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Fender Blues Deluxe Reissue 40W 1x12" Combo Amp

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Product Description

The Fender Blues Deluxe Reissue 40W 1x12" Combo Amp rocks”and not just for the blues! In 1993 Fender released the Blues series amps to great success and acclaim. These modern versions of vintage Fender amps from the '50s customized those designs with channel switching and reverb while retaining the vintage style and tone. When the series was updated, the extremely popular Hot Rod series was born and became a new standard in tube amplification. Now Fender has brought back the Blues designs to satisfy the increasing number of enthusiasts who continue to request the warm tone, unique circuitry, and vintage-style features and look of the original versions.

The Blues Deluxe Reissue, a reinterpretation of the classic Deluxe amp with a tube complement of 3 - 12AX7s and 2 - 6L6s produces 40W into a 12" Eminence special-design speaker with an all-tube preamp and power amp. It has Normal and Drive channels with independent Gain and Master for the Drive channel and a Bright switch for Normal channel. It also has an effects loop, reverb, presence, master volume, 3-band EQ, and Standby switch. Original Blues series styling includes a chrome control panel, vintage chicken head knobs, and, of course, genuine tweed covering.

All-tube preamp and power amp 40W 12" special-design Eminence speaker Dual selectable channels (Normal and Drive) Independent Gain and Master controls in the Drive channel Bright switch for Normal channel Effects loop Reverb Chrome panel Vintage chicken-head knobs Controls: Presence, Reverb, Master, Middle, Bass, Treble, Drive select switch, Drive, Volume, Bright, Standby Genuine tweed covering Tube complement: 3 x 12AX7, 2 x 6L6, SS rectifier Includes footswitch 23-1/2"W x 18-3/4"H x 10-1/2"D

You loved the tone the first time around, and now you've got a second chance to pick one up. Order Now!


Blues Deluxe Reissue 40W 1x12" Combo Amp

Dimensions: 23-1/2"W x 18-3/4"H x 10-1/2"D
Weight: 45 lb.

