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Fender Acoustasonic 150 150W 2x8 Acoustic Guitar Combo Amp

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Hardshell Case of Fender Acoustasonic 150 150W 2x8 Acoustic Guitar Combo Amp
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Product Description

The new Fender Acoustasonic 150 acoustic guitar combo amp is perfect for the acoustic guitarist who needs a light, loud, versatile, and flexible amp loaded with tonal innovations and useful features.

The Acoustasonic 150 combo packs full acoustic resonance and crystal clarity into a lightweight (only 23 lb.) amp with a new ultra-efficient 150-watt (2x75) stereo power amp, dual 8" foam-surround low-frequency neodymium drivers, and high-frequency tweeter. Its new Voicing control lets any guitar simulate the tonality of parlor, dreadnought, and jumbo acoustics. Or, Voicing can be turned off for pure amp output response. For acoustic players who double on electric guitar, the Voicing control also has Blackface, tweed, and British amp settings, which makes a second amp just for electric guitar unnecessary.

Other features include instrument and microphone channels with independent EQ and effects controls; new feedback elimination control with on/off switch for each channel; patented String Dynamics control that tames harsh treble notes; effects including reverb, delay, chorus, Vibratone, and more; XLR line out with level control and ground lift; stereo effects loop; USB connector for digital recording output (and possible future firmware updates); strong five-ply hardwood construction; and optional two-button effects-select footswitch.

150W 2 - 8" foam-surround low-frequency neodymium drivers Two channels 1/4" instrument and mic inputs Instrument channel controls: Volume, Treble, Mid, Bass, Voicing Select, String Dynamics, FX Select, FX Level Mic channel controls: Volume, Treble, Mid, Bass, Voicing Select, FX Select, FX Level Stereo effects loop Phantom-powered second mic input Balanced line out with ground lift Fender Tilt-Back legs Lightweight 5-ply hardwood construction

Rich Fender acoustic tone plus features for the performing singer-songwriter. Order yours now!


Acoustasonic 150 150W 2x8 Acoustic Guitar Combo Amp

22-1/2"W x 16"H x 10-1/4"D
23 lb.

