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Fender Standard Precision Bass Guitar Lake Placid Blue Gloss Maple Fretboard

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Hardshell Case of Fender Standard Precision Bass Guitar Lake Placid Blue Gloss Maple Fretboard
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Product Description

The Fender Standard Precision Bass Guitar delivers the sound, look, and feel today's bass players demand. The Fender Standard Precision features that classic P-Bass old-school design. Each Precision Bass boasts contemporary features and refinements that make it an excellent value. The alder body, maple fretboard with jumbo frets, and split single-coil pickup deliver the fat tone that has driven rhythm sections for decades.

Series: Standard series Body: Alder Neck: Maple, modern C shape, gloss urethane finish Fingerboard: Maple 9-1/2" Radius (241 mm) Frets: 20 Medium-jumbo frets Pickups: 1 Standard Precision Bass split single-coil pickup (Mid) Controls: Volume, Tone Bridge: Standard vintage style with single groove saddles Machine heads: Standard Hardware: Chrome Pickguard: 3-Ply Parchment Scale Length: 34" (864 mm) Width at Nut: 1-5/8" (41.3 mm) Unique features: Knurled chrome P Bass knobs, Fender transition logo Strings: Fender Super Bass 7250ML, NPS

The P Bass continues to provide that classic Fender look and sound ” add it to the cart now.

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If you are a new bass player, this is a good one to start with. Or, if your situation is like mine and only needed a bass to lay down tracks, it works well in that area. However, you may want to move up in price and purchase an American made if your playing all of the time. The reason I gave it a 4 was due to no case nor gig bag comes with this guitar. There is no excuse for that, I wound up purchasing a hard shell case. Since I'm in my 60's I don't do much live work, but I do have a small recording studio. I use this bass to lay down tracks for those who record but don't have a band. I've spent so much for the 8 high end guitars and tube amps such as Fenders, Gibson's, G&L,PRS McCartney, Marshall JVM410 and amps like this. I just couldn't afford to buy the Fender that is top end. Even so, I doubt that if you listened to my recordings you would notice the bass guitar not a high price one. It holds tune well, if your a finger picker such as I it is easy to do, the finish looks well, and over all it looks pretty well made. I play this over an amp that is able to demonstrate what ever style you play. This bass can play bass low smooth, or add a lot of treble and raise the low end of your sound. This will work for me until at some point I will move up to the American Precision. I would strongly suggest that you don't drop below this price amount when you purchase a bass. Any thing less will cheat you out of a good playing experience.
Fender Standard Precision Bass Guitar Lake Placid Blue Gloss Maple Fretboard
.The bass plays great, didn't need to do a lot of adjustments when I received it.
Classic "P" bass sound, the maple fret board makes it a little brighter and growlier. Great bass for the money.
Fender Standard Precision Bass Guitar Lake Placid Blue Gloss Maple Fretboard
.I recently got my hands on one of these as my third bass, and I have to say I'm quite impressed. You really get what you pay for with this instrument, it sounds great, feels great, and overall is a quality bass.
Fender Standard Precision Bass Guitar Lake Placid Blue Gloss Maple Fretboard
.This guitar is awesome! I bought this for my grandson and he was blown away! Exactly as pictured and customer service worked with me to get it here by his birthday.
Fender Standard Precision Bass Guitar Lake Placid Blue Gloss Maple Fretboard
.The Precision is where it all started. So this bass has a lot to live up to. And it does live up to its reputation. My first "real bass" was a Japanese Precision, and I've owned American Standards over the years. Right out of the box the bass felt like a favorite old shoe that had been reconditioned. The finish (Candy Apple Red) was flawless. The neck was straight, with good fretwork. The action was nice, and the intonation was good. There was no fret buzz, or dead spots on the neck. The pickups were set nice, with even volume string-to-string. I saw no need to have it set up, as it was good to go right out of the box. I immediately used it as my main work bass at a gig (which was risky, it being brand new and untried and all), and it burped, grunted, and barked like a Precision should. Bottom line-It's a Precision, and I was hard pressed to find anything to complain about. I gave it 4 stars because I would give an American Standard 5, even though I couldn't find that big a difference between the two.
Fender Standard Precision Bass Guitar Lake Placid Blue Gloss Maple Fretboard
.I gave it a 4 out of 5 because the setup out of the box was quite awful. The neck had a considerable bow to it, but after some adjusting it's now straight as an arrow and holding. The nut was filed beautifully and the finish is flawless. After a good setup, I would rank this thing right up there with the $1200 american standard.
Fender Standard Precision Bass Guitar Lake Placid Blue Gloss Maple Fretboard
.I've been playing a standard jazz bass for a long time and decided to add a p bass to my collection. The first one I received must have bypassed QC entirely. When I took it out of the box, the volume and tone knobs were not on the bass. I dug them out of the box and put them on, no big deal. The second issue I noticed was that the E string tuner had a "notch" or "hump" in it, making it difficult to tune. I figured I'd replace the tuners eventually and didn't worry about it. During my first long practice with it, I noticed that the E string saddle was lowering itself after about 30 minutes of hard playing. Again, figuring I'd replace the bridge eventually, I decided to let that slide. I actually thought it came set up quite nicely, but thought I'd give the neck just a bit of relief. That's when I discovered that the truss rod was damaged. Turning it either way produced no results. I sent it back and ordered another one. This one is much better. None of the problems that I had with the first one. There are two dull (not quite dead) frets on the low E string, but nothing terrible. I will say that this bass looks great. I ordered it in arctic white. This bass will do, but if I were to purchase another, I'd probably go a little more high end than the standard series.
Fender Standard Precision Bass Guitar Lake Placid Blue Gloss Maple Fretboard
.I bought this bass scratch n dent (level 3). It had a couple of little knicks on it plus a nice bit of paint missing on the body but the sound was nothing short of spectacular! This bass feels really comfortable in your hands especially if you're upgrading from a less than quality bass. The tone is very good with the stock pickups. If you record at home and/or don't mind a couple scratches or knicks (aka character) and are only worried about good sound rather than aesthetics then definitely go with the open box ones that could end up saving you a couple hundred, if you're lucky like me!
Fender Standard Precision Bass Guitar Lake Placid Blue Gloss Maple Fretboard

