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Fender Hot Rod DeVille 410 III 60W 4x10 Tube Guitar Combo Amp Black

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Product Description

The Fender Hot Rod DeVille 410 III is a 60-Watt guitar amp combo with classic 4 x 10 speaker configuration borrowed from the legendary Super Reverb and '59 Bassman amps, the bottom end headroom characteristic of 6L6 tubes, and a versatile all-12AX7 tube preamp, with amazing clean and overdriven tones, luscious Fender spring reverb, effects loop, and more.

An 8-ohm extension speaker output even lets you add a cabinet for additional stage coverage. The new Hot Rod Deville 410 III also includes these upgrades: easier reading black control panel with front reading text, new badge, streamlined footswitch, graduated volume, and treble pot tapers.

All tube preamp and 60-watt power section 3-band EQ Presence control 4 - 10" special design Eminence speakers 3 channels from clean to more drive Built-in spring reverb Extension speaker jack Input for included 2-button, 3-function footswitch SPECIFICATIONS

Hot Rod DeVille 410 III 60W 4x10 Tube Guitar Combo Amp

Amplifier Type: Tube
Output Power: 60 watts
Speaker: 4 - 10" Special Design Eminence 8-ohm, 30-watt speakers
Output Impedance: 4 or 8 ohms
Preamp Tubes: 3 x 12AX7
Power Tubes: 2 x 6L6
Rectifier: Solid State Rectifier
Inputs: 2
Channels: 3
Selectable Channels (Normal, Drive, and More Drive)
Controls: Presence, Reverb, Master Volume, Middle, Bass, Treble, Drive Select Switch, Drive Volume, Bright Switch
Effects: Spring Reverb
Effects Loop: Effects Loop (Preamp Out, Power Amp In)
Speaker Jack: Extension Speaker Jack
Amp Covering/Grille Cloth: Black Textured Vinyl Covering with Blackface Style Black/Silver Grille Cloth
Height: 23.5" (59.7 cm)
Width: 23.5" (59.7 cm)
Depth: 10.75" (27.3 cm)
Weight: 50 lb. (22.7 kg)
Footswitch: 2-Button, 3-Function Footswitch
Cover: Amplifier Cover
Unique Features: Independent Gain and Master Controls in Drive Channel; Bright Switch; Effects Loop; Reverb; External Speaker Jack; 2-Button 3-Function Footswitch for Channel Select, Drive Select, and "More Drive" Select; Black panel; Vintage Pointer Knobs; Internal Variable Bias Control

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Gold Coverage Includes:

Unexpected and unintentional spills, drops and cracks Normal wear and tear Power surges Dust, internal heat and humidity

Other plan features include:

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Overall, this amplifier is great for what it is. If you like the Fender sound, this amp has it. If you want a quality amp, this is a quality amp. Now the question of how this amp compares with a Fender Twin Reverb is what many people ask. I`ve owned 3 Twins, a Mesa Boogie Mark 2 B, a Mesa Boogie Heartbreaker and I`ve used many others. When you compare this amp with the Twin you have a difference in the organics so to speak. Of course the Twin has a touch more sustain, a little more headroom for cranking the clean channel, and a touch more power overall but this amp has a better sounding distortion channel or might I say channels, plenty of headroom for any players needs because to know the difference between the two you would go deaf trying to find out, it has 3 channels instead of two, it has the same exact reverb and it costs less than the Twin. All of these attributes are why I own this amp and I love it for every genre of music that I play which goes from Country and Gospel, to Grunge and Heavy Metal. I mainly play Blues, Jazz,and Funk but I play whatever music is needed for the gig and for doing that, I use this amplifier.
The amp has all the basic features of any quality amp, it`s a tube amp to begin with, none of that solid state junk, it has reverb, 3 channels, power, headroom, tone and sustain. What I mean is this,...only the "shady" amplifiers come from the factory with all the "Bells and Whistles" such as delay, chorus, etc. When you buy a quality amp such as the good Fender amps such as this one, and quality amps from Marshall, Mesa Boogie, Orange, etc. you get an amplifier not an effects processor. The amp is a Fender so the clean channel is AMAZING to say the least.
As I have stated within the "Features" section of this revue, this is a great amplifier. It`s a nice piece of equipment for jamming at home to playing, without connecting to the PA system, for crowds up to 1000 people with no trouble concerning volume. /Footnote/ The way I test an amplifier out is by playing my choice of guitar through the amp while using the clean channel with no reverb nor any other effect. This amps clean channel is amazing but this is common knowledge to any pro players who have any experience at all with the Fender amps.
I would have to say that in comparison to other amps on the market this amp is nominally priced. With the electronic design incorporating a solid state type AC to DC current circuit for the pre-gain components. But understand that my opinion is based on the idea that most all musical equipment is well over priced. So with that said, I would say it`s a price that is par for the course.
Fender Hot Rod DeVille 410 III 60W 4x10 Tube Guitar Combo Amp Black
.Great sound, easy to adjust, really like the position of the controls and the 4- 10" speaker combination is super nice. like a wall of sound.
Got it last week and after playing a Strat and a Les Paul through it all I can say is the tone is absolutely unbelievable !! I was using a Marshall all tube DSL amp and I am ready to get rid of that after playing through this. The tone is crystal clear and I never knew that a gutar could sound that good without any effects!! Have been getting into blues music and this amp is perfect. Also bought a BD-2 Blues driver to run on the strat --- Perfect combination. The Les paul sounds perfect on the gain channels of the Hot Rod amp !!
This amp is a must buy and you will surely not be disappointed, the price is a steal !! I am so pleased with this amp that I cant stop playing. Night and day difference from the Marshall.
Fender crystal clear tone at a great price !!
Very well Made and it shows.
Fantastic value for the money, this is money well spent !!
Fender Hot Rod DeVille 410 III 60W 4x10 Tube Guitar Combo Amp Black
.I'm writing this after having the amp 24 hours. A little hasty no doubt, but I usually don't leave reviews even after I've had an amp for a long period. This amp made me wanna sing it's praises after trial at Guitar Center and a gig afterwards.

