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Fender Standard Jazz Bass Guitar Black Gloss Maple Fretboard

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Hardshell Case of Fender Standard Jazz Bass Guitar Black Gloss Maple Fretboard
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Product Description

The Fender Standard Jazz Bass has the classic offset, contoured alder body with standard pickups and controls for definitive J Bass sound. The maple neck has a modern C profile, comfortable gloss finish, maple fretboard, and 20 medium jumbo frets. Chrome-plated hardware.

Classic offset body shape Alder body Modern C shape maple neck Maple fingerboard 20 medium jumbo frets Standard J Bass pickups Chromeplated hardware

Order today and play a classic.

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This bass is exactly what Ive been looking for since I first was Interested in bass guitars. The High-Gloss fretboard was the big pulling factor for me getting this bass. The satin finish on the back of the neck makes it extremely easy to move up and down the neck for hours without getting sore. I honestly thought that the pickups would be weak, but they are actually about on par with an American jazz bass. Actually the only real differences that I can tell about the Quality, Parts, etc of this bass are the Bridges on both instruments, and the logo on the back of the headstock saying made in Mexico. If you were thinking of picking up an American special, save some money and buy this. Its great!
No Specia Fetures. It's a Jazz bass. It does what it is designed to do well.
Top notch finish on the body and excellent gloss on the fretboard.
I caught it when the Christmas sale was going on and, as someone else stated on the rosewood variant of these basses, it feels like you hit the Jackpot.
Fender Standard Jazz Bass Guitar Black Gloss Maple Fretboard
.I have played the bass guitar for over 35 years, and have owned 26 bass guitars over this time! No kidding whatsoever. I have owned some of the best basses availalbe during this time. I can say without a doubt that the 2013 Fender Standard Jazz is right up there with the Music Man Stingray (MIA), as well as 2 American Fender Jazz Basses I have owned since 1977.
What got my attention was when a good friend who is a professional bass player did a switch on me. He took the neck off of one of his MIA Fender Jazz and put it on the body of a new MIM Fender Jazz. He also took the body of the MIM Jazz and placed it on the MIA body. I wass amazed with the little if any difference between the 2 hybrid (lol) Fender basses. He then put the necks with their original body and had me to play each of them for about 20 minutes each. I honestly could not tell very little if any difference. My friend was absolutely correct when he told me that I was crazy to pay twice the price for a MIA Jazz, when I could buy the MIM Jazz and be completely satisfied with it. I would to see some of you out there try this if you can get the opportunity. You will be amazed with the quality of this bass!
Fender Standard Jazz Bass Guitar Black Gloss Maple Fretboard
.I love these. I wanted another one and I bought the Standard instead of the American Standard because im really into the pickups on Fender Standard Guitars, also, whats cooler than a white Fender Bass? Beyond that its 100% Fender Jazz Bass and that means the KING of Electric Basses, unparalled. I recommend this Bass to anyone who plays or plans to play bass - experienced or no..Some have said the Jazz bass is an expreienced players instrument - the long tapered neck, the offset waist, the weight, etc., can be intimidating to the begginner . I say, if you dont like the Jazz Bass, you dont like Bass guitars, you might as well start with the best and not begin any bad habbits.
Fender Standard Jazz Bass Guitar Black Gloss Maple Fretboard
.This was my seventh bass guitar purchase from Custom Guitar's Friend and as always, the service was fast and easy. This Fender Jazz Bass rivals my Rickenbacker for quality and playability. Definitely a good decision to buy this bass guitar!
Fender Standard Jazz Bass Guitar Black Gloss Maple Fretboard
.I have owned some very fine basses in the past, Rickenbacker 4001, Martin Acoustic, Fenders and this little Standard Jazz Bass is right up there at the top. My Rick was a 1974 and it was flawless, I still have my Martin. This Jazz Bass has a great neck and the pick-ups make this puppy growl. I put the Fender Black Nylon Tape Wound med gauge strings on it and kicked up the sound and action a notch-or-two. I run it through an Ampeg bass head with a 2X10 and 1X15 stack. I can get the ultra-clean tone as well as an OD sound. I use a BBE and a bass compressor, but very moderately. Don't let the price fool you. I have directly compared this to a MIA JB and the ONLY way that you could tell the difference is if you read the label on the back of the head-stock. Save a boat load of cash and buy a Mongo Bass amp with the $$ that you save. I did.
Fender Standard Jazz Bass Guitar Black Gloss Maple Fretboard
.Just picked up one of these to do the ocassional bass gig, as I am primarily a Jazz Guitarist. I am thrilled with the quality of the construction and the sound. I used to work in a Fender dealership years ago, and they have made great strides with the MIM basses the past few years. Not fully MIA quality, but close enough that it suits my needs perfectly, and this truly feels like a professional level instrument.
Fender Standard Jazz Bass Guitar Black Gloss Maple Fretboard
.Love my jazz bass! Second one that I have owned. As always had to set up to my taste. Great tone, great looks and great feel. Not sure what makes jazz basses feel so comfortable, but they seem to wear in quickly and only sound better with age. No disappointments here. Highly recommend as a keeper and a life long instrument. Enjoy!!
Fender Standard Jazz Bass Guitar Black Gloss Maple Fretboard
.2 hours after receiving this, I was on the phone with MSF requesting a return label. The only thing I liked about it was it's looks & that it had the name Fender on it. MSF customer service was great & I reordered a Schecter C-4 in place of it & I love it, the sound, playability, feel, even the looks of it are night & day above the Fender. Once again hats off to MSF.com customer service. P.S. This was my very first return in the 25 years dealing with this online service!
Fender Standard Jazz Bass Guitar Black Gloss Maple Fretboard
.I have six basses, including four Fender basses - a U.S. Precision, an Aerodyne, a Musicmaster (also U.S.) and this Jazz (made in Mexico). This Jazz is BY FAR the best, smoothest playing bass I have ever played. I have flat-wound strings and I have played it through various amps - Fender, Ampeg, Acoustic and Peavey - an it always comes through. I have played the bass on five CDs without a hitch. It practically plays itself. It has a relatively low price point but outperforms basses costing four times as much. I play everything from classic rock to country to contemporary Christian to bluegrass. The tone can be changed from smooth and soft to very trebly and bold. I highly recommend the Jazz to anyone who wants a great bass at a fair price.
Fender Standard Jazz Bass Guitar Black Gloss Maple Fretboard
.This is the 2nd Fender Standard Jazz Bass MIM that I've purchased. My first was great right out of the box. This one had some bad issues with fret buzz but since I was going to upgrade the electronics etc... I didn't return it to MF. The standard pickups that come with bass are ok, but I like a little more punch so I upgraded to Seymour Duncan Quarter Pounders. The bridge is ok also, but again I like more sustain so I upgraded to a Fender high mass bridge. The fret buzz was being caused by a bad filing on the nut. Filed way to deep. I replaced the nut, filed it correctly and all the buzz is gone. A 15.00 fix and not having to go through the return process. The body and neck are great and just a beautiful bass with great feel. I also replaced the strings with my favorites. Got a great deal on this bass with 20% off so I didn't go wrong. One thing I would suggest is if your card that comes with the bass doesn't have the tune/test and inspector portion blocks initialed, watch out as mine wasn't; and it slipped thru. I purchased the white and it is so cool!!! I gave this bass a 3 only because of the fret buzz. But other than that a great instrument.
Fender Standard Jazz Bass Guitar Black Gloss Maple Fretboard

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