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I have a spare room full of vintage Marshall and Fender amps. I've been a tone hound for 40 years. I make a living playing top 40 classic rock and modern country. I LOVE this amp. I love how it looks, sounds, holds up, is easy to repair, costs so little, fit's in my trunk, doesn't break my back, needs no modifications, is louder than I'll ever need, and I love that it's a Fender.
I bought this amp because I needed an amp I wouldn't be afraid to use in a club. My vintage amps stay at home!
This is the most popular club amp right now, and was a big reason as to why I dared to buy one. Listening to some You Tube videos was another reason. I bought it used and for cheap, and so I figured I could always sell it for little to no loss if I didn't like it. Out here in this desert town we don't have music stores that carry this amp. I would have had to drive a hundred miles to test one out.
But it wasn't love at first strum! I thought the harshness made the amp unusable. I was livid. "Cheap Fender modern junk!" But I'm a tinkerer at heart, and so I just kept twisting knobs trying to get a decent tone out of it. It drove me nuts, because no setting sounded anywhere near pleasing.
What I finally figured out, after about a twenty hours of tinkering, is that it's not a harsh amp AT ALL, but instead, a very BRIGHT amp. That's how some vintage amps are. And that brightness sounds like harshness to us modern amp players who are so very used to having our guitar tone knobs on 10 all the time that we can't even begin to imagine it could be the cause of harsh tones. THE TRICK (you are so fortunate to be learning this) to loving this amp is to actually adjust the tone knobs on your guitar!
Who would have thought? IMPORTANT, turning down the treble on the amp doesn't cure the harshness! Leave the treble knob at 5, and use your guitar's tone knobs instead. Start at zero, strum a chord and then slowly turn the guitar's tone knob up until it sounds like the virtual blanket has been removed from the amp. You'll find that it's close to only 3 or 4! Shocking!
Once I learned to actually use my guitar's tone knobs, the amp lost all it's harshness! In fact, what an awesome feature, for now my tone knobs are actually useful! What a concept! It's a whole new plateau. Like discovering whammy bars. So cool!
I did try a cheap power soak attenuater on it, and it did wonderful things for the amp. It instantly sounded very vintage, like a 1958 Fender tweed Deluxe. If all I played was blues I would use the amp just like that...full volume! The harshness was gone and the mids shined like a vintage tweed. I didn't even need to close my eyes to think I was playing through a fifties tweed deluxe.
But a stand alone 50's tweed deluxe is not going to work on 3/4 of the songs we do, and so I whipped out the Boss ME-50. Oh my gosh! Pure tonal bliss! I now set the amp to it's normal channel, tone knobs to 5 and presence around 3, a touch of reverb and then set the volume to only 2. I BOOST the volume with the ME-50. This is pure magic! The amp is dead silent when I'm not playing, and when I am playing, the sound it incredible. Beautiful traditional vintage Fender clean tones and then with the Tube Screamer I have S.R.V. creamy solos, and nice crunchy chords. Switching to an MXR Distortion+ or Pro-Co Rat, and I hear very deep tight bass when making palm muted crunchy chords! Yes, DEEP TIGHT BASS! For a while I didn't think the amp was even nearly capable of it, but set up like this, the bass was shockingly rich. Heavy metal on a tweed??? Almost! I wouldn't be afraid to do a Judas Priest cover with it, but no, I wouldn't recommend this amp for a ferocious metal band.
A Tube Screamer is the way to go here, and boost that signal! But the noise gate and compressor are also part of the magic, although not nearly as important. Try a Power Soak if you like vintage tweed tones.
Use your guitar's tone knobs, a Tube Screamer with the level cranked. Oh and set the tone knobs on the amp all to 5. That's where I like them.
Wow! The guitar's tone knobs! I always thought the tone knobs on my guitars where there just in case I wanted to play some cocktail jazz! LOL
My amp is about 5 years old, dirty, sticky, torn, beat up, ripped and smells like a bar, but it's completely original down to the factory tubes and speaker.
The Boss ME-50 works great with this amp. The other guitar player in our band has a $3000 amp and a $2000 pedal board. He laughed at my cheap rig until he heard it. My set up sounds way better in all way and is far more reliable. He marvels at my clean tone, bass and silence when not being played. When I solo, the band room is filled with glorious tube amp sonic bliss. The sound seems to ooze from the walls. That's one other really great thing about the stock factory speaker. It disperses the sound well.
What else? Set it flat on the floor. Use a rug if the floor is concrete. Don't set it on stands or risers. Don't tilt it back.
Use the number 1 input. Using the number 2 input just makes the amp noisier between songs.
It has an effects loop! No doubt an EH Holy Grail Reverb would sound awesome in there.
There's a jack for a second cabinet! I bet a second cabinet would be great.
No need to modify anything. The drive channel is shockingly weak. Maybe 5db of boost. Maybe someone can make that better. It's definitely only good for the bluesiest blues guys. The Tube Screamer is a match made in heaven for this amp. I normally hate Tube Screamers because they are too weak, but with this amp it works. Endless sustain, sweet feedback, focused and tight solos, warm crunchy chords, cleans up nicely when the volume is rolled back down. Just make sure to crank the volume (not gain) on the Tube Screamer way up, and leave it on. Turn it off only between songs because you won't have much volume with it off. If that doesn't work for you, then get a clean boost. Better yet, use a Boss ME-50. I love mine. It does it at. 50 effects all in one pedal! It doesn't sound good with a cranked amp, but on a clean tube amp.....it's magic.
Since I'm giving away all my secrets, lol, nothing beats a guitar that is properly tuned and intonated. After 40 years of playing I am still mastering these things. Nothing has done more for my tone than learning how to properly adjust and maintain my guitar. A guitar is like a vintage race car. If one can get it to run right, it's awesome to drive, but it's not going to run right for long, it needs constant adjustments and fine tuning. 90% of guitars are intonated poorly. That's my opinion. When my guitar is properly intonated and tuned it's an awesome moment. Tuners only get you half way there. The rest is by ear.
Don't fall for boutique guitar cords. Buy the kind you can step on a thousand times. I use 25 foot cords I bought back in the 1980's! I've had to resolder the connectors but they still sound great and cost maybe only twenty dolars back in the day.
Dimarzio HS-3s pickups sound great and are very versatile. My Strat has three of them.
