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Fender Classic Series '50s Stratocaster Electric Guitar 2-Color Sunburst Maple Fretboard

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Product Description

Own an icon.Fender' Classic Series '50s Stratocaster guitar is a reissue of the iconic Buddy Holly-era Strat. With its deep body contours, period-correct V-shaped maple neck, vintage-style hardware, vintage colors and aged plastic parts, this axe has all the classic Strat mojo that originally helped create rock 'n' roll. Use the drop-down menu above to choose colors and other options.

Alder body (polyester finish) Maple soft V-shaped neck (gloss urethane finish) 25-1/2" scale length Maple fingerboard 7.25" radius 21 vintage-style frets 1.650" nut width 3 vintage-style single-coil pickups with staggered pole pieces, alnico magnets, and aged covers 5-position pickup switch Vintage-style synchronized tremolo Master volume, neck pickup tone control, middle pickup tone control Fender Ping vintage-style tuners Chrome hardware 1-ply white 8-hole pickguard Aged knobs and switch tip Synthetic bone nut

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This is the real deal EXCEPT for one crucial thing that separates this from a USA 50s strat or say a 1957 strat. The REASON they sound different and why Fender wants to claim American better and thousand or more is this....

These 50s strats DON'T have a STEEL BLOCK.....they are cheap NON-MAGNETIC garbage BLOCKS ! Throw it away and get a real STEEL BLOCK.
Fender part no. 0019473000 001-9473-049
Fender Classic Series '50s Stratocaster Electric Guitar 2-Color Sunburst Maple Fretboard
.This guitar is a phenomenal choice.
Don't let anyone on the internet who's, "Heard this-or-that" give you a backhanded compliment-laden "almost as good as a U.S. of A" take on this instrument.
The workmanship, electronics, and period-correct aspects of this guitar match the Fender production standard set long ago.
There is no need to compare this line to U.S. made instruments.
To be completely honest, most 'Made in USA' stamped guitars I pick up feel matted in terms of finish, and dark in terms of sound, and not at all jangly, trebly or twangy like a, "true Fender guitar"(Big air quotes there...)

Ignore reviews by a few snobs on "the guitar boards" here or there, and take it from one player to another with nothing to gain from your purchase.
This guitar lives up to the promise it makes in its above pictures, and in the listed features department.
(I love my model in Surf Green!)
Fender Classic Series '50s Stratocaster Electric Guitar 2-Color Sunburst Maple Fretboard
.Desiring to get 'back to my roots' as a pre-Beatles rock guitarist I started looking at what was available among the many varieties of Strats. I wanted something with the appearance, sound and feel of the fifties.

To me that meant a honey colored (rather than a bleach blond) look to the maple fingerboard, PUs that were wound as they were wound back then so they rang clear without overly exciting an amp's early gain stage tubes, an original style, Leo-approved, trem system and bridge, and a soft V-shaped neck with a smallish radius fingerboard and traditional "wire" frets.

That is *exactly* what Fender created in the Classic Series `50s Strat. Add vintage style tuners and hardware and a truly lucious "Surf Green" finish, how could this choice be wrong?

Well, on the whole it was not. I gladly and honestly give this guitar 4 stars. But I should have been able to give it 5. Why couldn't I?

The first guitar MF sent to me at first appeared perfect. The workmanship was outstanding in every respect. The sound and feel exactly what I was hoping for. But from the git go the trem arm didn't feel right, offering first some resistance to screwing in, then developing increasing 'jigglies.' Looking around the web I found that the problem I was experiencing on my new guitar was not uncommon -- it was just appearing sooner than it most commonly did.

MF's response was everything I'd come to expect from my favorite music dealer -- an immediate replacement.

Guitar two so far is free of trem arm problems, is also lovely to look at, was setup (string height, intonation, etc.) even better out of the box than the pretty well setup first example, but is a little less than perfection when it comes to the finishing work on the fret ends. Not Squire Affinty rough mind you, but not smooth as glass (as was the first one) either. So I give the Classic Series `50s Strat 4 stars.

