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ESP LTD D-5 5-String Bass Guitar Satin Natural

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Hardshell Case of ESP LTD D-5 5-String Bass Guitar Satin Natural
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Product Description

The ESP LTD D-5 5-string bass guitar has a natural merbau body and neck-through design complemented by active electronics. The sustain and resonance of the neck-through construction and choice woods are further enhanced by a string-thru-body bridge. Includes volume and balance controls as well as active 3-band EQ.

Case sold separately.

Merbau body Neck-through-body construction 5-piece mahogany-maple neck 34" scale Rosewood fingerboard 24 XJ frets Black nickel hardware Grover tuners ESP BB-605 string-thru-body bridge ESP SB-5 pickup set Volume and balance controls ESP ABQ3 3-band active EQ Case sold separately

To play it is to love it. Order your D-5 today.

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This is my 1st 5 string bass. I received it Wednesday from Custom Guitars Friend I tried several including a Peavey Grind and Millenium, an Ibanez lined fretless (that I liked) and a Warick 5 string. I was reading all of the reviews I could find to see how closely they matched my findings (as a reference only-I know everyone has different experiences, likes and dislikes). During my checking Ebay and other places I ran across the LTD B205 (ash with light curly maple top on the body and headstock). Nice but when checking Custom Guitar's Friend I saw this LTD D-5 in Merbau (Asian equivalent to Mahogany). I have always wanted a bass in Dark Brown Walnut or Mahogany so after reading it's spec's I found unlike the B205 which had ESP tuners the D-5 has Grovers and it was about $30 more. Reviews on MF (17 reviews with total rating of 4.9 out of 5), Another site (3 of 3 rated 5 out of 5), and a 3rd site (9 reviews with total rating of 4.5 of 5) That coupled with the 45 day return policy I decided to give it a try. As with the Ibanez it was less awkward for me to play and after a couple hours I was really enjoying playing it. Anyone who has played a 4 string then later a 5 can appreciate what an extra string can do for you. I chose a string through the body (it is also a top loader) so it would add some tension to the B and wasn't disappointed. I got to play it last night at a benefit for the most part loved it. I say for the most part because on one occasion I had to remember the top string wasn't an E (lol). Now for the the tuners and quality. The 20:1 Grovers are very nice and smooth. Looked into the control cavity and found it to be completely shielded, quality Alpha pots, EQ Active Model sports plug in connectors that appear to be locking. Everything neatly soldered and wire-tied wiring. Battery compartment receives only a small complaint in that you have to unscrew 2 screws to get to the battery but the battery is strapped in place by velcro straps (nice touch). The instrument cable has a nice firm "snap" that holds the cable plug quite well. The Bridge is heavy duty and the bass has good sustain (almost as good as my Babicz on my Fender Jazz. While good enough it is not the quality of the Babicz Bridge but I am so far happy. Pickups are ESP Soapbar passive with a separate 3 band active EQ. Controls are: Master Volume, Bass Boost/Cut, Mid Boost/Cut, Treble Boost/Cut, and Balance. All but the Master volume have center detent which is a plus. All work as they should with a minor complaint that as you start to increase treble above the detent it starts to be just slightly hissy but I don't like that much treble anyway as you begin to hear string to fret clank. The neck feels good to my hands even though my hand is small and fingers are short. The strings that came on it had a pronounced bigger sound from the 4th and 5th strings compared to the other 3. I have removed the strings and will be installing DR Silver Star (thinly coated) rounds which I have liked on previous basses. They are the same as Black Beauties but just clear in stead of black coating. Let's hope they give a more uniform sound string to string than the stock strings did. Wood hardness and weight. Frankly I was expecting this bass to be like the Basswood, Poplar, and Agathis woods I had in some Squiers and SX basses in that it was very soft wood that could cause screws to strip out. Far from it. This wood seems tough yet not too heavy with a wide cushion strap I use with my Fender Jazz. Yes, maybe a pound or 2 heavier but I doubt it. I will have to weigh them both to be more accurate
ESP LTD D-5 5-String Bass Guitar Satin Natural
.Great bass, I've been playing 30+ years, strictly a 4 stringer,(Musicman and Fender Jazz) but playing at church there were so many occasions when hitting the lower notes would be nice. I went in a local store and tried this thing out and WOW! bought it on the spot. I was so comfortable with it, I played it the next Sunday at church. I've had to make a few adjustments (due to the weather)but what an incredible bass. I really don't see a need to "upgrade". It's as good of a playing,sounding and looking a bass as I could ask for...
ESP LTD D-5 5-String Bass Guitar Satin Natural
.I have to add this to the reviews.
One reviewer here was a guitar player...so weight dont count there.
