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Fender Nohea Koa Tenor Ukulele Natural

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Hardshell Case of Fender Nohea Koa Tenor Ukulele Natural
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Product Description

The all-koa Tenor Ukulele from Fender bears the name of Nohea, from the Hawaiian word for "lovely." It evokes the sound and the spirit of Hawaii with acrylic abalone binding; laminated koa sides and back, with mahogany neck; aged fretboard binding; and a unique Telecaster guitar headstock shape.

Includes a gig bag.

Body style: Tenor Ukulele Scale length: 17" (432mm) Top: Laminated koa Bracing: Scalloped fan bracing Back and Sides: Laminated koa Neck: Mahogany Nut width: 1.38" (35mm) Fretboard: Rosewood Bridge: Rosewood Finish: Gloss polyurethane Number of Frets: 19 Tuners: Die-cast with vintage-style buttons Strings: GHS Hawaiian Ukulele Tenor (1-A, 2-E, 3 Wound-C, 4-G) Unique features: Telecaster guitar headstock shape White dot position inlays Gold silkscreened Fender logo Aged white fretboard binding Acrylic abalone rosette and body binding Includes Fender gig bag

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The fact that there are so few reviews on this ukulele is beyond me because I can't take my hands off of it! I am a guitarist and have never owned a ukulele before. Within ONE hour of receiving it, I was playing songs and having a great deal of fun in doing so. I really did my homework before purchasing it and played many other models that were much more expensive in local stores.This thing looks absolutely beautiful, and plays like a dream. The quality is incredible for the price and the sound is just as good as any ukulele priced in the $399.00 (or higher) range.It is an excellent value, and if you are a guitarist who would like to make the move to a ukulele...this is the model that you NEED!I once read in an online interview that Fender set out to enter the ukulele market specifically for guitar players to make the transition. That is the sole reason that they made the decision to only build "tenor" versions. They figured that soprano's and concert sized instruments would not appeal to the average guitar market because the necks would be too small..and they were correct. Playing this instrument is much like playing a small guitar and in my opinion, they did one heck of a job and building a super high quality instrument at a price that can't be beat.Look no further and buy yours today! You will NOT be disappointed.
Fender Nohea Koa Tenor Ukulele Natural
.This is a very pretty ukulele. I live in Maui, and I am very familiar with the quality of koa wood. Koa is native to the Hawaiian Islands, and there are many things made of this sacred wood, ukuleles in multitude! I was a bit skeptical when I ordered this uke "sight unseen", but once it arrived, all of my concerns washed away on the next outgoing wave in the Pacific Ocean. The quality of the koa laminate is excellent. The tone and sustain is very good. The stings settled-in in less than a week, so the instrument stays in tune very well; however, I did purchase a clip-on tuner, which I now recommend to all who want to play ukulele on a regular basis. It just makes things so much simpler! The "Fender" headstock is indeed 'da bomb! Definitely a recognizable American icon within the musicians' world. When I come home from work I usually turn on the TV to catch the 'fair & balanced' news of the day, grab a beer out of the fridge, and flop down on the couch... but now I pick-up my ukulele, and I just cannot put it down! I also play guitar and bass guitar, so learning the ukulele has been a breeze... but it is a nice "addiction", because I will keep playing it... and playing it. I'm learning a bunch of Hawaiian songs I've never played before... ever... and I'm having all this new-found fun. This is great, and this particular instrument was well worth its purchase price! The only negative comment I can make, and it's not much of one, has to do with the included "gig bag." I wouldn't count too much on this for protection if one were to be taking this uke around for gigs. This thing is very thin... no padding whatsoever! I will be snooping around the music stores on my next visit to Oahu looking for a gig bag or case. I'm afraid the "Fender" headstock might cause my search for something that fits a bit of a challenge, but I shall try...
Fender Nohea Koa Tenor Ukulele Natural
.I've played guitar for many years but this is my first ukulele. I went to a local music store to try a few out. I enjoy fingerstyle and delta blues and wanted a uke that these styles sounded good on. I played many ukes and walked out of the store with this one. The sound is so nice and it just looks great.

The strings are new but after only a few days are holding tune well. I checked it for intonation before I bought it and it's right on the money. The grain of the Koa wood is very nice and gives it such a sweet sound. It can be very plunky. I have to say I could have bought a uke that cost a lot more and not been as happy with it.

