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ESP LTD M-10 Electric Guitar with Gig Bag Black

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Hardshell Case of ESP LTD M-10 Electric Guitar with Gig Bag Black
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Product Description

There's no skimping on the essentials: the basswood body has a bolt-on maple neck with a thin, U-shaped profile that's hand-friendly. The 25-1/2" scale rosewood fretboard and adjustable Tune-O-Matic-style bridge with string-thru-body promote extra resonance. ESP LH-100 bridge and neck humbuckers are ready to power any style of music.

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Bolt-On Construction 25.5" Scale Basswood Body Maple Neck Rosewood Fingerboard 42mm Standard Nut Thin U Neck Contour 22 XJ Frets Black Nickel Hardware ESP Tuners TOM Bridge ESP LH-100 (B & N) p.u. Master Volume/Tone 3-way pickup switch Gig bag

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Overall very satisfied with this..... the guitar has done me right, i've used it as a backup guitar when i gig and it hasn't let me down once, and now it is my practice guitar. If you want to get into guitar, this is the perfect route for beginners or even intermediate players looking for a nicely built guitar to shred on.
A very smooth playing guitar, this was my first ESP and i'm not the least bit dissapointed. Reverse headstock and headstock shape really make this guitar for me, it really screams ESP when people see it. The included pickups are surprisingly crunchy and raunchy for entry levels, I love the sound of these compared to my other guitar with ceramic pickups as the alnico tends to be cleaner and more raw sounding.
I don't know what all you can expect, but aside from the action being a little too high when i got it, this guitar was ready to go out of the box...Everything works the way it's supposed too and the guitar sounds great through almost any amp you put it on.
Such an outstanding value for the price..... i paid almost as much for my first guitar, which is garbage compared to this. It would definitely do this guitar justice to drop a pair of EMG's in it and let it rip, the guitar is very well made and is worth every penny.
ESP LTD M-10 Electric Guitar with Gig Bag Black
.I played this beast and instantly fell in love. The neck is very smooth, it's not prs smooth, but high end ibanez smooth. It is a very light weight guitar, not discomfort at all during play, and it's tone is what I can only describe as a middle of the road between mid range seymour duncan and dimarzio passive pickups. I own a modded Bc Rich flying V, and a Parker, which both are more than double the cost of this, and this one puts both of them to shame. It's simple, effective, and affordable. I will be getting a second one in black soon.
ESP LTD M-10 Electric Guitar with Gig Bag Black
.I bought this guitar at my local guitar shop Sam Ash. I walked into the store wanting to check out an Epiphone Express which I was recently looking at. It was a disappointment so I continued searching for a new axe. When I approached this beauty I was skeptical just by the price. Boy am I glad I plugged her in! The action is nice and low and the double humbuckers call for great metal when distorted and easily switched to a nice blues or light rock sound while clean. It has a nice thin neck and all together is pretty lightweight. This guitar sounds better than most 500 and 600 dollar guitars I have played. The only con I have is she chips easy but who would drop this amazing instrument.
I bought this guitar at my local guitar shop Sam Ash (Amazing store!). I walked into the store wanting to check out an Epiphone Express, which I was very disappointed in. When I started searching for another axe I came across this beauty. The price made me skeptical but i'm glad i plugged her in! The action is nice and low. the double humbuckers call for an amazing metal sound then easily switch to a great clean for blues or light rock. The neck is nice and thin and the guitar all together is very lightweight. This guitar competes with many other guitars that cost 500 dollars or more. The only con i have is it chips fairly easy but who would drop this beauty?
ESP LTD M-10 Electric Guitar with Gig Bag Black
.I bought this guitar because I wanted a ""super-strat"" style guitar", but didn't want to break the bank. I own three ESP LTD guitars, and two of them are almost 10 years old," so I knew from my experience that these are high-quality instruments. I wouldn't consider this guitar as an ""entry-level"" guitar. The construction is really solid", and it sounds great right out of the box; ESP always has pretty decent stock pickups. The neck is so smooth and fast. It's very thin, but still has a rounded shape, which is good for me, because I don't like super-flat necks (like Ibanez). The frets are nice as well, and unlike other similarly-priced guitars, you don't have to worry about frets sticking out on the sides and cutting your fingers. The only thing I don't love about this guitar are the black nickel hardware; personally, I'd rather just have dust black hardware on a guitar like this, but at a price this low, it's hard to complain. I'd also like to have 24 frets, rather than the 22 that the M-10 offers. Granted, I don't get up that high very often, but it's nice to have 24 just in case you ever want to use them. This guitar plays so well and sounds so good that it has become my main guitar. Take my advice, if you're even considering getting this guitar, buy it now. You won't be disappointed, and for the price it's a steal.
ESP LTD M-10 Electric Guitar with Gig Bag Black
.This guitar is amazing, When I went to my local music shop. I was planning on buying the Epiphone LP Express, when it disappointed me I came across this beauty and wow. It has a nice small neck, doesn't sound muddy, double ESP humbuckers are so much more than I expected. It holds a tune and is the best guitar you can get for the price in my opinion. Buy it!
ESP LTD M-10 Electric Guitar with Gig Bag Black
.For 150 bucks you cant really beat it i like it better thean my 150 doller ibanez grx20.
ESP LTD M-10 Electric Guitar with Gig Bag Black
.This Guitar isn't bad. For the Money its a Steal. After I bought this I was in a Pinch to get a quick guitar as I was home for only a few weeks on a layover in my bands summer road tour.
I didn't have time to do any Pup Swaps or get brand new Pups so I just kept it stock and bought new strings.