Anyways as far as basses go this is no way near the weight of a Fender or G&L or the like. I would even say it weighs less than most Ibanez basses I have had.
This bass has an awesome tone! I would compare it to my Warwick Streamer (1999) German made.
The neck is a bit more chunkier than most ESP's which makes it even better and gives it more tone.
The Merbua wood has a sound simillar to a bubinga body bass....it's a bit dark and growly.
Just what everyone is looking for! great job ESP! A nice bass, good looks, good feel, and a really nice price!
Just to add another note here. When going to by a new bass, Money was not an option as far as up to $1200 and I expected to by a new Warwick to add to my collection....instead I bought this one and the ESP LTD 206QM which even sounds just a minute better....but not by much!
This is a giging bass players bass....great tone great feel and LIGHT!!
Disregard anyone saying this is a heavy bass....don't know what is in there kool-ade??
Try it for your self....you will see.
ESP LTD D-5 5-String Bass Guitar Satin Natural
.I've loved this bass since before I owned it. We shared a gig once with another band who's bass player was playing this bass, except it was the 4 string version, and I was immediantly attracted to it. Not to mention the fact that he had just got his, so he was in the showoff kind of mood. Point is, this bass is hard to miss being a very nice looking, and nice playing instrument.
I've played big venues and small venues with this bass and had no issues at all. Jamming on this bass is a breeze, and it seems to pretty much be built to record, I've seen no flaws in this bass. . . except for that battery powering the active pickups. I know sometimes it's my fault for leaving it plugged in at practices etc. but the the amount of times I've had to replace that thing seems a bit excessive. Don't be alarmed, it's not a turn-off of mine at all, I still love the bass, and afterall this could just be a flaw of mine alone, either way, the bass is sitll well worth the money.
ESP LTD D-5 5-String Bass Guitar Satin Natural
.Beast of a Bass. When I pulled it out of the box I was totally amazed. The beautiful the wood is beautiful the hardware on the bass is this awesome gun metal color. Then I plugged it in to my 410 and man, the lows on this thing are insane. The active pickups allow you to get whatever sound you want, and the through-neck gives this thing awesome sustain. I can't believe this bass was 400 bucks if it had a name like fender or gibson on it it would go for at least 600.
ESP LTD D-5 5-String Bass Guitar Satin Natural
.I read only the reviews on this bass, and they sold me on it. I had been using a Washburn Tarus T-25, a decent bass with passive pickups for two or so years, and I wanted a bass with active pickups. I am really happy with low you can get out of it and how you can balance the highs with the EQ. It looks to and feels to be a very solid piece. This bass was heavier than the Washburn, and about double the weight of the Peavey Cirrus, which does not bother me for the amazing features. I received the bass with a stock battery, and thought a I bought a terrible bass, till I changed the battery to quality new battery, and it changed the tone and sound output completely. Amazing bass
ESP LTD D-5 5-String Bass Guitar Satin Natural
.Small frustration waiting for this order. Action was a bit low, too much fret buzz. Adjusted and now can play as clean or dirty as I want. Very light with a beautiful finish. Controls are easy to use and give a wide variety of sounds. Works well in any setting.
ESP LTD D-5 5-String Bass Guitar Satin Natural
.This is an awesome instrument and at a bargain price.I live in Europe and it arrived in less than a week and believe me when I say that it didn't need any professional setup, just tuned up the strings and played it at a gig. It plays,sounds and looks incredible. For anyone who doesn't want to spend a lot of money on a bass, this ESP is a great choice. Cheers !!!
ESP LTD D-5 5-String Bass Guitar Satin Natural
.The one I received had excellent action/setup and playability. No signs of any buzz at all. The pickups sounds very good and sound very clear without any mud to the sound. I also like the three band EQ at my hands. The reason I gave it 3.5 for quality was I got one with a large crack. Otherwise I would say about 4.5 for quality as the fit/finish and quality of the natural wood look very good. I am going to try to get one without a crack and hopefully that one will play as well as this one does. If so then I would say this is a very good deal and far better than any other 5 string I have found so far.
ESP LTD D-5 5-String Bass Guitar Satin Natural
.Played this at a Sam Ash and I instantly fell in love with it. I'm surprised that this bass isn't worth twice as much as it goes for. It is very comfortable around my hand (I have long fingers). The tuners are great, the bridge is great, and it didn't require much setup right out of the box. My only complaint is that it is rather heavy and becomes uncomfortable after an extended period of time with it on. All in all, awesome bass. I wouldn't trade it for any other 5 string.
ESP LTD D-5 5-String Bass Guitar Satin Natural

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