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Fender Aerodyne 4-String Jazz Bass Black Rosewood Fretboard

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Hardshell Case of Fender Aerodyne 4-String Jazz Bass Black Rosewood Fretboard
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Product Description

The special-edition Fender Aerodyne 4-String Jazz Bass features a bound basswood body with a unique carved top, a maple neck with rosewood fingerboard, and matching painted headstock. It's loaded with a Precision/Jazz pickup combination and rear-routed, top-mounted controls. The lack of a pickguard and fretboard inlays (side dots only) give the Fender Aerodyne Jazz Bass an especially clean, no-nonsense look.

Black polyurethane finish Basswood body with unique radius and carved top Maple neck with C shape and satin polyurethane finish Rosewood fingerboard (stained with side dots only) 7-1/4" radius 20 medium-jumbo frets 1 split-coil Precision pickup (mid) 1 single-coil Jazz pickup (bridge) Volume, volume, tone controls (rear routed) No pickup switching Standard 4-saddle bridge Standard machine heads Smoked chrome hardware No pickguard 34" scale length 1-1/2" nut width Top-mounted input jack

A smooth, clean instrument with a look of understated elegance. Order today.

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I play rock, blues, and punk rock. I bought this bass used because it had the features that I wanted (jazz neck, precision pup, jazz body, Bad Ass bridge), and it is absolutely gorgeous to look at. When I got it, the previous owner had set it up for slapping. It had round-wound strings and the the action was nice and low, but it made too much string-against-fret noise. It just sounded dead. I knew I had to change strings and set it up, but I was disappointed and lost interest in it. I had it up for sale for about six months. In the meantime, I had it on a guitar rack in my office with a couple of other basses. Slowly but surely I started picking it up more and more. I finally put on a nice pair of Rotosound flats, and it immediately came to life for me. I fell in love with the feel of the neck, the softness of the fret board, and the sheer beauty of the black with cream trim. I love the stealthy look of the neck. The neck is fast. The body balances nicely. It's incredibly light so it's easy to find that sweet balance spot and lock it in place. I play the guitar on the P pup mostly for that bluesy rock sound, and I dial in a little of the J pup and the tone when I need to cut through the mix a little. Wonderful guitar.
This bass has the feature set that I was looking for: Jazz neck, Jazz body, p/j pups and a Bad Ass bridge. The Strat style jack is a plus (it looks great and allows for a low-profile plug-in).
I'll never let anyone tell me that the non-American made Fenders are lower quality. This bass has a polished well-made feel.Sometimes lighter guitars can have a low-quality feel, but the Aerodyne feels solid and tight.
The feature set alone is worth it. It's at least two guitars in one (a Pbass and a J bass).
Fender Aerodyne 4-String Jazz Bass Black Rosewood Fretboard
.The Aerodyne is, lovely, it has a slim neck and body. You can easily monuver around the Bass without your fingers tripping out and hitting the wrong frets. I have had so many comments about the appearances its a beautiful, slim & sexy Bass! I love everything bout this Bass and I have no dislikes. After Band practices, my shoulder does not ache, it's so light and conveniant. I'm in a Punk Rock band so when I'm on stage the bass feels like air when I'm jumping around like a spaz! The Fret board is soo perfect for my small hands.
I totally 100% recommend this Bass to Bassist that like lightweight Bass while performing. I totally recommend it!
Amaazing product
This Product, I could not be more happy with! This Bass is beautiful! I have 3 words for it! Slim, Slender & Sexy! (try saying that 10 times over)
Fender Aerodyne 4-String Jazz Bass Black Rosewood Fretboard
.After putting in some seymour duncan bassline's quarter pounders in the middle and bridge positions to give the bass a little more bass response and "oomph" I was completely satisfied. Sound wise, it resonates very well and will sustain a note for days if you wanted it to. Cosmetically, its a real head turner. When you walk into a venue every bassist in the room (and even some guitar players) wanna get thier hands on it. As far as tone goes, this thing is the swiss army knife of the bass world. With the right eq settings and with the knobs turned to the right spots this bass can play anything and everything. If you want a bass that will make people jealous whn they see it and really make them feel a "kick" when you plug it in, this is the bass for you.
The P/J pick up configuration is a really nice touch. I feel that it adds a lot of tonal versatility. Dial in 50% on the P-bass pick up and let J-bass and tone knob run wide open and you get a good amount of crunch for hard rock and the heaviest of metal. Dial the tone knob back and you get a nice clean sound for tapping while the notes still stay articulate. Great for punk, metal, funk, and everything in between. The carved body really takes away alot of the weight so its great for long sets (however it still resonates just as much as my 15+ pond p-bass) and the off-white/ cream looks absolutuely stunning next to the high gloss black finish.