Pickup height is so important! Too close and they screw up your intonation! Too far and they loose gain and clarity. It's an art. Also, they all need to be balanced. With the strings fretted at the 22nd fret....important!.....I set the poles on the upper and lower E strings 0.070" away from their respective pole pieces. I use two Fender medium picks sandwiched as a 0.070" feeler gauge. That's the magic spot for me. It makes all the difference in the world.
Make sure your nut is set up right. Do you even know how far your strings are from your first fret when you fret your second fret? I didn't think so! Your guitar will play like a dream with a new nut that's been properly filed. Learn how to do it yourself.
There are many new bridges on the market.Especially for the Tele and Strat. The stock Fender bridge ain't all that. Find one that locks the saddles in place after they are adjusted.
Top and polish your frets often. The difference it makes is incredible.
Don't use petroleum distillates on your guitar. They're poisonous! Not all Lemon Oils are the same. Read the label. Don't use poisonous oils. Think! Your fingers absorb the oils. I use cooking oils on my maple neck. It takes very little to make a neck slippery as butter, and taste delicious.
Use a dishwash sponge scrubby side to roughen up the back of your guitar's neck. This too makes the neck slippery. Do it often. Your hand will polish out the neck again in just weeks and then will feel sticky again.
Amp sounds bad? May be your home's voltage! Slight voltage changes can really alter tone. Know your voltages.
Keep your nut's string grooves cleaned and lubricated!
Learn to sing.
Don't use drugs.
Don't work a job you hate forever.
Call your mom often.
Good bye!
Fender Blues Deluxe Reissue 40W 1x12" Combo Amp
.This is not a tweed, sonically. I don't care what Fender's website says. If you are looking for the tweed Deluxe sound, a la Neil Young, look elsewhere. Basically, this is a half-power twin reverb, with channel switching, minus the tremolo. It has great bass, and clear highs. Midrange, by default is slightly scooped--very blackface. Warmth is there. And when you crank the volume on the normal channel, you get oh so subtle compression, with not a whole lot of breakup. Crazy country tones/Jerry Garcia tones. This is actually the amplifier that made me fall in love with fender amplification. It's just too much juice for most situations.
Fender Blues Deluxe Reissue 40W 1x12" Combo Amp
.as a blues player the smoothness and tone is what i was looking for rock blues and country. you will be very happy you got it. great tone and worth every penny. it has become my number 1 for all venues.
Fender Blues Deluxe Reissue 40W 1x12" Combo Amp
.I was in the market for a tube amp for about a year before finally making this purchase. During that time, I played on many different combo amps and head units. I got this amp a few months ago and as soon I played my first notes on it, I was in love. Now that I'm out of the puppy love stage with it, I can give an honest review. The clean tone really is amazing, you have to hear it to comprehend it. The overdrive is crunchy, but takes a minute to dial in. It takes pedals really well. A ton of clean headroom. A really loud amp overall. I've gigged with it and it's been great. I could go on, but I don't want to waste any more of your time. Just go play it, if you like it, buy it, it won't let you down.
Fender Blues Deluxe Reissue 40W 1x12" Combo Amp
. This is just another fine, fine Fender amp in a long line of fine amp products. Ok, so I like my 1973 Fender Deluxe Reverb better, so what? The DR has more reverb & maybe a few more sweet spots, but this one has more controls, volume, & tweed tones. It is a close competitor for country & blues. My 1991 Fender Vibro King is bigger, heavier, louder & came with a 50% greater price tag; but offers nothing more that I need. There is every reason to believe that this amp will hold up to all I can dish out, because every other Fender amp has over the last 25 years. Although it has more controls than I actually need to get some great tones, it's nice that they're there. One thing I've noticed also is that there is less "subtle hum" than any of my other Fenders OR my botique amps. A fun amp to enjoy at home or gigs; a relieable amp; a heavier [but not TOO heavy] amp than most of my others; an extremely versatile amp; & loud enough to work some volume & sonic changes with my guitar dial. And it looks fantastic all dressed out in those classic tweeds!! As amps go, it's a great value/ a true bargain. Don't be afraid to buy a used one; I'm not sure they can be worn out. THE perfect amp in the $500 - $1,000 range. None better.
I can't think of another feature I'd want on it. Maybe tremolo; but that's something I rarely use. It certainly isn't a dealbreaker - a pedal can solve that. There are plenty of knobs to dial; and the main thing I wanted that my great Blues Junior did not have was a standby switch. I play country, blues, & some jazz. This amp will do honor to all of these. It will dish out a larger helping of overdrive than I require, but the classic Fender warmth & grit are there for the music I play.
I got this amp used, but it looks & feels new. The ONLY thing I haven't been 100% satisfied with so far is the reverb. What's there is wonderful. I was expecting more lush/long hall levels when dialed to the max. It's a bit short of that. My Blues Junior had a bit more reverb. To be fair, this one has all I would ever require anyway.
Fender tube amps bring out the best in my guitars, especially my solidbody Cp Thorntons. I own amps that cost over twice as much as this one & they really are no better. In my opinion, they acrually are worth what THEY cost & Fender is the best value in the world of amps.
Fender Blues Deluxe Reissue 40W 1x12" Combo Amp
.I bought this amp about a year ago. I have a total of 7 different amps and this is the best amp I have ever owned. My band (Cole Porter Band) mainly plays country music and this amp has a amazing sound for country. I am the lead guitarist and I wanted a amp that can get a country twang on one channel and a fat blues sound on another channel and this amp can get both. The clean channel on this amp has a very sweet/smooth tone to it that is very hard to beat. For the dirty channel, this amp does not get very dirty at all. It is a mild overdrive that is mainly for blues, jazz, country and classic rock styles. Not made to get heavy gain for a metal sound. My only complaint about this amp is that if your traveling on the road a lot, you must take care of the tweed on this amp. DO NOT sit drinks on it, or get it wet. The tweed on this amp is real and comes off easily if you don't take care of it. You might consider buying a road case for this amp also to keep the tweed from coming off. Other then that, I highly recommend this amp to blues, jazz, country, and classic rock guitar players.
Fender Blues Deluxe Reissue 40W 1x12" Combo Amp
.I love this amp, I looked for years to find an amp with authentic clean sound, that could also get dirty and this amp hit the nail on the head. I can play music from U2 and Bruce Springsteen to songs like Hells Bells by AC/DC and they all sound great.

