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Fender American Vintage '58 Telecaster Electric Guitar Aged White Blonde Maple Neck

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Hardshell Case of Fender American Vintage '58 Telecaster Electric Guitar Aged White Blonde Maple Nec
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The American Vintage '58 Telecaster harkens back to early 1958, when the Telecaster graduated from its original U-shaped neck profile-a real handful-to a still-large but more comfortable D-shape for its maple neck. Other spot-on early-'58 touches are here too, such as a lightweight ash body, staggered bridge pickup pole magnets, solid steel "barrel" bridge saddles, a single-ply white pickguard, "top-hat" switch tip, flat-top knurled aluminum chrome control knobs and more.

1958 was an important year for the Telecaster because that's when slimmer necks started appearing on the instrument, and when (in early-year models) string-through bridges with solid-steel saddles first showed up, magnifying the guitar's prized signature twang.

Rather than just replacing the previous models with different ones, Fender have completely and comprehensively re-imagined the entire vintage-reissue concept-restoring original tooling dies, voicing new pickups, reformulating vintage colors and more-based on actual vintage guitars.

Body Body shape: Single cutaway Body type: Solid body Body material: Solid wood Top wood: Not applicable Body wood: Ash Body finish: Gloss Orientation: Right handed Neck Neck shape: D standard Neck wood: Maple Joint: Bolt-on Scale length: 25.5" Truss rod: Standard Neck finish: Gloss Fretboard Material: Maple Radius: 7.25" Fret size: Medium Number of frets: 21 Inlays: Dot Nut width: 1.65" (42mm) Pickups Configuration: SS Neck: American vintage '58 Tele Middle: Not applicable Bridge: American vintage '58 Tele Brand: Fender Active or passive: Passive Series or parallel: Series Piezo: No Active EQ: No Special electronics: None Controls Control layout: Master volume, tone Pickup switch: 3-way Coil tap or split: No Kill switch: No Hardware Bridge type: Fixed Bridge design: 3-saddle vintage-style Tailpiece: Not applicable Tuning machines: Deluxe sealed Color: Chrome Other Number of strings: 6-string Special features: Neck profile Case: Hardshell case Accessories: Strap, cable, cloth and owner's manual Country of origin: United States

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First, let's clear up a myth. Nitrocellulose Lacquer - or Nitro - is a type of finish. Polyurethane - or Poly - is another type of finish. There are some who have implied or outright stated that the American Vintage guitars are a a Poly base coat with a "thin" layer of Nitro over the top - an uninformed explanation of "Flash Coat Lacquer."

This is simply not true, and my Tele Trio - my '52, '58 and '64 all stand witness to this. But don't take it from me, this is actual words from Fender's website: "The finishes on most new American Vintage guitars and basses consist of three coats: sealer, color and a topcoat, all of which are 100-percent nitrocellulose lacquer and are hence quite thin. This is a vintage-style finish treatment that lets an instrument 'breathe' with a more natural resonance since it doesn't 'constrain' the instrument's body as much as thicker and more confining modern finishes."

The site further explains, "The term flash-coat lacquer refers specifically to the quickly applied thin and final 'flash' of topcoat lacquer applied to most new American Vintage instruments. In addition to the sonic advantage noted above, the composition of and method of application for this final finish layer imparts a more authentically vintage appearance to these new instruments."

So, all of these Tele's are amazing, but the '58 is my favorite. The neck is thick, but not too thick. The steel saddles add a little bite to the tone without being shrill on the top. It feels and plays like an old friend right out of the box, and each time I pick it up it feels just a bit more familiar.

I recommend anyone even considering one of these instruments seek them out and play them first. They all have amazing qualities, and one of them is bound to speak to you.

If you ask me, I scored three vintage-quality instruments for less than the price of one vintage-actual in the same style. This is some of Fender's best work outside of the custom shop in AGES.
Fender American Vintage '58 Telecaster Electric Guitar Aged White Blonde Maple Neck
.I was afraid I might not like the neck. The '52 neck is HUGE by comparison. This 58 is more D-shaped, and for me that means it fits like a glove. It's plenty fast.