I've had this bass for close to 6 months and have never had the first problem come up. The finsh is as thick as a dinner plate and only has 2 small chips in the back (both of which happened prior to my ownership. It was purchased as a floor model on clearence). It stays in tune very well (this thing can take hours of aggresive play and hard practices and still not need a tuning).
As i stated above i purchased this on clearence as it was a floor model that had taken a bang here and there. However i would have been more than happy to pay the full price for such a nice bass.
Fender Aerodyne 4-String Jazz Bass Black Rosewood Fretboard
.Tone? I've owned and played basses ranging from Fender American Jazz to Gibson SG 30-inch scale to Ibanez SR 570 with active pickups. Of those, the most tone possibilities belonged to the Ibanez active UNTIL I got this Made in Japan Fender Aerodyne Bass with passive pickups. Wow! Isolating the P pickups and the J pickup really highlights the tone possibilities of this magnificent bass. And blending the two sets of pickups offers infinite tone possibilities for any musical situation. It's great to turn a nob and instantly hear a change in tone. Playability? Hands down, the Aerodyne is the smoothest, easiest-fretting bass I've ever had the pleasure to play. My Gibson SG would come closest but would still rank second. The spacing between the strings somehow feels "logical" to my fingers. I lowered the action just a bit and found my comfortable setting. No fret buzz and intonation remained perfect. And this bass stays in tune! Fit and Finish? You can "feel" the quality just holding this beautiful lightweight but well-balanced instrument. Then when you play a run, you just have to smile! I am excited and happy with this great high-quality bass guitar.
Fender Aerodyne 4-String Jazz Bass Black Rosewood Fretboard
. i bought this bass unseen going only on reviews and was not disappointed.i play a p bass and was looking for a lighter bass with the same sound. what i got was a bass that i think sounds better and my shoulder thanks me every night.
beautiful black finish, controls are top notch, great neck, style and design are are tastefull and unique
i can understand why no case or gig bag is offered to keep the price of this piece down. once i played it, unplugged, out of the box , it wasn't an issue.
Fender Aerodyne 4-String Jazz Bass Black Rosewood Fretboard
.I bought this bass to get the combination P-bass pick-ups with the J-bass neck and bridge pick-up. Out of the box, it kind of sounded average, but when I put some D'Addariao ECB82 flatwound strings on it, it came alive and sounded wonderful.
Fender Aerodyne 4-String Jazz Bass Black Rosewood Fretboard
.The Aerodyne body sheds some weight and you still have a full 34"scale. Black with smoked chrome trim - This bass is beautiful!
Fender Aerodyne 4-String Jazz Bass Black Rosewood Fretboard
.I bought this bass used to replace a Squier Precision from somewhere around 97. The guy I bought it from had really fat strings on it and the action really high, but, after I set it up and got some reasonable strings, it plays better than any bass I've ever played, including MusicMan and Fenders costing two or more times as much. It's VERY light, which is awesome, and the split pickup is great. Jazz is just okay, but if you're a P player or P/J player, give it a shot.
Fender Aerodyne 4-String Jazz Bass Black Rosewood Fretboard
.I am a gigging musician and have owned everything out there. I have to say, get this one now. I have sold more basses after taking them to the gig than I can count. I bought this as a backup, but it may make it to the show. I play a US p bass that has been heavily modified. I added a double humbucker in the bridge on my p bass and an Audere preamp. Nothing could sound and play better, or could it? This Aerodyne is magic. I added an Audere pre to it as well and WOW. For the money, you would have to pay thousands to compare to the build quality, playability and sound. For more versatility, add the Audere preamp and you'll never look back. Sorry Pedulla, you are up for bids.
Fender Aerodyne 4-String Jazz Bass Black Rosewood Fretboard
.I have been playing bass for about 9 years, 5 of which have been spent playing this bass. An amazing bass. The neck is very thin for a bass, and you can really get going fast with your fingers. Jazz pickup is very good. Provides very clean, deep sound. Perfect for a Zeppelin sound. The precision pickup is pretty good, only reason I give it a 4.5 for features. It sounds great for a high-range treble. When you combine the two, it sounds very good. The mid-range, sounds very good, but sometimes doesn't get "punchy" enough for my liking. But all in all, this bass is a dream. I have yet to play a bass that I like remotely as much as my Aerodyne. Even the super expensive Sting Rays. If you want a fender, this is the way to go. Combines the best of both worlds as far as Precision and Jazz basses go. Dont waste your money on any other combination bass.
Fender Aerodyne 4-String Jazz Bass Black Rosewood Fretboard

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