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I have been looking for a dual function amp like this for some time without success. I have also been looking for a quallity amp that does not break my back carrying it up a flight of stairs. I had actually given up until I saw an intial product demo of the Fender Acoustasonic 150. At first, I thought what I heard was too good to be true. A review in Acoustic Guitar magazine convinced me to try it and I'm glad I did. The massive number of features, the ability to play both acoustic and electric through it and the fact that I can also run a mic through it for single gigs made me a believer. A great buy for the money.
The first thing that attracted me to it was the fact that I can play both acousting and electric guitars through the same amp. I find a lot of occasions when I need this versatillity and have been hauling two amps around, especially for classic rock gigs where both types of instruments have traditionally been used. It's light weight (a plus as I get older), the feedback control is a blessing, and I like the fact that the tone controls allow both plus and minus modeling. My favorite is the voicing control. This little knob lets me reproduce the exact sound my guitar. I don't have to settle for just being close.
I am particularly impressed by the quality of the acoustic reproduction. I have played both a Martin 6-string and 12-string through a variety of acoustic amps and they have been OK, but not great. The first time I plugged my 6-string into the Acoustasonic 150, the sound quality was exactly like what was coming from the guitar. Older Acounstasonics are fine, but this is a 100% improvement. Additionally, the ability to also play my Telecaster or E-347 through it when using both for gigs saves me a trip with a second amp. I had watched the Fender product demo and one from Acoustic Guitar magazine, but reall didn't think it could be as good as they said until I tried it myself. I love it.
It's not cheap, but nothing worth using is. Given the number of features, the light weight, and quality of the sound it produces, its worth every cent.
Fender Acoustasonic 150 150W 2x8 Acoustic Guitar Combo Amp
.I have used Fender amps since 1974. The only I traded my 2002 Acoustasonic for a lighter amp.
This is my second Acoustasonic Acoustic Guitar Combo amp. As a solo act I perform Americana specializing in early Blues guitar and harmonica styles. I replaced my original Acoustasonic (60+ lbs. purchased in 2002) because I needed a lighter amp (21 lbs.). Great acoustic guitar tone can be achieved on the Acoustasonic 150 150W 2x8 Acoustic Guitar Combo by using the String Dynamics knob rotated clockwise to eliminate the harsh acoustic guitar tone at high dynamic levels associated with most acoustic amps. Don't dink with the effects first, experiment with the tone first . If all else fails read the directions. I have found the apm to have plenty of power for small/medium venues for guitar and vocals, with copious vesatile effects. I fingerpick a Martin D 28 with an under the saddle pickup and a National RadioTone for slide with a Highlander under the biscuit pickup run through a preamp, sing and play harmonica through the vocal side. I can also play electric through it and have three amp models (Blackface, Tweed, British Band) from which to choose. This amp carries the mail in a package that is easier for me to load in/out. I also have a 60's Fender Deluxe Reverb Blackface and a 60's Alamo Challenger that I use for ensemble electric/harmonica gigs.
Fender Acoustasonic 150 150W 2x8 Acoustic Guitar Combo Amp
.Is it price n a good range? This amp with features and technology I would say yes. I have been playing for a long time. Played through a lot of really nice set ups. So after 25 years of beating on guitars and amps. I am very very pleased with this amp. The only reason bigger is better is the simple fact stronger is cleaner. I can play my classical, my jumbo steel string and my screaming electric through this amp at the house or even small club and jam all night. All the extra fxs are nice but a bit of over kill. It is extremely light 30lbs. And very functional. I am a very pleased player. Not sure you can find a better bang for your buck. I played it strong for 2 weeks before I wrote this.
Fender Acoustasonic 150 150W 2x8 Acoustic Guitar Combo Amp
.I received this very quickly from MF and all I can say is WOW! The sound is great! I used it on stage a couple days after receiving it and it blew me away at the sound I got out of this thing. Playing with my band, I didn't even have to run my acoustic through the PA for it to project and barely had it turned up. In fact, a friend said I needed to turn it down and it sounded great. The only issue I have is that I have to adjust levels and tone going from acoustic to electric, typical though. Also can sound "tinny" if the levels are not set right. Just need to play with the adjustments...great amp. Buy it...you won't regret it!
Fender Acoustasonic 150 150W 2x8 Acoustic Guitar Combo Amp
.I was a bit leary about purchasing this amp. I'm not a pro, I've played mostly acoutic 6 & 12 string guitars. I recently just picked up an Epi DR-500MCE 6 string acoutic-electric w/eSonic2 pre-amp. I played it through a small Peavey amp but couldn't use it to it's full potential by separating the outputs to a 2 chnl amp. I demo'd 2 chnl amps with it and WoW! the guitar just came alive! I settled on the Acoustasonic 150 because of it's versatility (being able to play electric through it) and the wonderful sound it has just on "Pure Amp". I don't know how that one gentleman could say he had "intermod distortion" unless he got a bad one. Intermod distortion is something that happens in RF (radio frequency) communications. RF is not audible to the human ear. If you set it on "Pure Amp" it sounds very nice. Pure acoustic guitar. Then you can add in the effects if you want. It's also light! An added plus. Try one out, I think you'll be impressed if you play acoustic guitar.
Fender Acoustasonic 150 150W 2x8 Acoustic Guitar Combo Amp
.I would recommend this amplifier.
Great stand alone amplifer for both acoustic and electric. I bought one from Long & Mcquade in Canada and it sounds great. I have tried a stratocaster, dean evo with humbucking pickups and both sound great. On the acoustic side i have a dean performer se with a fishman pickup and it also sounds great. I would recommend this amplifier.
Well constructed closed back amplifier. Very light to carry around.
Fender Acoustasonic 150 150W 2x8 Acoustic Guitar Combo Amp
.This amp replaced an aging Acoustasonic Jr. that had been with me for years and needed to be retired. Can't say enough about the versatility of this amp. With all the guitar and vocal effects, balanced XLR direct out, tilt-back legs, dual channels - it's just a sweet little amp for acoustic work. I will use this amp primarily in worship settings and have used it twice a week since acquiring it and have practiced with it extensively. I have run three different guitars into it (Taylor T5, Martin D16GTE and Taylor 812ce) and all sound great. It's not the easiest thing in the world to get a fat acoustic tone out of the T5, but the Acoustasonic 150 does great. Fender has done a great job packing the amp with features, quality effects with lots of variations, super-light weight (the best part in my mind), all at a great price point with solid build quality. I also have a California Blonde that I virtually never take to a gig, or worship, just because it's such a chore to lug it around. This amp does NOT have that kind of horsepower, but it's got plenty for 95% of my use requirements. Good power, good projection, great effects and EQ, warmth, XLR DI out... I did the "Looking for a Coupon call to MFriend's Call Center and one of the Gearheads gave me a killer deal, so that made the amp ever better in my mind. I'm a real happy player! 5 stars.
Fender Acoustasonic 150 150W 2x8 Acoustic Guitar Combo Amp
.for a dual purpose amp/pa by far the best i came across. I owned Acoustic, Kustom, even pa systems (not cheap ones either) and this 150 can hold its own.. The controls are sensitive so no vise grips and treat it like a lady you"ll be very happy!! LOVE iT!!!!
Fender Acoustasonic 150 150W 2x8 Acoustic Guitar Combo Amp
.Another reviewer had trouble with the vocalist being used with the amp. If you go direct from mic and guitar to the amp, the hissing goes away. At least it did with mie. To minimize, douse the vocalist effects, and fiddle with the line in function of the vocalist. It too has its effects. Still have interference, and am still experimenting.
Fender Acoustasonic 150 150W 2x8 Acoustic Guitar Combo Amp
.I'm 53 years old. I grew up in a time when distortion was present in an amplifier whether you wanted it or not. As the years passed by and electronics evolved distortion became a thing of the past unless it was intentional. The worst sounding distortion is called intermodulation distortion (IMD), look it up on Wikipedia. Simply put if a signal contains two different frequencies, i.e. two strings at the same time, a very unpleasant set of tones not in the family of the overtones of the original two frequencies is produced. The result sounds terrible. This amplifier suffers from a significant amount of IMD at all volumes. It would appear that the designers of this amp are hoping no one knows what IMD is anymore or can recognize it when they hear it. That is a bad assumption when their customers are musicians. I'm forced to bring it back because my ears have never been able to tolerate IMD even before I knew what it was called.
Fender Acoustasonic 150 150W 2x8 Acoustic Guitar Combo Amp

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