This Guitar played an entire set of shows for about 4 months it went through some temp changes in that time Summer cold nights and what not .. and the neck stayed straight didn't jump outta tune too bad.

What I would recommend now that I have had this for over a year now and its done its share of gigs .. and I have yet to change anything in it as its been mainly a backup after its first 4 months ... I would deff get some better Pups .. the stock ones are OK but they are a bit Light in the Meat Dept. and very Hot for Hummers .. Aldo I would have a Pro take a look at it and Ground it better.

Out of the box .. it needed an action adjustment .. I like 3.50 64ths and it was at 5 .. and needed to be intonated for Drop C ..

All in All Great buy .. for Those who need a quick Reliever or Don't believe in buying 800 bux Pups with a side of Guitar. After you buy this you can really do some good if you maybe put another 100 bux into it .. and a day or two worth of setup.

But just my two cents
ESP LTD M-10 Electric Guitar with Gig Bag Black
.I got this as kind of a project. Thinking this guitar probably wouldn't be on the road with me for a couple of months . plugged her in and right now its solid backup guitar. I guess I didn't pay attention to the bridge on the picture .. but I was pleasantly surprised to see a string through design I have never had a guitar like that nor have never played that style of bridge before.
The con that this guitar is ..yes right out of the box it was playable .. I had to drop the bridge pickup a bit it was almost touching the strings.. but the bridge felt weird as if the strings were a mile off of the guitar yes the action was pretty flat out of the box , I checked every string and every fret from open to 22 and no buzz any lower though and there would have been what scares me is those strings are 10s and the band is Drop C I use a 7 string setup without the highest string.
I would recommend this to any "second stage" kid workin the McJob and trying to "beef" up the gear a bit ..the neck is super fast I gained a fret in my stretch body is small and light, the tuners have no give in them I was bending the heck out of the strings and they stayed right in tune ...it takes a bit of getting used to .. id say putting some higher end Lace pups would really do it here .. I have only had this guitar for a few days so it hasn't hit the 3 month tour cycle yet so I don't know about sturdiness but feels like itd survive the weekend warrior kid just starting out .
ESP LTD M-10 Electric Guitar with Gig Bag Black
.I bought this for my niece this past christmas. I check it out before I gave it to her though. It's a great instrument for the price. The only concern I have is the fret size. It says XJ frets but these are super thin and tiny but over all it's a good instrument.
ESP LTD M-10 Electric Guitar with Gig Bag Black
.This guitar was so much more than just surprising. With the price being so low and it being a beginner guitar, I had low expectations as I ordered it to practice on while overseas. This thing SCREAMS! When I first received it had a small (but noticeable) amount of fret buzz. I adjusted the truss-rod, pulled the neck in about a half-turn, and the fret buzz was gone. The action is set nice and low.. the strings are forgiving on the fingertips... I'm still in awe with some of the harmonics I can get out of the humbuckers. Truly an amazing budget guitar!
ESP LTD M-10 Electric Guitar with Gig Bag Black

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