I had pretty much drawn my choices down to three amps in particular during my visit to Guitar Center. The Fender Blues Deluxe, Hot Rod Deville 212, and this amp, the Hot Rod Deville 410 III. I own a Tweed Hot Rod Deluxe bought in 2003. I've had quite a few problems with it over the years although it sounds great. (when working) I own a Vox AC 15 which delivers the jangly British sound for which it was intended, and I own an Original (pre Peavy) PTP Budda Super Drive 30 class A amp. It's the star of my collection.

As much as I love my Budda, you just cannot get that sweet Fender sound from it. Obviously, because it's not a Fender, right? It stands on it's own for the sound it delivers. Being a Blues player, I really wanted something with Budda sound quality but with that sweet Fender tone. The Hot Rod Deluxe delivered, but as mentioned was very trouble prone.

Eventually, I cut the Blues Deluxe from the pack of three. A lot of it was because it reminded me too much of the Hot Rod Deluxe. The Blues Deluxe was the forerunner of the Hot Rod Deluxe. They probably should have left well enough alone.

I narrowed it down between the Hot Rod Deluxe 212 and the 410. Both produce excellent tone, but a little difference in each, due to the speaker choice. The 212 has a little deeper tone. The 410 was able to hit that "sweet spot" I was looking for. I played both at the first distortion level with the distortion up about half way. Both had a great warm tone that sends that sweet chill up your spine as your fingers coax it out of the guitar. You know when you've found what you want.

At the gig, it sounded great at a higher volume, which was my main concern. At the store, they won't let you crank it up, (hmmmm wonder why?) but it sounded absolutely great at bedroom level volume. Once I cranked it up on stage, it sounded pretty much the same at a higher volume. I couldn't go over 4 without blowing people out of their chairs. I had several musicians in the audience rave about the tone of the Deville.

Great tone, sustain, reverb, a really good distortion tone. I try to avoid pedals and rely on my finger tips and guitar for tone as far as pedals go. I don't think I'll ever use a pedal with this amp, much in the same way I never used one with my Budda.

Ultimately, each player will have his own opinion. Every individual knows the sound he/she wants. Personally, I wouldn't mind recommending this amp to anyone. Even after just one day. Very solidly built with Fender quality. Hopefully, it won't disappoint me like my Hot Rod Deluxe.

