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Fender Performance Series Instrument Cable Black 25 ft.

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One Set
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Hardshell Case of Fender Performance Series Instrument Cable Black 25 ft.
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Product Description

The Fender Performance Inspired Audio Cable is designed to offer quality and rugged construction at an affordable price. Backed by Fender's limited lifetime warranty, each cable will provide great performance you can rely on. Fender's Performance Inspired Audio Cables ensure what you put in is what you get out.

Extra thick 8mm diameter cable for durability Ultra flexible design to alleviate unwanted kinking and cable memory PVC cover encases the connector and provides additional reinforcement Custom designed 1/4" commercial-grade plugs Spiral copper shield ensures true natural reproduction with no noise

Trust Fender to carry your signal transparently on stage or in the studio. Order today.

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You get what you pay for. Good chords cost money.
sturdy and dependable
excellet chord. noise level is very low
price is reasonable.
Fender Performance Series Instrument Cable Black 25 ft.
.I am in love with this cable. It reproduces sound extremely well, is solid and easy to roll up. It doesn't kink which is why I chose a fabric covered cable to begin with. It is heavy and feels like quality when you hold it. The connectors are gold plated and the cable just looks amazing. I wanted a vintage feel ,good looks and great performance - and that's exactly what I received. I use this with my 3 tone sunburst American Standard Strat paired with a tweed Fender strap and I still think it looks totally groovy (with excellent performance!)

Buy this cable, you will be glad you did!
This cord is shielded and covered in a great tweed fabric. Not only does it look wonderful but it performs excelently as well.
You can definitley tell this cord won't short out any time soon. Where the connector meets the cable is covered with a thick rubber sleeve (with a snazzy Fender Custom Shop logo to boot!) and the fabric cover is high quality soft tweed. The connectors are gold plated.
This cable is an excellent value. I would buy it again in a heartbeat.
Fender Performance Series Instrument Cable Black 25 ft.
.Bought this cord in July 2012. My guitar sounded like it had a loose conection and then the sound was gone. I thought something was wrong with the guitar and went that route first. Switched to a different guitar and still no sound hmmmm. Plugged the cable into the meter and sure enough, it was toast. Now I have an expensive leash for my dog.
Fender Performance Series Instrument Cable Black 25 ft.
.You need to get this cable. It will blow your mind!
The Chord itself is super sheilded and thick. It rolls up easy and doesnt kink like other cables do. I use a marshall MG 100fx as my amp and I play a mexican strat. When I use pedals, I use a regular cable from the pedal to the amp and my fender cable from guitar to pedal. I turned off the pedal to play through my amp channel and the sound was flat. There was no tone to be found. I plugged my guitar direct to the amp with my fender cable and the tone was back, bold and bright.
This cable is cheaper than most cables of the same calibur.
Fender Performance Series Instrument Cable Black 25 ft.
.Great product, have used these cables for many years without problems.
Fender Performance Series Instrument Cable Black 25 ft.
.I've used this cable exclusively since receiving it last week for my Ibanez bass. The sound is clean with no hum or extra noise at all. The cable is very flexible, and does not stay kinked when I uncurl it to plug it in. It also doesn't matter which end I plug into the bass. The sound is the same. Perfect for my needs...
At the price offered by Custom Guitar's Friend, great value.
Fender Performance Series Instrument Cable Black 25 ft.
.I consider myself a long term novice / hobby musician. Been playing and a customer of Custom Guitars Friend for well over a decade now.

This cable was included as an add in item with a combo amp I bought in 2014.

The cable quality is fine, the connections are good and solid, there really is nothing to complain about except for the fact that I don't like short instrument cables and I don't particularly care for silicone jacketed instrument cables.

Neither of those things are the fault of the cable itself. It is a well made cable with only one notable flaw, which is the Fender logo on one of the end pieces by the connector was smudged during MFG. No big deal aside from the fact it is ugly.

I would not buy this for myself as like I said, I don't like short cables (all my others are 20 footers), and I prefer tweed jacket cables not silicone, just from an aesthetic standpoint. Silicone jackets just look nasty to me.

I have however put it to use between the amp and my effects pedal with great success. The length is acceptable there, and it is out of the way so the look doesn't matter. It does its job and doesn't have any connection problems like some cheaper cables I have owned do...
Fender Performance Series Instrument Cable Black 25 ft.
.The cable they sent me is not what I ordered.
I ordered the Tweed covering and they sent me the plain black smooth covering.
The cable works fine and there doesn't seem to problem with it....it is just not what I ordered. Maybe MF was out of the one I ordered and they sent a substitute. (They should have checked with me first to see if I would allow a substitute. But MF has done this in the past to me.) It was not worth the hassle of paying to send it back and waiting for the correct one to be sent. I needed the cable now and like I said it did work.
Try the cable...I just hope you get what you ordered.
Fender Performance Series Instrument Cable Black 25 ft.
.Good quality cord with adequate strain relief. Not "stage tested" yet, but seems to be fine. Adds no noise.
Fender Performance Series Instrument Cable Black 25 ft.
.Bought the expensive Monster cable. It was good but the hard rubber cable kept twisting and kinking. Bought this on recommendation of friend. For the price you can't go wrong...
Fender Performance Series Instrument Cable Black 25 ft.

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