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Fender Artist Series Jeff Beck Stratocaster Electric Guitar Olympic White

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Hardshell Case of Fender Artist Series Jeff Beck Stratocaster Electric Guitar Olympic White
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Product Description

The Jeff Beck Stratocaster Electric Guitar from Fender's Artist Series reflects the significant changes Jeff made in his Strat to accommodate his constantly evolving style. The new neck is a softer C-shape, not as large or deep as Jeff's previous choice. Also, the guitar features the new Fender special-design dual-coil ceramic Noiseless pickups, a contoured heel for easier access to the higher registers, and straight-ahead Strat 5-way switching. Made in the U.S.

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Made in U.S. Softer C-neck profile Dual-coil ceramic Noiseless pickups Alder body Maple neck Rosewood fingerboard (9-1/2" radius/241mm) 22 medium-jumbo frets Scale Length: 25-1/2" (648mm) Width at nut 1.6875" (43mm) Chrome hardware Machine heads: Deluxe Fender/Schaller locking tuners Bridge: American Standard 2-Point Synchronized Tremolo Pickguard: 3-Ply White (W/B/W) Pickups: 3-Dual Coil Ceramic Noiseless Pickups Pickup Switching: 5-position blade: Position 1. Bridge pickup (full dually) Position 2. Bridge (full dually) and middle pickup Position 3. Middle pickup Position 4. Middle and neck pickup Position 5. Neck pickup Controls: Master Volume, Tone 1. (neck), Tone 2. (middle, bridge) Rosewood fingerboard American Standard 2-point tremolo Contoured heel for easier access to upper frets LSR roller nut

Order today and own a wonderfully made and nicely hot-rodded Strat.

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I am a strat man and have many guitars in my collection. Play them all too! Did not buy this because of Jeff becks style of playing but because of the features that I have come to like in a fender guitar. The roller nut, noisless pickups, cut heal for accessability and the neck shape are all solid components I want in a strat. I have an EC strat, EJ strat, MF special mahagony strat as well as many older strats. Lets face it they all have different characteristics, (it's wood) and age has something to do with the sound. You could buy two JB strats and they won't sound exactly the same. That said I want my guitars to sound different. The woods, age and neck all play a part in the sound. Thats what the volume and tones controls are for on both the amp and guitar. Every ones ears are different and guitar players in general are alwasy looking for the holy grail! OK here goes, as far as strats go I look for playability and feel. Pick ups are very subjective and depend on string type and amp played thru. I would have given this guitar 5 stars except for the set up. I am very picky and fenders have a standard set-up that meets in the middle for personal taste. I have stings I prefer and action I prefer as well as neck bow. I adjust all my own guitars and have done so for over 40 years. Spring tension on the trem block, hight of the trem block including locked down on some of my guitars is all adjusted to my taste. Once I set this beauty up to my standards it was butter. Not to everybodies liking though. Again I have some strats with a maple fretboard and some with rosewood. Both very different from each other as far as feel and sound. I can't say this guitar would cover all bases but will do a great job with the right effects. I don't have lots of effects pedals. I like the amp sound, overdrive and a little delay when necessary. Thats it! All my guitars sound great unplugged, you just know when you hold the guitar and feel it resonate thru your body. Stock, vintage or noisless pick-ups all have a different sound and that's not a bad thing just a starting point for you to make adjustments on your own. Pick up height is also important and overlooked by most personal people that set up their guitars. It takes years and of course lots of playing to get it right for your sound. Comparing this guitar against another with the exact same amp settings will not give you the same sound you are looking for. I like tweaking if they all sounded the same it would be boring. Thats why I have so many guitars and of course amps also. My wife just shrugs her shoulders but understands. Better a guitar then another woman.
So bottom line if you are interested in a Jeff Beck guitar that has the features I mentioned and are looking to add this to your arsenal I believe you can't go wrong. I give it a 10 after my fine touches. The pick ups are fine as they are,the tremelo bars works as intended, not an all out metal shredder guitar but for any thing else works gtreat for me. I play all types of music, Sundays I play Christian contemporary, and classic rock in the evenings, also touch on country and R&B. It's good to be well rounded and I love all types of music, get out and play!
Fender Artist Series Jeff Beck Stratocaster Electric Guitar Olympic White
. I must first state that I play piano/keyboards and I am more of a collector/hack with the guitar. With that said, I have 35 guitars that include LP's, LP Customs, ES's, Strats, Tele's and several old Peavey's from the 80's (They are a steal for an American made product these days). Anyway, I am completely impressed with the Jeff Beck Strat that fender has produced.
The overall fit and finish on this beauty is outstanding, you might think it had come from the Custom Shop. The C neck is thicker than the standard Strat and is comfortable to play for extended periods of time. The dual coil pickups are truely noiseless and they can pack a solid punch that can get more tone than just the regular single coils. Couple that with the sustain that can be achieved with this guitar and you have a very versatile instrument. Also, the roller nut functions perfectly, I had never tried one before and was amazed at how well it will keep the guitar in tune much better than the standard tremolo system.
It is like they took the best qualities of Fender (comfort, easy of playability, etc.) and from Gibson (tone, sustain, humbuckers) and combined them into one guitar. Yes it is a few dollars more but it is worth the price. I have bought numerous items from MF over the years and have never been disappointed. Their level of service and flexibility is outstanding.
Fender Artist Series Jeff Beck Stratocaster Electric Guitar Olympic White
.Been playing for over 40 years and have owned a few of these Jeff Beck Signature Models. This one was sold as "Blemished" but I can tell you that it arrived like new with the only flaw being the plastic was removed from the front pickguard. I would have done that anyway! Came with all the case candy and tweed case.

