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ESP LTD B-5E 5-String Bass Guitar Satin Natural

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Hardshell Case of ESP LTD B-5E 5-String Bass Guitar Satin Natural
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Product Description

If you love the sharp contrast in color you get when you put different woods together, you'll love the design of the ESP LTD B-5E five-string bass guitar. As with its 4-string sibling, the 5-string B-5E has extremely beveled edges which allow you to really enjoy the distinct shades of light and dark where the mahogany body and ebony top meet. Adding to this differentiation of color is the even lighter 5-piece neck-thru-body maple/mahogany neck and ebony fingerboard.

But fantastic looks aren't all you're getting. Ensuring you get the most of the tones these blends of woods provide are ESP SB-5 pickups (bridge and neck) with an ESP ABQ-3 3-band active EQ. A 34"-scale neck features an extra-thin, U-neck contour, making it easier for the average person to play. Other features include a 42mm standard nut, 24 XJ frets, ESP tuners, an ESP BB-604 bridge with string-thru body, and black nickel hardware.

Neck-thru-body 34" scale Mahogany body Ebony top 5-piece maple/mahogany neck with ebony fingerboard 47mm standard nut Extra-thin U-shaped neck 24 XJ frets Black nickel hardware ESP tuners ESP BB-605 bridge with string-thru body

Get a bass with a more organic look, and watch your creativity grow. Order your B-5E today!

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I've played both guitar and bass for over 10 years and I've never gotten a better deal on any piece of equipment. I traded in a Carvin that I really liked for this and it was easily the right decision. Buy this one now before people realize how great a deal it is and the price goes up.
Ebony fretboard, 5 piece neck through the body, mahogany wings, active electronics, and an ebody wood top. Very cool. The black nickel hardware is classy. Locking tuners and strap locks would be nice but for the price I am not going to complain. The 34" scale did not take long to get used to, I don't even notice it now.
Action is low but not too low, frets and board are smooth, all cavities are copper tape shielded which is unexpected but welcome in an Indonesian instrument. I don't feel the need to upgrade any of the electronics. I may replace the pickups eventually but it would just be to try something new, the stock active pickups work very well and are versatile.
I picked this bass because it had everything I was looking for. Mahogany body, neck-thru construction, ebony fretboard, active electronics, and an attractive, low-maintenance natural satin finish. I didn't expect to get it for this price. Wow. It looks, feels, and plays like a much more expensive bass.
ESP LTD B-5E 5-String Bass Guitar Satin Natural
Not as expensive as most of the active 5 strings high quality wood basses out on the market.Extremely well manucfacture and outstanding cristal clear tones.Value for the money is 100% guaranteed, bar none! better bass than this one out on the market for less money or equal, it is probably impossible to find.Looks much more nicer in person.Not as heavy as most of the 5 string basses.Not a fat tree bass which is excelent for your back when playing at the gigs.
The woods and active 3 band EQ pickups are created for the tones every bass player audiophile needs, I can tell there is noticeable sustain difference due to its neck-thru-body, and yes! the fingerboard incredibly helps for speed and clear tones after I calibrated it. Dont forget the extra-thin U-shaped neck that actually makes this bass not as heavy as I thought I would be, I also have a Thunder Bird bass and this ESP LTD B5 actually weights less.
The indonesian manufacture of this bass was flawless, in my case, it looked like made in japan seriously.

