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Fender Road Worn '50s Telecaster Electric Guitar Blonde

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Hardshell Case of Fender Road Worn '50s Telecaster Electric Guitar Blonde
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A new guitar with a broken-in vibe, at an incredible price! Fender' Road Worn '50s Telecaster guitar looks and plays like a well-worn vintage axe, without the vintage price tag! Built using the original 1950s design specifications, and updated with Tex-Mex pickups and 6105 frets. There' a reason players and collectors covet vintage guitars from the 50' and 60' - the classic design elements, tried-and-true engineering and quality craftsmanship combined to produce axes that revolutionized modern music. While collectors have driven up the prices on these vintage guitars to astronomical levels, Fender' Road Worn series offers players the chance to own a guitar with the look, feel and tone of a vintage classic at an affordable price. Use the drop-down menu above to choose colors and other options.

Body: ash (blonde finish) alder (2-tone sunburst) Finish: nitrocellulose lacquer Neck: maple Neck profile: "U" shape Fretboard radius: 7-1/4" Frets: 21 (6105 style) Scale length: 25-1/2" Nut width: 1.650" Hardware: chrome Tuners: Fender Vintage Style Bridge: vintage style 3-saddle strings-thru-body Pickguard: 1-ply white Pickups: 2 Tex-Mex Tele single-coil Pickup switch: 3-way Controls: master volume, master tone

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This will be a surprise to most. I'm Extremely Disappointed in this guitar. First let me say, it sounds great and feels great. So what's bugging me? Well, they made a big change in this guitar, without telling anyone. The guitar body has absolutely no road wear. None! The guitar looks nothing like the photos anymore. I ordered one and thought it was a mistake so I sent it back. I just got the replacement. Also no road wear on the body. None! The neck is full road worn like the photos, the body has no road wear at all (on both guitars) Why buy a roadworn relic if they are not doing the roadworn relic part to it anymore?? It's absolutely crazy. Plus the hardware is supposed to be roadworn and slightly rusty. Guess what...That's gone too. The hard wear on both guitars was as shiny and new as the chrome on a brand new Cadillac. Not worn one bit. I am so upset about the switcharoo that has happened to this once great guitar. I am a Fender person to the core in every way. I love Fender beyond what should be normal. I currently have 14 Fender guitars. I called and asked them why the Road Worn part is no longer on the guitar bodies. No one has any idea whatsoever. Im sick over this!! So this is basically the new Unworn Road Worn series.
Fender Road Worn '50s Telecaster Electric Guitar Blonde
.Shocked. Utterly, utterly shocked at the feel of the 50's Road Worn Telecaster. I was obviously a little reticent to even try this guitar, let alone buy it, simply because I am an admitted gear snob. One of my friends who plays in NYC told me to give one a try, after I mentioned to him that I was looking into getting a Tele.So, I reluctantly picked one up at a local music shop. I was blown away- the neck felt amazing; it had some beef to it, but actually felt faster than my beloved American Deluxe Strat. The tone was virtually identical to an American Deluxe Tele priced nearly $1000 more than the RW. It feels and sounds nothing, NOTHING, like a MIM Telecaster. Take it from a gear snob: this is not merely a dinged up MIM tele- it is it's own beast. Try it.
Fender Road Worn '50s Telecaster Electric Guitar Blonde
.Usually, I don't write guitar review. But I have to share this - this guitar is brilliant.

If you are into Vintage sound, vintage feel, vintage looking guitar, You like 52 Tele so much, but don't have (at least) 1700USD to spend. This gutiar is definately for you.

The guitar is well-built, made from solid ash wood, and the neck is awesome.

I've owned this for 2 years already, and I've owned a Highway One Tele, and American Standard Tele as well. And this Road Worn Tele, is the one I like most.

Compare to Highway One Tele, Road Worn Tele has better Feature on neck and fret.
Compare to American Standard Tele, Road Worn has it kick butt look, and brings you more vintage feel.

One of the reason I like this guitar more is, I like how it looks with relic work, and I like the 6105 fret with U shape neck. And I don't even care if it got ding or dent when I bring this guitar to gig. The only thing I don't like this guitar, is the pickups and the white pickguard.

After I upgraded the pickup to Fender Antiquiity Tele Set, and Black pickguard, This guitar just like those classic blonde 52 Tele - Sound awesome. And it's own half the price.

