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Fender Rumble 115 600W 1x15 Bass Speaker Cabinet

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Hardshell Case of Fender Rumble 115 600W 1x15 Bass Speaker Cabinet
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Product Description

The Rumble Series is a mighty leap forward in the evolution of portable bass amps. The 600W 1x15" Rumble bass speaker cab comes equipped with a 15" Eminence speaker and a single compression tweeter with full/off/-6dB switch.

Rumble Series speaker cabinets have been re-voiced to produce a superior level of sonic detail and low-frequency translation. And for even greater performance and convenience, all Rumble cabinets are equipped with Fender's patented Magnetic Rumble Head-Attachment System. Additional upgrades include Eminence drivers and premium HF compression tweeters.

Power handling: 600W (program); 300W (continuous) Speakers: 1x15" Eminence driver; one compression tweeter with full/off/-6dB switch Dimensions: 20.75" x 23" x 14.5" Weight: 39 lbs.

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I paired this up with the Fender Rumble V3 2x10 combo and it thumps hard. Great sound and really light. Comes with casters even though it's very light. Great construction and sounds great. It can handle a lot of low end. Great for any style of music. I love it! I am not selling this cabinet ever. Especially when paired with the 2x10, it rocks!! Buy it! Inexpensive and worth every penny.
Fender Rumble 115 600W 1x15 Bass Speaker Cabinet
.This is a reasonably priced terrific sounding addition. It can be used with the Rumble 200 and sounds great! But it also is powerful enough to handle my Hartkee L500, although I would feel safer getting a second one if I was using it at anything other than practice volume.

Did I mention that it is only about 40 lbs?, but actually feels lighter.
Fender Rumble 115 600W 1x15 Bass Speaker Cabinet
.I bought this cabinet to replace the 2X10 cabinet I was using. I wanted to get back to the big, full 15" sound that I grew up playing with. I got it this morning and used it on a gig later that night. My amp is a Carvin BX500 and I played a Yamaha TRBX174. No effects. Did not use the tweeter.

Clear and punchy. Big bottom. Very Hi-Fi sound from the Eminence speaker. Extremely light weight. Just the right size. The casters and handles make it easy to move around. Good looking package.
Fender Rumble 115 600W 1x15 Bass Speaker Cabinet
.I'm writing this review because most online comments I found discouraged me from trying a modern bass cabinet (as opposed to say... old school bassman, ampeg, kustom, etc.). To cut to the chase, a telecaster through a clean tube signal (Tone King Galaxy) through this cabinet sounds like heaven to me, powerful and clean. Against all conventional wisdom, I even use the compression tweeter (on lower setting) to keep some of the treble attack and it even somewhat disguises the fact that I'm using older strings right now. This thing is very light, loud, and has that classic fender look. And it sounds so good with a clean tube head going through it that I only stopped playing once my calluses peeled off....
- I have not yet played this with a band. As you know, what sounds beautiful in a bedroom can get washed out in a band setting, especially if you are stepping on other peoples frequencies. Keeping this in mind, I tried to dial in some more high-mids than I at first preferred, and it still sounded awesome... It might take some tweaking in a band setting to make sure you stay in a proper guitar range.
-I use single coils. The voicing of this cabinet might be overkill if you use humbuckers.
-I use very heavy custom gauge heavy strings, where my strings are 14, 18, 28, 38, 49, 62 tuned standard E. This seems counter-intuitive to my warning about humbuckers, but if you use very light strings, I think that the amplified effect might sound a little tiring on the ear. I do like the sound of lighter strings, but through more conventional setups. When the bass of light strings is boosted through either effects, a bigger speaker, etc., it can sound kind of synthetic for lack of a better word. After a while, my ears get tired, your mileage may vary. Same thing when I listen to overly scooped eq mastering....
-You obviously might lose some sparkle. However, not all of it, and as a benefit you definitely get rid of ice-picky highs...
Fender Rumble 115 600W 1x15 Bass Speaker Cabinet
.I use this as a add on for my old Peavey TKO115 bass combo, it adds an extra amount of full to my sound. I also use it with my very old Kustom KGA65 112 guitar amp, with the comp. tweeter, wow, it gave it new life.
Fender Rumble 115 600W 1x15 Bass Speaker Cabinet
.As good as any High priced American made 15" with horn I have had. I guess the Eminance Speaker makes the difference. I was shocked!! I have and do have Carvin,Markbass and have played many,many others.
Fender Rumble 115 600W 1x15 Bass Speaker Cabinet
.I purchased this cabinet to add onto my Rumble 500. The 500 sounds great on its own, but the single 15 inch speaker coupled with the 2 10 inch speakers on the 500 create a nice deep sound that is really nice. I can rattle the house with the extra bass sound with this cabinet. The extra cabinet also looks good on stage. You wont be disappointed. It would be nice if there were handles on top but not a deal breaker, it only weights 39 pounds. There are casters that I have not put on yet that I have heard that cabinet being so low it is hard to push. The cabinet is light and easily carried.
Fender Rumble 115 600W 1x15 Bass Speaker Cabinet
.Adding a 15 inch speaker to your sound can addict you to its depth! This is a fender bass cabinet but I wanted at least the cabinet (which is great!) and will at sometime put a celestion 15 guitar speaker in its
box. Watch your ohms in fender vintage speaker setups though. This is 8 ohms. I have a fender super sonic 112 combo (60W) that this pairs up with. Wow.....
Fender Rumble 115 600W 1x15 Bass Speaker Cabinet
.Perfect match to my 4 - 10 cabs ..excellent sound So I thought if I buy the 15" it would add a little more depth ! IT DID ! Not surprised because its a F E N D E R !
Fender Rumble 115 600W 1x15 Bass Speaker Cabinet
.Great product! Excellent sound! Smaller and lighter than the 15" cabinet I was using.
Fender Rumble 115 600W 1x15 Bass Speaker Cabinet

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