I love this uke and I can't seem to put it down to do anything else. I'm putting my guitars in storage.
Fender Nohea Koa Tenor Ukulele Natural
.I did a little homework before I purchased a ukulele. I looked at the Cordoba and several others, but the look of the Koa Fender Nohea won me over. The sound is bright but yet can be very warm and mellow. Its the perfect instrument to take out on the deck and play by the pool. When I play it I have smile on my face. The Nohea is a great value for the money. The finish is a nice gloss and is perfect. The action is low and comfortable and the frets are very well finished with no sharp edges. The intonation is right on and the strings ring loud and clear.This is my first ukulele and not my last. It's a great value and worth the price. Get one...
Fender Nohea Koa Tenor Ukulele Natural
.My skill level on stringed instruments doesn't justify expensive so I look for the best bang for the buck. Having purchased several ukulele over the past five or six years I finally got around to doing some actual research and am getting into incorporating the sound into my band's performances. This uke has a great visual appeal and the koa laminate really catches the eye. On the other hand, it's so thin that there's no way it enhances the sound. I have no idea what the base wood is and really don't care. But it LOOKS GOOD. The intonation is passable but not perfect and closer than many in this price range. Sustain is excellent. The finish looks great but I found a few minor flaws around the binding and on the neck and sides. I'm partial to Aquila strings and this tenor will get a low G as well as a piezo under bridge pickup for gigging. Just to reiterate, Aquila strings need to be tuned at least daily for a week or two before they settle in. I always pull a couple of turns off of the tuner when I get an uke with these strings as they eventually stretch at least that much. The action is very good and while it could be a little lower for me it is set up pretty good at the southeast Asian factory. I have solid koa, curly maple, spruce, mahogany laminate and bamboo tenors. They each have their own sound and playability characteristics. This Fender is a nice addition to the family.
Fender Nohea Koa Tenor Ukulele Natural
.This was my first Fender Uke purchased in August of 2012. I have since purchased the solid Mahogany tenor as well. I really enjoy the brightness of this Koa model. It really cuts through. The Mahogany is very noticeably more mellow which is a very pleasing sound as well. They both have their places. I am a Telecaster Man and I just love these headstocks! I am also very happy with the feel of these necks. Well done, Fender.

I have done recordings with both as you can see if you look up my videos under "eternalrhythmflow".

Unfortunately, this Koa model has recently started to fret buzz on the low C string from the 1st to the 4th frets. It is terribly irritating because there is no way to adjust the neck to solve the problem. The only way around it is to play softly, which is pointless when trying to express energy.

I am really upset about my Koa and now have to contact Fender about their warranty. Really looking forward to that, not.

Regardless, even if I just lost on this one, I will probably get another one because it has been a good musical companion and I do enjoy the Koa tone and the fender neck.

I hope this helps. Enjoy my videos!
Fender Nohea Koa Tenor Ukulele Natural

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This Ukulele sounds as beautiful as it looks! This is not my first uke but it is my first Tenor uke and I will never go back to the sopranno! This instrument looks beautiful and sounds full and rich, and is set at an astonishingly low price!
Fender Nohea Koa Tenor Ukulele Natural
.The Nohea is a very friendly and fun instrument (it's hard not to smile when you play this thing), and it really sparked my girlfriend's creativity and musical learning curve. I don't know why, but taking up the uke has helped her guitar playing as well even though she spends more time with the uke. Most people would be surprised how much you can spend on a ukeulele and while this isn't the cheapest you get great bang for the buck.
The Nohea is beautiful to look at - I'm not crazy for flash on an instrument (tone is more important) but this one is very pretty. It's not solid Koa, but if it were the price would make it unaffordable for most. It has plenty of abalone (or abalam) to make it look expensive and the graphics inside are a hoot. I really like the telecaster-style headstock, it looks great and really seems to benefit the tuning stability. The tuners are perhaps the weakest point but work well enough with the low tension one finds with uke strings.
I bought this as a Christmas gift for my girlfiend as she has struggled with the size and tension of steel string guitars. I originally bought teh same model a year before, and though the cosmetics were every bit as good the tone was weak and there were a couple of flaws - the nut was spaced poorly and the fret ends weren't uniformly smooth. One year later I ordered another and knew right away she would love it. The only flaw I have found (and it took a while to find it) was that there was a very slight back-bow in the neck towards the headstock. If I play it really hard you can hear a tiny bit of fret buzz on the first few frets.
This has a very good price/performance ratio - it's playable with a nice tone and sharp-looking with no major flaws.
Fender Nohea Koa Tenor Ukulele Natural
.This is my first ukulele and will probably be my last. This thing sounds awesome looks great and what a value. I've been searching the web to confirm that a got the right uke and believe me I did.I do allot of traveling with my uke and it always stays in tune.I've been recording with it and it sounds clean and beautiful.You can not get a better uke for the money, but price aside it's still the best.No need to look any further, this IS the ultimate ukulele.
Fender Nohea Koa Tenor Ukulele Natural
.This is one sweet instrument. Well built, fine looking, excellent tone and resonance, very good intonation, AND it stays in tune! My first Nohea 'uke was damaged in an unfortunate accident (nasty crack across the back), but still plays fine! I was so impressed by the sound and quality of this instrument that I purchased another, and it is just as sweet as the first one. I am always complimented on the sound and appearance of this 'uke. Well worth the price!
Fender Nohea Koa Tenor Ukulele Natural

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