Great Guitar, the neck profile has a little more "beef" on the C-Shape than say the American Standard. Roller Nut a plus, Noiseless Pickups a plus too.

Finish was perfect but needed a set-up as the original owner modified the floating tremolo system.

Sound is golden without hum. Does it all. The Jeff Beck Signature Model is like a Swiss Army Knife of Strats.
Fender Artist Series Jeff Beck Stratocaster Electric Guitar Olympic White
.I bought the light green Beck strat two weeks ago and I can't set it down. I am having a great time watching Beck videos on my computor and practicing playing with no pick. after the guitar I went right out and purchased a pair of black and tan Fender Deluxe tube amps and a Line 6 Pod xt Pro to have a left and right channel sound. This guitar sounds as close to beck's sound as I think money can buy for the price. It's a very smooth and full sounding strat even with the bass on the amp rolled all the way off like he plays. If you use the bridge and middle pick-up selection and drop the tone down on the bridge pick-up a few numbers it really has that human voice sound you hear so often in Jeff's music. Your sound starts in your fingers and the way you handle the guitar. This guitar can make any sound you can think of if you spend the time to work at building it, it is very responsive to the players touch and style. More so than other strats I have. It is very expensive but will increase in value as time goes by. For me it was a good purchase. I think you'll agree if you buy one.
Fender Artist Series Jeff Beck Stratocaster Electric Guitar Olympic White
.I play clubs, events, ect. I'll play at the opening of an envelope basically. This has everything I've been looking for in a Strat. This thing really checks all the boxes for me. The neck is perfect. A bit chubbier than an American Standard. Not as big as a 50's Tele. Rosewood board which I love on a Strat. I don't understand this whole ebony board craze. People think they want ebony because it's expensive, but ebony on a Strat just makes the guitar even brighter and snappier. The old ice pick in the ear if you ask me! Rosewood is the perfect addition to a Strat IMHO. It's very well manufactured. The frets are big enough for the modern player but still has a vintage feel to it. The back of the neck is nice and silky. I like the flat radius on the fretboard. The contoured neck heel is GREAT!. I love the play-ability of this guitar. The pick-ups sound good but not great. I've always thought Fender noiseless PU's are lacking in character, but hey, a Strat is build to be modified right? I'm thinking about the Clapton Mod with the Andy Timmons treble bleed mod thrown in for good measure. Maybe some Duncan stacked PU's with the coil split option. No hum is nice tho when your knee deep in lights and electrical that are surrounding the stage. It's got the look and play-ability of a custom shop guitar in a neat little affordable package. This is the Strat I've been looking for and it's not going anywhere! Hands down this is one of THE best production model guitars (Fender, Gibson, PRS, ESP ect ect) that I've ever played.
Fender Artist Series Jeff Beck Stratocaster Electric Guitar Olympic White