Definitely. Go try one. I can guarantee you won't feel your time was wasted regardless of whether it is what you are looking for or not. A sweet, sweet, but VERY heavy amp.
Fender Hot Rod DeVille 410 III 60W 4x10 Tube Guitar Combo Amp Black
.I love mine. Tons of bass.
It's got everything you need, The reverbs not footswitchable but that's never been a problem for me, you either like spring reverb or you don't. The bright switch comes in handy, I wish that was footswitchable. The distortion channel is ok but it makes a better solo volume boost than a hard rock distortion. The distortion channel also gets a pretty good Rolling Stones sound. You have an extension speaker out but you don't really need it.
It's well built and looks really cool.
It's the ultimate workingman's amp. There isn't anything wrong with this amp that can't be fixed with a few good stompboxes.
Fender Hot Rod DeVille 410 III 60W 4x10 Tube Guitar Combo Amp Black
.For years I struggled to find the perfect amp for playing variety, from rock to country, Pink Floyd to Merle. This amp has been the absolutely perfect amp for my needs. I've never had the volume turned past 5, it has plenty of overhead and has been extremely reliable. I've had mine for at least 10 years with absolutely no problems whatsoever. The 2 channels are nice and the boost is good, although I've never used the overdrive much because I use multiple effect pedals which I prefer. I ve played with country bands and classic rock bands and have never had to worry about an amplifier. This is a great amplifier for the serious musician.
Fender Hot Rod DeVille 410 III 60W 4x10 Tube Guitar Combo Amp Black
.Overall, I won't be buying any other amps from now on. This one does what I want and then some. This could be the untimate amp for me playing jazz, alternative, and metal. You can do whatever you want with this amp....yes including metal. You just need a distortion pedal. Before going and buying expensive pedals, I went with Behringer. I got the TO800 overdrive, the DM100 distortion, and the RV600 reverb pedal all for a great price, and I just leave the Hot Rod on its clean channel and get my gain and reverb from the pedals, which sound amazing through this amp. It even gets brutal metal, I mean brutal metal, without sounding synthetic or hissy or adding much noise to the signal. I've made a few mistakes with equipment before, but this time I'm sure I got it right.
This amp has a few features that could be improved. For instance, the clean and distorted channels share the EQ, and there is no way to turn the reverb on and off without manually turning the pot. It is not a problem for me personally since I did what most people do and bought a few pedals, which by the way, sound fantastic through this beatiful amp. There is a handy speaker extension cabinet line out if you really want to shake the ground, but the 4x10s alone is quite enough, so you probably wont need it unless you want to put a cabinet at both sides of the stage.It is plenty loud.
I have only had mine for a couple of weeks, so I don't have an opinion yet about quality. But Fender amps have always been quite reliable. After doing some homework it seems version ii of this amp had a few difficulties, but this one, version iii, is said to be very solid, and you are probably not going to get to a show and have the thing quit on you in a pinch. If it does, there are authorized service centers all over the place, and I bought the three year warranty, so I'm not too worried. I really don't worry about quality when it comes to Fender.
This price for an amp of such high calibre is a fantastic value. The sound is exactly what you would expect from a fender tube amp...near perfect. Not a single complaint from me.
Fender Hot Rod DeVille 410 III 60W 4x10 Tube Guitar Combo Amp Black
.This amp bleeds tone. I mainly play it through a 1962 Gibson Melody Maker, which has been customized with both humbuckers and single-coils, and both pups sound excellent with it. It is, simply, one of the top two amps I've ever played.1. Be careful with the tubes. Could be easy to break them accidentally shoving pedals and such into the cabinet.2. This thing can get LOUD. Buy earplugs. However, contrary to popular belief, it can be brought down to a bedroom-practicing level.3. Treasure this thing. If you can get a chance, play through it first in a guitar shop or something. But if you can't, and you're not sure whether to buy it, just know that it you will never want to let this one go.Play through it, and see if it's right for you. It's a great amp, and probably the only one you'll ever need.
Fender Hot Rod DeVille 410 III 60W 4x10 Tube Guitar Combo Amp Black
.I have had this amp for a week now and used it at a medium to large sized bar (Saloon) I haven't tried any pedals with this as I play mostly clean rhythm, but the drive channel put out exactly what I needed for songs needing a little more grit.It may have more to offer than I need on the drive channel. Very easy to dial in the right sound. I have been using a Line 6 and Peavey, priced nearly the same as the Fender but with a few more bells and whistles on the latter two amps. I'm very pleased with the simplicity and sound quality of this Fender, and will be retiring my other amps to the music room for now. For Cassic rock, blues and country, this amp will do it all.
Basic, but everything you need. Foot switch worked great.
Fender doing what Fender does best. Well constructed amp. I don't see anything cheaply made. The Foot switch is sturdy. The sound is amazing using the anp with my Gibson LP, Can't wait to try it with my Fender Strat and Godin.
Try to find an amp of this quality at this price. Fender hit the mark on this amp. The 60 Watts is more than enough power for the medium sized gig I used it for, and expect that it will be more than enough for larger venues. I didn't even have to push the volume over 4 to be loud and clear in a 5 pc. band. Both clean and drive channels are sweet.
Fender Hot Rod DeVille 410 III 60W 4x10 Tube Guitar Combo Amp Black
.So I realized one day that I needed a more powerful amp, the last gig that I had played i was having trouble competing with the rest of the band and that is never good. I went to my shop to see if there were any amps that could remedy this and found this bad boy. It plays great, sparkling cleans, warm drive, and harmonically rich lead sound all from an amp that really isn't all that heavy compared to many others. The thing that makes this amp really shine is the fact that you can go from your bedroom, to rehearsal, to a gig, and back without sacrificing the tone it has. I was a player who always brought along a set of pedals to every gig, now that I have this amp, I no longer am in need of their assistance. Just the sounds from this amp are enough to fill any range from BB to Bonamassa, to Black Crowes, to Trout and anywhere in between. I would like to point out one problem this amp does have though. If you don't know what you're doing on your instrument, this amp will not hide it from your audience. Other than the fact that it too accurately represents your guitar's nuances (if you want to be nit-picky) this amp has no flaws whatsoever for me.
Fender Hot Rod DeVille 410 III 60W 4x10 Tube Guitar Combo Amp Black
.Great Choice
Great clean sound and great distorsion, very sweet. It sounds very loud and clear.
Fender Hot Rod DeVille 410 III 60W 4x10 Tube Guitar Combo Amp Black

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