I thought I had gotten a great deal on this amp, but after having it for less than three weeks it started making a horrible high pitched screeching noise. I tried leaving it alone for a while but the problem persisted. It turned out the tubes were bad. I recommend the amp, it's great, but be cautious when you get it.
Fender Blues Deluxe Reissue 40W 1x12" Combo Amp
.I bought this amp back in the early 90's. I still have it and it still puts out great sound. I now let my son use it in his heavy metal band. He was like, "Wow! This is a blues amp?" 'Cause it is hot. And for only 40 watts, it will hang in any small venue.

One little thing, the output tubes will blow. And there's no rhyme or reason about how and when. So always carry a spare set.
Fender Blues Deluxe Reissue 40W 1x12" Combo Amp
.I've owned this amplifier for more than two years now and it really isn't as great as the reviews portray it. The constantly appearing topic of discussion is the linear taper. The older non-reissue blue deluxe amps where the same way, so I suppose its accurate as far as that goes. This taper causes the amps volume to noticeably jump from "faint bedroom volume" to "drum set noise canceling volume" right after 2 on the 1 too 12 fender volume pot. With the premature volume jump in mind, the clean channel on this amp can sound quite tasty when turned up around 3. I really have no complaints as far as the clean channel goes. The overdrive channel however... very disappointing. Its simply not manageable. Lets put it this way, if you like Keith Richards and want to sound like Keith Richards 24/7 this is the amp for you. The drive dial doesn't do a whole lot to the od sound unless its turned all the way left, off. The od is too muddy to sound like a breaking up clean and not dirty enough to sound... good. the quality of the od is nothing to brag about as well, its very muddy. Despite all the negativity the spring reverb is magnificent. One of the recent no so serious problems is the stock speaker. It kind of breaks up for a couple minutes when I turn the amp on. The fender blues deluxe reissue is a chunk; be sure to hit the gym before you go out and buy.
Fender Blues Deluxe Reissue 40W 1x12" Combo Amp
.I think this is a fantastic amp. I've gigged with it live for close to a year now. It fills up a huge train station/bar (with very high ceilings) at only 3 on the volume. I usually use the drive channel as opposed to the clean channel. Quite a few reviewers say they don't like the drive channel, or that it's not enough for leads, but I love it. It's a real gritty, in your face sound that you can't really find elsewhere. 'Mean and clean' is the best way I can describe it. This amp has plenty of punch, especially with the stock GT tubes. I swapped those out for JJs recently and was not as impressed. Even after biasing the amp at 91, the sound lost some bite and ferocity.

Overall a great amp.
This amp has just enough features to get the job done, without a lot of things I don't need.
Have owned and gigged with it for almost a year. It has fallen over several times in the back of my SUV. No problems.
After comparing several other combo and small watt head options, I feel I did pretty well.
Fender Blues Deluxe Reissue 40W 1x12" Combo Amp

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