I was also afraid of tiny vintage frets. Maybe it's my imagination, but these seem a bit beefier, similar to medium jumbos (not quite that big, though). But certainly not the short, skinny frets that were on a 52 RI I played a couple years ago.

The lacquer finish is beautiful. Just a bit thicker than I'd like on the fingerboard. You can almost see very slight pooling around some frets. But it's not a big deal. Much, much better than the usual poly job.

The body finish is odd. It's very thin and transparent on front and back, and you can already see the nitro sinking into the grain. Perfect. But the edges have like a double coat or something. More opaque. It's just a bit like a white on white burst. Maybe the originals were this way? Because my understanding is that Fender tried very hard to make these like true "closet classics", something bought new in '58 and never played.

The period-correct non-threaded steel barrel saddles sound great -- VERY bright -- but of course they're vintage, so not intonatable. I may be replacing those with similar, but compensated. I don't want to change the tone, though.

The pickups are custom for this model, I believe, based on actual '58s. Whatever. They sound fantastic.

The swamp ash body is very light and resonant. My whole guitar weighs 6.5 lbs. Sweet.

I recently bought a deluxe tele, and while I like that, it definitely has a more modern vibe. I put Lollar Specials in that one. For me, it has it's own appeal, but it's not quite the classic, spanky, twang machine.

This guitar is exactly that. Matter of fact, this guitar appears *extremely* similar to the Jim Campilongo model, of which only 50 were made. Fortunately, there are plenty of these.
Fender American Vintage '58 Telecaster Electric Guitar Aged White Blonde Maple Neck
.First of all, i just want to say that this instrument came from the factory sounding amazing, and completely, utterly, and beautifully intonated... very rare for it to come from any factory like this.... anyways, tuned it up and it hasn't lost its tune yet...

everything about this instrument screams late 50's..from the light cellulose gloss on the maple to the Vintage tuning pegs... the hard case comes with all the accruements and displays an accurate schematic diagram of the 50's and late 60's pick-ups that you have in your tele... Fender did a very nice job dating everything to its original vibe...

everything about this guitar is great, especially the pick-ups,, i love the crisp and creamy twang i get from the bridge pick-up, very solid sound... especially through a deville or twin reverb...
Fender American Vintage '58 Telecaster Electric Guitar Aged White Blonde Maple Neck
."Flash Coat Lacquer"???!!
Come on Fender. Is it so darn difficult to to finish guitars in Nitro lacquer? Nitro-based paints? I actually LIKE the CNC manufacturing -we get a more consistent product. Paint like the old Duco is still around. Go back to simply hanging them up and use nitro-based paints and clear lacquer. Or sell them UNFINISHED! -What a break! I'll run some linseed oil into the wood and dig a great guitar. They will age on their own and people can make their OWN memories with their guitar. The wood will also breath and they will ultimately sound better. Yes, yes, Nitro lacquer takes a lot longer to dry. 2 grand is actually a bit MORE than the original cost relatively speaking. Somehow Leo managed to do OK. AT LEAST offer the kids the option to buy a new Tele or Strat with the money they saved mowing lawns, and get the REAL THING. Poly-U is like playing a table leg! At LEAST make a few models basically as they were in the old days. Leave the "Flash Coat Lacquer" for the guys who like new stuff. Go ahead and charge the extra 20-30 clams it takes to mass produce a Telecaster and Strat as they were ca. 1959. That is what most people will buy. Dear lord already. Everyone agrees on the basic classic years. You will sell more and make more money. Custom shop buyers will still spend just as much.
Fender American Vintage '58 Telecaster Electric Guitar Aged White Blonde Maple Neck
.Alan James at Custom Guitar's Friend made the experience of buying this instrument easy and worry free. His expertise in handling my questions made all the difference. Although Sweetwater is always trying to get my business, because Custom Guitar's Friend has great sales people like Alan- all of my business belongs to him. I hope that he gets recognized for his excellent work and kind and patient manner.
Fender American Vintage '58 Telecaster Electric Guitar Aged White Blonde Maple Neck

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