Would I recommend this guitar to a friend? Absolutely. Do I love playing it? For sure! (Looking at it too.) But Fender needs to give a touch more attention to the quality control at their Ensenada factory. If they did that -- or if a buyer is lucky and gets a perfect one -- truly this would be a 5 star guitar.
Fender Classic Series '50s Stratocaster Electric Guitar 2-Color Sunburst Maple Fretboard


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I can't find ONE thing wrong with this axe. Usually I can find some piddly/diddly fault but cannot do it this time. I just LOVE this guitar!!
Well,Fender really surprised me this time! I am almost speechless ! I said ALMOST!!
The guitar was actually in tune right out of the box.I kid you not. In perfect A-440 pitch!
The fit and finish were perfect,and the neck was straight and true. It played like butter out of the box as well.Action was very good no adjustments needed.Playing it sans amp was proof of a nice resonant tone when I did plug it in.The Strat magic was there in the second switch position and the 4th as well.These pickup really get good tone for what they are.(i am not sure what they are.) Anyways they really wail on distortion settings and the chime is there on clean settings!
A real price leader in the Fender MIM line,I don't care if they made them on the MOON!!
You cannot beat the value you get for the short $$ you spend. Super well crafted and this does NOT happen by accident.
Fender Classic Series '50s Stratocaster Electric Guitar 2-Color Sunburst Maple Fretboard
.Overall, I really like this guitar. The vintage tuners are solid and smooth. The guitar staed in tune reasonably well with tremolo use, but I blocked the tremolo because I don't really use that feature. With the tremolo blocked this guitar stays in tune as solid as a rock.

The soft V neck is fast and comfortable- very easy to play. The tinted maple fretboard looks great too.

As I said earlier, I just bought another one in the two-tone color scheme as a gift for my son. I have a bunch of different electrics- several Les Pauls, SG, Epiphone, Schecter, Ibanez, American Strat, and the Mexican Surf Green Strat Reissue) and he thinks this one has the nicest feel. I'm more used to the flatter LP fretboard feel, but I can see where he's coming from. Anyway, I wouldn't have bought it for him if I didn't think it was a good guitar.

This is a very nice guitar. I recommend it without reservation.
I bought the Surf Green version about a year ago. The neck is tinted maple, maple fretboard. Vintage pickups and tremolo. Just bouth another one (two-tone) as a gift for my son.
The finish was flawless. No scratches, no drips, etc. The action was just a bit high for my taste, but I put on some good Elixer strings and adjusted the action a bit and in 15 minutes it was perfect for me. Intonation was almost perfect right out of the box.

