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Fender Bassbreaker 45W 2x12 Tube Guitar Combo Amp

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Hardshell Case of Fender Bassbreaker 45W 2x12 Tube Guitar Combo Amp
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Product Description

The late-’50s tweed-covered Fender Bassman is often called “the grandfather of all amps.” It is beloved by guitarists worldwide for its simplicity, versatility, dynamic range, warm tube overdrive, stage-filling power and rugged roadworthiness.

Bassbreaker series guitar amplifiers continue Fender’s storied lineage with a kind of “parallel evolution” that evokes the dawn of hard rock. Bassbreaker takes the original Bassman design and breaks away with features including dark gray lacquered tweed covering, refined pointer knobs and unique circuitry plus power tubes and speakers hinting at the U.K. amps that “borrowed” Fender circuits in the 1960s. The sound is one of pure tube greatness.

The Bassbreaker 45 is the 45-watt flagship model that leads a first-rate lineup of lower-wattage models, all with pro-level tone and performance for today’s rock players.

Features Include
•’59 Bassman circuit with incredible touch sensitivity, dynamics, and “pedal friendly” response
•Dual EL34 output tubes for tighter rock distortion character
•Output level knob takes power from 45 watts to a single watt and anywhere in between, tailoring full-powered Bassman overdrive capabilities for studio, stage and arena – players can dial up many “sweet spots” with various combinations of level and channel settings
•Normal and Bright inputs, plus BOTH input for achieving legendary “channel blend” tonal variations without a patch cable
•Two 12” Celestion® V-Type speakers for tight response and “vocal” tone character (combo model only)
•Cabinet has Birch Ply construction and semi-closed back for full, resonant response and low-end “thump”
•Matching BB-212 enclosure fits perfectly under Bassbreaker 45 combo or head

Bassbreaker Series

The late-'50s tweed-covered Fender Bassman is often called the grandfather of all guitar amps. What started earlier that decade as the companion amp for the Precision Bass actually became one of the most beloved guitar amps of all time, thanks to its simplicity and versatility, its wide dynamic range and warm tube overdrive, its full-frequency stage-filling power and its rugged roadworthiness.

Fender tweed amps evolved into the brown, blonde, blackface and silverface models of the 1960s. Along with the dramatic evolution of their look, the amps were redesigned each time to sound brighter and cleaner.

New Bassbreaker Series guitar amplifiers continue that fascinating lineage with yet another sound and style, a kind of "parallel evolution" in which time-honored Fender amp DNA results in a satisfyingly dirtier tone that evokes the dawn of hard rock.

The new series takes the 45-watt 1959 Bassman design and breaks it with features including the early Fender block-letter logo, black tweed covering, and refined pointer knobs plus power tubes hinting at the U.K. amps that "borrowed" Fender circuits in the 1960s. The sound is one of pure and unadulterated tube greatness.

Power: 45W (tube) Tubes: three 12AX7 (preamp); two EL84 (power amp) Output level control down to 1W Two channels Two inputs: Normal and Bright Speakers: 2x12 in. Celestion G12V-70 Controls: volume, 3-band EQ, presence Impedance: 4, 8, 16 (switchable) Dimensions: 26.22 in. x 22 in. x 8.5 in. Weight: 55 lb.

