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Fender Standard Stratacoustic Acoustic-Electric Guitar Black

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Hardshell Case of Fender Standard Stratacoustic Acoustic-Electric Guitar Black
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The electric guitar heritage of the Fender Stratacoustic Acoustic-Electric Guitar is obvious in its Stratocaster-influenced headstock and body profiles. The C-shape maple neck is instantly familiar and comfortable for electric players ready to add an acoustic to their collections. The Fender BG3-TN electronics have an onboard tuner and make playing in electric settings straightforward.

Scale Length: 25.5" (648mm) Top: Laminated Spruce Back and Sides: Fiberglass Neck: Maple Nut Width: 1.69" (43mm) Fretboard: Rosewood Bridge: Rosewood with Compensated Saddle Hardware: Chrome Finish: Polyurethane Number of Frets: 21 Tuners: Chrome, (Die-Cast) Strings: D'Addario EXP 12 Phosphor Bronze 12-53 Electronics: Fender BG-3TN Case sold separately

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Bought myself a Stratacoustic and a Fender Acoustasonic amp for myself for Xmas & I LOVE IT!After being away from group music for too long I'm playing with a band again and jamming & I have to say this guitar (and amp) has the best electric acoustic sound I've heard. I don't use a pick--I combine fingerpicking and finger strumming--and it's hard to get a clear full sound with or without amplification but this stratacou is awesome sounding, especially plugged in. Unplugged the guitar isn't as deep or sonorous as my fullbodied Yamaha, but it's still pretty good. I also have arthritis and find my acoustic very hard to play most of the time these days, but w/the strat I'm back to four fingered chords and bar chords and rythym runs up and down the neck like I was a kid again--so EASY TO play! 2 suggestions--please make a hardshell case for it; and how about a 12-string stratacoustic electric?
Fender Standard Stratacoustic Acoustic-Electric Guitar Black
.Once I adjusted the truss rod and shaved 1/8" off the saddle it is easier to play than any other acoustic I own. I love the neck, the sound when plugged in is very nice and crisp, no feedback no feedback no feedback! and of course unplugged it is thin sounding (small body small sound) what do you expect, this guitar is at it's best plugged in but still an adaquate tool for practice or writing unplugged. A great axe to add to any guitar players collection. Wont ever be trading or selling this one.
Fender Standard Stratacoustic Acoustic-Electric Guitar Black
.I bought this about 6 months ago.I have a great sounding Guild acoustic that I put a pickup in the bridge. Sound wonderful at a low volume, but it fed back like crazy under normal Rockin' volumes. So, I got this little guy. The skinny neck took a bit of getting used to, but it sounds great through a PA. And little to any feed back under normal volumes.
Fender Standard Stratacoustic Acoustic-Electric Guitar Black
.I'll make this short but sweet. I've owned and played (or tried to) 4 Telecoustics (3 earlier Fenders and 1 Squier). They were all nearly unplayable. The Squier (Fender dropped their name in 08 and sold them under the Squier name) was the best.Now Fender is selling the Tele and Stratacoustic under the Fender name again and this time they can be proud of it. Nearly all the shortcommings of the previous attempts have been resolved.I tried the Statacoustic this time and Wow. What a diference a year makes. Don't know if they changed vendors in Asia (where they are made), but they look great, sound much better (D'Addario EXP's probably help) and the new preamp/tuner is much improved.I told you this was going to be short but sweet. I guess I failed on the short part but the new "Electracoustic" line by Fender is sweet.
Fender Standard Stratacoustic Acoustic-Electric Guitar Black
.The Stratacoustic is a pretty nige guitar. When I first picked this up to play it I was pretty amazed by the way i played and the way it felt. As far as the cons go, there are very few. First, the glossy black finish is somewhat of a fingerprint magnet but the sound is what matters. Secondly the low E string has a little rattle to it but other than that, I would reccomend this guitar to anybody that wants to do anything from playing at the beach to recording with it. Thumbs up Fender!
Fender Standard Stratacoustic Acoustic-Electric Guitar Black
.It has a great sound, though not as deep of a sound because it does not have as deep of a body as a regular acoustics.Really easy to play, tuners great,sounds really good played through a BOSS chorus ensemble, just an all-around great guitar.
Fender Standard Stratacoustic Acoustic-Electric Guitar Black
.If it was not a "Fender", I would have returned this guitar in a heart beat. That being said, let me explain. The action at the 14th fret was a whopping 1/4"!!! No poop! But, it's a Fender...so.

I started by removing the neck, and when I had it off, I saw there was already a shim at the heal of the neck. I replaced that peace of sandpaper/shim with a piece of a credit card, (slightly thicker), which brought the neck level with the top of the guitar. Then I straightened the neck, bringing the action down to about 3.5mm. At this point I then pulled to bridge and after CAREFULLY sanding it. (the bridge sits directly on the pickup, so be careful) I managed to get the action at the 14th fret down to 2.5mm.

Action is still a bit on the high side, but the guitar is much more playable now. I'll sand the bridge a bit more on the next string change.

I was concerned about the fiberglass body, but as it turns out, it makes for a more enjoyable playing guitar, when I'm just kicking back in a chair, for example. I quickly realized that I don't need to worry about scratching the body!

It's also a very light instrument, surprisingly light in fact. As much as I like playing my Pro Jet, this little Fender gets played more, because it sits by my desk, so I can pick it up anytime.

I know new guitars are sent out with the action on the high side, but Fender really dropped the ball on this one!

After all is said and done though, I really like my Fender Stratacoustic, sounds great through my VOX amp as well.

The price a too high though, considering how much work you have to put into the guitar just to be able to play it. Wait for a sale.
Fender Standard Stratacoustic Acoustic-Electric Guitar Black
.I used to own a Stratacoustic. The action was high and yet it still managed a buzz on the E string. Hard to play and flat sounding. The price point would lend itself to youth or beginners but I think it's more likely to discourage than inspire. Nice to look at if you want to hang it on a wall but I'd keep my fingers off it.
Fender Standard Stratacoustic Acoustic-Electric Guitar Black
.I own one,the action is excellent,electonics are great! Its fast,if played unplugged it is not very loud. When plugged it sounds good in the right Amp.But it depends what kind of strings you have on it.If you want it to sound more Acoustic use Electric-Acoustic strings.More Electric use strings for Solid Electric guitar. On the stage you dont get feedback! So it depends what your using it for!
Fender Standard Stratacoustic Acoustic-Electric Guitar Black
.As others have noted, this guitar would be a lot better if Fender gave a bit more attention to detail relative to the play-ability.

The action is high as others have noted. The strings that ship with the guitar are trash. Replace them immediately.

The frets are also rough. Whereas most frets on most guitars (even cheap ones) are nicely rounded, these have relatively sharp edges. No cut fingers, mind you, but there is a definite squarish edge to the frets.

I purchased this for my 11-year old daughter for Christmas and it works. I purchased an Ovation shallow body (about hundred more) for my son, and it is far better.

As my personal guitars are all high end, I could be spoiled, but the action and frets on this guitar are the main problem. Otherwise it is an awesome beginner guitar. But, I wished I had spent a little more and purchased the ovation for my daughter.
Fender Standard Stratacoustic Acoustic-Electric Guitar Black

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