.Now THIS is the strat I?ve been waiting for. I?ve looked at many with various features, but this has the ones I need- namely the locking tuners, LSR nut, two-point modern trem and high (but not too high) output pickups. The icing on the cake in the JB Strat neck. It is wonderfully thicker than the American standard or Deluxe models, without going to the extremes of the previous Beck model (e.g.- baseball bat). The pickups are really nice and give a variety of both vintage and modern tones. A word of warning- there are better strats out there if you only dabble in the vintage side. But if you?re looking for versatility this can?t be beat. I ran mine through a variety of pedals, running the gamut of distortions (Boss SD-1, Boss SD-2 on Lead channel, and Line 6 Uber-metal) and it handled them all. And the clean tones were there as well. If you want a strat to do only one thing you may find another that suits you better. But it gets my vote for the strat that can do it all. Of course, with a Fender Artist model, the neck is what you?re paying the extra $ for- And guess what? In this case it?s worth it.
Fender Artist Series Jeff Beck Stratocaster Electric Guitar Olympic White
.This a great guitar. Everyone needs at least one USA Stratocaster just the way they want it. Like most guitar decisions it was a bit of a compromise. I was going to get a USA Deluxe Strat but decided on the Jeff Beck model because I liked the roller nut and contoured neck on the Deluxe model didn't do anything special for me. I think the hotter pickups, the roller nut, the colors and neck I wanted and a better price made it a great choice for me. The lower price gives me extra cash to upgrade. I have already added the Treble bleed mod, I will replace the bridge with a Fender Deluxe bridge with pull out wammy bar, I will also replace the funny colored tuning machines with Sperzel USA locking tuners like on the Custom Shop model. The compromise will then be over. I will have my perfect Strat. Jeff Beck on the headstock really doesn't matter much, I don't mind buying Jeff a beer, who doesn't like Jeff Beck.
Fender Artist Series Jeff Beck Stratocaster Electric Guitar Olympic White
.This guitar is a hoot to play. The LSR roller nut is great. The guitar stays in tune like it should. My only regret is I couldn't buy two, one in each color. Very nice guitar. Arrived setup just right. The noisless pickups take some getting used to but they are solid. Very adjustable with the tone and volume knobs.Than you MF for a great deal on a used guitar in mint condition.The best place to buy online bar none.
Fender Artist Series Jeff Beck Stratocaster Electric Guitar Olympic White
.Isn't funny how they picture Jeff Beck playing a guitar that is not even close to the model they are portraying as the JB model.... Buy this if you are like me and love JB... don't buy it if you want a guitar like JB really plays.....
Fender Artist Series Jeff Beck Stratocaster Electric Guitar Olympic White
.After originally buying a '56 American Vintage Strat I sold it and got one of these instead.

The Good:
Sounds great and plays even better.
No tuning issues.
The beveled neck pocket is very comfortable.
No electrical pickup buzz at all.
Great neck feel. Not like the earlier JB's with the Louisville Slugger necks.

The Not So Good:
I tried out three different JB's and though they were all close, two of them had really dry, light brown fingerboards that felt rough. The one I bought has a dark oily fingerboard. So dark it could almost pass for ebony.
Fender Artist Series Jeff Beck Stratocaster Electric Guitar Olympic White

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