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I bought this amp mostly because I needed a new one, but also out of impulse. I immediately felt buyers remorse because it was a whole paycheck. Once it arrived and I started playing through it, the remorse went away instantly. I've never been so impressed with an amp before. I had a Deville 2x12 II and was absolutely in love with it but ended up selling it. The bassbreaker blows the deville out of the water. Not in a bad way though, it's like I absolutely love the deville, but I love the bassbreaker more. It's the loudest combo ever. I only crank it to 18w max and we're a really REALLY loud band. Only one thing that I would personally change about it and hopefully we can see it later down the road is a footswitch for true cleans, instead of rolling your volume knob.
Fender Bassbreaker 45W 2x12 Tube Guitar Combo Amp
.I have owned and own numerous amps all tube, currently own Marshall ,fender,Mesa . Love them all. This amp is very loud even rolled back to 1 watt. I would compare it to the Marshall bluesbreaker for a third of the price. Great sound not compressed , picks up all the nuances of your playing style , can dial in the tones for all the different pickups. This amp will not cover up your mistakes ,so some folks will not like it. It is what it says,it is the bassman modded with el34s sound familiar ? That's what Jim Marshall did. Great with pedals also . I played the 7 watt also it was great in its own right but this is the real deal. Great tone
Fender Bassbreaker 45W 2x12 Tube Guitar Combo Amp
.This amp could be the last 2x12 you will ever need for anything. This could easily be the only amp you owned, and you would be fine. More volume than this amp cranks out is not needed anywhere. Utterly quiet when idle and hiss free, and utterly responsive to pick attack and nuances of your playing. Delightful tone from both channels and wonderful blending allowed - really this box is heaven for lead or rhythm. I have a 1959 Bassman, a Blues Deville 4x10, AC-30C2X, Blues Deluxe, and JC-120. This amp can do all of them (and yes, even some 1962 Bluebreaker Marshall)! I seriously think this is one of the best amps Fender has ever made. I will never part with it, I will take it to my grave. Actually, it would make a great headstone lol. Seriously, even at 55 pounds, this tank is so worthy I will lug everywhere but practice. Buy one, if you do not like it you have zero taste and should put all your axes in the wood stove. Better yet, if you do not like it sell it to me at a discount for being used. I will collect them for posterity, because they will be sought after when they stop making them. If you cannot get your sound out of this, it may be possible no amp will.
Fender Bassbreaker 45W 2x12 Tube Guitar Combo Amp
.I was intrigued when I heard the announcement of the Bassbreaker line of amplifiers from Fender. Knowing the history of that name, I hoped the marketing spin saying it was a revitalization of days gone past was true and not just another ploy to boost sales. So I waited for the reviews. They were good. But I still waited. Letting the impulse buyers, the new and improved buyers and the newbie buyer have their say. The days finally emerged when the experienced made their determination known. My fears relieved. Fender has made good on it's marketing spin. The Bassbreaker is back!
Proudly it stands in my studio along side my Marshall JTM45 and Fender Blues Junior, oozing it's warm, crisp tones causing both my Les Paul and Stratocaster weep.
Fender Bassbreaker 45W 2x12 Tube Guitar Combo Amp
.If you want the all tube experience with as much volume as you'll ever need....look no further this is the one. This was my first tube amp and I did a lot of research. This amp gives the best bang for your buck and will not disappoint on your tonal delivery. It gives the classic Fender clean sound and rivals the Brit crunch with the EL34's (In your face VOX HATERS! MERICA BABY!). The volume attenuator gives you the ability to have anywhere from 1 watt to 45 watts of power. Nice diversity to with clean, crunch or both and being able to dial them in to find your sweet spot. 2 small draw backs: 1) No foot switch to go from clean to crunch. No a huge deal when almost all of us are in the world of using guitar pedals. I use my own distortion pedals etc anyway. Also no Reverb in the amp (Bite the Bullet and grab the Boss Reverb RV-6 and dial in whatever kind of Reverb you want). 2) It's a heavy-boxy 55 lbs to carry around and I am still thinking of the perfect solution for moving it around for my gigs without having to buy the portable $$ Fender Amp case $$. Looking into a dolly with real tire wheels as to not jar the tubes and what not but whatever. I knew it was going to be heavy. The amp seems to be real solid and well built. Overall: Homerun for Fender. Lovin' it !
Fender Bassbreaker 45W 2x12 Tube Guitar Combo Amp
Fender Bassbreaker 45W 2x12 Tube Guitar Combo Amp
.I have been trying to find the right amp to go with my fender elite guitar this is it. Very powerful and great sound.
Fender Bassbreaker 45W 2x12 Tube Guitar Combo Amp

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