The pickups give that classic, clear, Strat sound and are not bad at all, but are a bit low in output. That's not a bad thing though, as it's just the nature of the vintage pickups used in this model. I did replace the pickups with Texas Specials for more output, but I could live with the stock pups with no problem. Don't be afraid of this guitar being made in Mexico. The fit and finish is excellent.
This guitar is a very good value for the money. I own several Les Pauls, and although they are really beautiful and precice instruments, this guitar is really a much better value for the money.
Fender Classic Series '50s Stratocaster Electric Guitar 2-Color Sunburst Maple Fretboard
.I bought this guitar about a month ago and its been the perfect guitar for all of the varieties of music that I play that varies from Buddy Holly to distorted Link Wray to the early, twangy Johnny Cash. Every one I know that's seen the guitar has always said that it is genuinely beautiful and eye catching. Starting with the vintage tint on the neck ending with the vintage tint on the pickup covers and volume knobs.
Fender Classic Series '50s Stratocaster Electric Guitar 2-Color Sunburst Maple Fretboard
.I bought this guitar.....well, because I love strats. Even though this is an import, it's a strat. I've been playing strats for 35 years and always wanted a 50's strat. Unfortunately, I just can't afford the real thing. However, this guitar is very close to the original 50's strats. I really like the 7.25" neck radius. I was born and raised on the 7.25" necks and I just love them. I wish Fender would make an american standard with the 7.25" neck. The guitar came out of the box ready to play. It needed minimal tweaking. The fit and finish is perfect. The pups are acceptable. I dumped the soft case it came with and it is now stored in a hard case. I'm definately happy with the guitar, it's fun to play. It has fit right in with the rest of my strats ('76 strat, '04 american deluxe, classic 60's). It's worth the price.
Fender Classic Series '50s Stratocaster Electric Guitar 2-Color Sunburst Maple Fretboard
.The 7.25 radius neck is very comfortable with V-shape near top end, chording is facilitated. Pickups actually have a good sound to my ears, bridge pickup OK a low volumes, but spikes when turned up. Finish is very good looking not sure how it will age or fade. My axe weighs in at about 7 lbs 12 oz, a decent weight. Has lots of sustain, I have the tremolo set quite low and that causes the saddles to be at a height that provides great action with a set of 9-42s and allows the guitar to really sustain. Good overall quality.
Agree with most of the players here, this guitar usually needs a good setup when the neck is adjusted with truss rod, the nut slots filed, bridge saddles proper height and intonated, it all depends on the particular instrument. Usually the truss rod needs to be firmed up, but here's a trick. Coax the neck by bending it in a backbow direction, carefully but firmly. This is a thin neck, if you hold the guitar sideways between your knees, with one hand on each side of the neck about 5-6 inches from the headstock, carefully apply firm pressure and bend it in a backbow direction. You will feel the neck bend. Don't overdo it. If you have previously adjusted the truss rod and found it maxed out, doing this simple fix will help set the neck. You may need to do this a few times and I found it works. Or remove the neck and do this fix, it may allow you to tighten up the truss rod a bit more, giving you great action with no fretting out once the neck really straightens out. Set the pickups fairly low, they sound better. My instrument is the Daphne Blue model, nice fit and finish, overall very good quality for a MIM Fender.
Fender Classic Series '50s Stratocaster Electric Guitar 2-Color Sunburst Maple Fretboard
.Great value for the price. I also own American Strats and this one is lighter with a brighter tone. Also, the Surf Green and Daphne Blue are, in my opinion, two of the best colors available on any Strat model. Don't be scared that this is Made in Mexico - it's still Fender quality and classic Strat tone.
Fender Classic Series '50s Stratocaster Electric Guitar 2-Color Sunburst Maple Fretboard
.This is a great guitar I got it in Daphne Blue, looks great, awesome single coil pick up tone and I absolutely LOVE the maple neck. Hands down one of my favorite guitars out of the 7 that I own. However, there are some annoying aspects as well.
First, it comes with a flimsy 1 ply pick guard that doesn't match the "aged" looking volume knobs, pickup covers, pickup switch tip and whammy bar tip. Payed a fair sum to get a 3 ply pearloid pick guard and all new matching knobs covers and tips.
Second, I have an issue with the intonation on the high E string. Despite multiple professional adjustments and new strings it always ends up about a quarter tone flat by the 12th fret.
Third, just so you know, you can't really tell from the pictures on this site but the truss rod access is not in the head of the guitar but actually at the base of the neck. you have to take off the whole pick guard and what not to get at it if you need to.
Fourth, and finally, The tuning knobs are smaller and comfortable but it is a giant pain to attach the strings to the pegs. You have to wrap the string around as usually but then you have to wrap the string up and into the center of the peg instead of pulling it through the top of the peg like most modern guitars.
Again other than these issues this an outstanding guitar. I have been playing for 14 years and would recommend this guitar to any strat loving player.
Fender Classic Series '50s Stratocaster Electric Guitar 2-Color Sunburst Maple Fretboard

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