I spend 799USD to buy this guitar, and I still think it totally worth it.
Fender Road Worn '50s Telecaster Electric Guitar Blonde
.Very happy with it. Very very very happy with it. If you're thinking about getting this guitar I can tell you that you will not regret it. I have Strats and Hamers but this is my first Tele, and I'm soooo glad I followed my heart and finally joined the Tele cult. They really are versatile as all get out. BUY IT!!!
I would say that it feels like they did the distressing/wearing on the neck and body and then as a final step put a clearcoat over the top of the 'damage'. End result is it has the worn look but the wood still seems to be protected. I could be wrong, but that's how it appears to my eyes and feels to the touch.
I got the blonde and the ONLY thing i've found that I know I'm going to 'fix' is the pickguard. The pickguard is a single color white (no 3-ply like the old ones) and to make it look less eye-gouging they put a bit of yellow overspray along the top and bottom of the pickguard. I bought a vintage used pickguard and will slap that on there... problem solved.
Obviously the price is the big draw, but it's amazing to get something that's had the extra 'work' done to it and yet it's a cheaper price than the US made Tele's. Would have been nice to get a proper case instead of a gig-bag, but for the price, you really can't complain (ok, I just did... but i'm "Special")
Fender Road Worn '50s Telecaster Electric Guitar Blonde
.Telecasters have always been my favorite guitar. I've played so many, new and old. This Tele is just a great guitar. The neck is beefy, the 6105 frets are perfect, and it stays in tune. I honestly believe this is the best new production Telecaster Fender makes. Some people might be turned away by the fake relic job or the Mexican origin, but you really shouldn't put this guitar down until you've played it for yourself. My only complaint is the price. I think Fender could've came down a hundred bucks. That's just me being picky. This Telecaster is an all around great guitar for the money and the pictures do it no justice. Go try one for yourself.
Fender Road Worn '50s Telecaster Electric Guitar Blonde
.Some people have a slight misunderstanding about this instrument. It IS in fact, a mexican standard tele. The reason you pay more is because this instrument is finished with nitrocellulose. The benefit of having a nitro finish is that it's thinner and let's the guitar breath much more. Next time you're at a guitar shop, grab this and a Mexican standard and play them both unplugged. You'll notice that the roadworn is about 50-60% louder, unamplified. The wood resonates more, which is where a guitar gets all it's tone. Paying under a grand for a nitro finnished guitar is unheard of, not to mention you get the texmex pickups, which, in my opinion, sound Soo much better than the standard pickups they use. All in all, this is a excellent product, and just the nitro finish alone is worth a thousand bucks.
Fender Road Worn '50s Telecaster Electric Guitar Blonde
.I bought this fender telecaster after playing it in guitar center for about an hour. It sounds really great and i love the pickups tone. When i got the guitar home i played it for a few hours and then noticed my fretting hand was all scraped up. The edges of the frets on the neck are sharp and not finished nicely. I went to the store and tried the same model guitar out again, and this one also had sharp fret edges. I returned my tele after recognizing this. Thats why i give it bad ratings on quality.
Fender Road Worn '50s Telecaster Electric Guitar Blonde
.If you want a tele with 50's specs, that you can take out to rowdy bars and not worry about, this is the one. It's not road worn so much as slightly used. The ash body is light, the neck comfy. This is what Leo designed the tele for. A working tool for working musicians. The facility in Mexico should be commended for cranking out such a great product. This is my second instrument from Mexico. I have an older fretless jazz bass that they made that I wouldn't trade. This is my second tele. I have a 1977 from the US that I don't want to have trashed in small clubs. This fits the bill. If you want a custom shop, by all means buy it and keep them in business. If you want US, buy it, but don't trash this one cause it ain't US.
Fender Road Worn '50s Telecaster Electric Guitar Blonde
.Here is the deal...

I play PRS guitars and own an Eric Johnson Strat. I needed a Tele that sounded good, felt good and looked cool.

I used to own a 60th Anniversary American Standard Tele which was nice but I couldn't bond with it.

The Road Worn Tele in Blonde is AMAZING! I don't care what people say "Made in Mexico" kicks "Made in USA" in this case in the behind. :-) The Tex-Mex pickups in this Tele sound soooo good. The guitar's neck is great and if you like vintage looks I think the older models all come with a more reliced look. The new models don't have the heavy relicing. I have a 2010 and it is SUPER cool!

If you are in a market for a Tele, pick one up!
Fender Road Worn '50s Telecaster Electric Guitar Blonde
.I recently picked one of these up and I am truly in love. Simply put, this guitar is everything I've ever wanted in a telecaster. The vintage look and feel is just beautiful. If you've ever played a genuine vintage telecaster you'll love how this guitar feels and sounds. It did need a set up of course but after that its just like butter. I think I got an older model because mine did come with the white pickguard ( which I changed to black for preference) and it also has the relicing like in the photo. I can understand people being unhappy if they got something otherwise but bottom line is the guitar looks and plays amazing after a set up. And if youre like me and desire the look and feel of a vintage fender but cant afford a real one, this is what you need. i wouldn't change a thing.
Fender Road Worn '50s Telecaster Electric Guitar Blonde

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