuff made in Ensenada is a cut above the Standard line.
Fender Artist Series Jimmie Vaughan Tex-Mex Stratocaster Electric Guitar Olympic White
.Reasonably priced Fender Signature Guitar. Good smooth Neck and Finish. Sound is Hotter when needed. Frets on Palm side need better dressing though. It arrived setup and in tune right out of the box.
Fender Artist Series Jimmie Vaughan Tex-Mex Stratocaster Electric Guitar Olympic White
.Had lots of Fender guitars over the years and this guitar is great. Nice fit and finish, with real nice fretwork. I prefer vintage features, with medium jumbo frets to the american series strats, or any guitar with vintage or jumbo frets. I also have a CP50's in nitro, and I wish that guitar had the vintage correct bridge instead of the two point trem. To me the tex mex pickups sound similar to the 57/62's just a little hotter and hairier. They're not really midrangey, so both work good with a tube screamer type pedal to my ears. The vintage tuners on the JLV work great, simple to restring and hold tune really well.

I really like the neck shape, I find the american strats too hard to wrap my thumb over and the Baja, SRV and Cray model necks just too big. I also prefer the vintage spaced bridge which is not used on the standard model strats.

Jimmie and Fender should introduce a new guitar based off this one but with a rosewood fret board, kind of a tex mex tribute to his brother. Or at least start offering some new colors on this guitar. Spice if up for 2014, so I have a reason to buy another one.
Fender Artist Series Jimmie Vaughan Tex-Mex Stratocaster Electric Guitar Olympic White
.This is a 1996 model. I purchased it used in 1997.It is still with me and aged nicely. The Olyumpic white color, now has a cream look. I found no issues with the quality of work at Fenders plant in Mexico. Great strat!
Fender Artist Series Jimmie Vaughan Tex-Mex Stratocaster Electric Guitar Olympic White
.I have the Olympic White purchased from my local guitar shop. I wasn't pleased with the pick up arrangement and sound after playing it awile. I guess I should have considered that when I purchased it, but I wanted a strat and this was available, and resonably priced. The quality of the body, neck, and tuners are very good, no complaints here. I replaced the pickups with vintage noiseless (includes new control pots)and rewired with Eric Clapton diagram from Fender. Replaced the pickguard with white pearl added D'Addario 9-42 strings and this guitar is awsome. What's nice is the ability to cutomize any guitar to your liking. Color, pick up style etc.
Fender Artist Series Jimmie Vaughan Tex-Mex Stratocaster Electric Guitar Olympic White

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