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I had been wanting a real P bass for quite a while (I have previously owned a cheap P bass copy, an Epiphone Viola and a Squier Jaguar Bass) and leapt on an amazing deal on a "blemished" one - I would recommend the open box offerings to anyone as you can get some pretty unbelievable savings. The bass plays great so far and feels extremely substantial and well-made, especially compared to my Squier and P-copy. It has the perfect Precision tone and feel with some real punch, depth and/or sparkle depending on how you dial in the dead-simple controls and EQ your sound. The quality is great and it is a joy to play - super comfortable with the satin neck finish, and the stock strings are perfect for what I need. There is a small amount of fret buzz but I am sure a setup by someone who knows what they are doing more than I do will fix that. Intonation was the best I have seen on a brand-new instrument. The only real gripes I had were on the setup and delivery end rather than the factory (which was amazing and produced a really excellent instrument) - when I received the bass, the volume knob had come off in transit and was bouncing around in the box and the packing job was pretty lackluster; just a soft styrofoam-type bag and a few packing blocks in the box with the bass. Furthermore, the headstock was pushed right up against one side of the box, and there was a minor amount of denting on the section that made contact with the edge. I have put more effort into packing instruments in flight cases for plane travel, and another major musical instrument retailer (not mentioning any names) did a much better job shipping my aforementioned Squier Jaguar. I would have appreciated a bit more care being put into that, but fortunately there was no damage to the bass during shipping. Another big plus was that shipping was very prompt, with the bass arriving a day or two before the scheduled delivery date.

In summary, I adore this bass and won't need another any time soon.
Fender Standard Precision Bass Guitar Lake Placid Blue Gloss Maple Fretboard
.Ther is no question this is a great bass. i just bought the placid blue from GC last week from over the phone. I had scouted this bass out for two weeks ans decided not to buy because i have a few fenders including a five string Jazz bass, a Squire P bass. the Precision Deluxe with the Jazz PU in red and gold and an American Jazz bass in natural ash, but this bass had a checker pick guard, a thumb rest, great strings, was well broken in without the roadworn price and the GC gave me a price I could not beat. So I bpught it before it was gone, I love playing it and will sell my Squire P bass which feels less refined in touch and feel.
You cannot really go wrong with this bass I met Donald Duck Dunn, the bass player for the blues brothers, at a dinner before he died and he swore by the P Bass. That was good enough for me. RIP DUCK
Fender Standard Precision Bass Guitar Lake Placid Blue Gloss Maple Fretboard

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