I highly recommend to change the strings that come with it, since they are poorly made, instead, I use Dean Markley strings and they do the job just fine!
Guaranteed!!, Honestly it should be more expensive. When I got it, I could not believe what I have paid for it, every feature and worked and looked much better than expected.
ESP LTD B-5E 5-String Bass Guitar Satin Natural
.Overall it is the best bass I could find for the price. I have owned an LTD B-55 for around 5 years and was looking to upgrade and I tried many different basses including Schecter, Ibanez, and fender and this one was a good price difference between the rest and I am very happy with it. I would recommend to anyone looking to try a 5 string or active pickups.
The three band EQ is great i love the fact that I dont have to go to my amp on stage if it needs a little tone adjustment for different styles of songs.
It's great quality very beautiful great sound. For the price good luck finding a bass made of as good of wood as this one and sounds this great
Can't beat the price
ESP LTD B-5E 5-String Bass Guitar Satin Natural
.This is a great bass Looks,Sounds,and Plays great be aware that the 2011 models will be a satin finish not gloss. Also i would like to note the ebony on this bass is Macassar ebony that looks a lot like Rosewood unlike Gaboon Ebony which looks solid black same feel and tone enjoy.
ESP LTD B-5E 5-String Bass Guitar Satin Natural
.I have never owned an ESP brand instrument before and came across this ESP-LTD Bass after doing some research for a good 5-string bass for our church and this bass kept coming up as one of the best in it's price range, So I went with this one and added the 2-yr warranty. So far everyone that has played it during service loves it. I have played on a lot of more exspensive bass guitars, but for the price range my research paid off. The only things I can see that I will need to do to it is change the strings once these go bad to a better set and to set the action just a tad lower, but other than that this is a solid 5-string bass. It was still in tune when I got it out of the box. The only down side to this instrument is that it's a bit heavy for playing long venues....
ESP LTD B-5E 5-String Bass Guitar Satin Natural
.When I bought this guitar, I was very poor. I was looking for something that had great sound, looked good, and had a reasonable price. I lucked out on this one. When I first played it in the store, I compared it to other middle range basses and liked this one the best. I get a lot of comments on how beautiful it looks and I can get any sound I want from it just but tweaking the EQ. I found that it is a little heavy and by the time I reach the 4th set I want to go back to my '86 Roadstar II.

I am also finding that the electronics are a little noisy. I am in the process of upgrading the factory ESP electronics to EMG electronics. Here I found another issue. The upper end LTD basses have an EMG B64 EQ in them. This is a custom part which cannot be found on EMG's web site.

Overall I love this guitar. In hind sight, if I had the money, would have gone with the next model up in the B series, so I could get the EMG electronics.
ESP LTD B-5E 5-String Bass Guitar Satin Natural
.I'm 45; been playing for 25 yrs. This is a great buy on a very high quality instrument. Holds a tune impecbably, even across temperature changes. (I play through the winter in an unheated pole barn.) Tone, sustain and clarity are fantastic on every fret. If you think the pictures are great, wait until you see it in person, and hold it! I also bought the hardshell case - a terrific fit.
ESP LTD B-5E 5-String Bass Guitar Satin Natural
.first off, out of the box great set up. to fret a note, you only need to touch the string practically nothing more is needed.

the neck is a tad too thin, and the fret board radius is really flat (about14"-16") and pretty sharp edged, which is a little uncomfortable to a lot of vintage guitar players (older fenders/gibsons and guitars with 7"-12" radius). but to the other modern players it may not be a problem.

and as i said the pickups are a bit poor sounding (low output and muddy on E&B strings). with that stuff said:
craftsmanship is beyond par (beautiful in other words) and you really have to search
hard to find another neck thru design (my body shakes when the B string is struck) with an ergonomically (it balances well either sit or stand) designed body and ebony fret board and top (nice and mellow and crisp attack). ESP nice job looking forward to next purchase. nickie p signing off.
ESP LTD B-5E 5-String Bass Guitar Satin Natural
.I bought this bass from a local music store and while I was there I compared it to more expensive 5 strings. Most notably it in my opinion was even better than the Ibanez Prestige or whatever the name is. It is a little on the heavy side but you'll get used to it. The action is very smooth for me. It's body is shorter than the neck and that may feel weird for you but it was for me. Very high quality in the woods. The look is beautiful. The B string is a tad floppy but that can be easily fixed with a thicker string. I love the sound and highly recommend this bass. Did I mention it sounds amazing? No you say? Well it does! I love it and you will too if you but it.
ESP LTD B-5E 5-String Bass Guitar Satin Natural
.First off, it's beautiful. Even my fellow band memebers commented on how incredible it looked. The tone is amazing. I got rid of the low B string and added a high C instead. But when I had that low B on, the walls in my house shook with no distortion, pure clean sound. I'm in a jam band, this bass will do me good.
ESP LTD B-5E 5-String Bass Guitar Satin Natural

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