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Dunlop Deluxe Pro Guitar Capo

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Hardshell Case of Dunlop Deluxe Pro Guitar Capo
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Product Description

Jim Dunlop Toggle Action Capos are designed for both curved and flat fingerboards, providing extremely reliable and firm clamping. This easy-to-use nickel-plated capo will not scratch the guitar and has a low profile guaranteed not to hinder your fingering. Sleek contour design with the exclusive adjust-o-strap system.

Sleek contour design Both curved and flat fingerboards Firm clamping Easy-to-use adjust-o-strap system Nickel-plated hardware Scratch-free design

Firm clamping is within your reach - order now.

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Despite the ad, this capo does not fit BOTH curved and flat fingerboards. There are actually 2 models of this capo, one for curved fingerboards (15C) and another one for flat fingerboards (15F). Be sure to get the one you want. Check out the Dunlop website for details.
Dunlop Deluxe Pro Guitar Capo
.this product is not entirely unusable. If you are playing by yourself at home. but if you need your intonation to be accurate, look elsewhere. it works fine on the third fret. on higher frets the tension is to high and everything is slightly sharp. that also means its pulling the strings out of tune. on lower frets the the tension is to low and the strings buzz. unless your willing to except a loss of sound quality for functionality dont get this. I just ordered a shubb because they have adjustable tension, I haven't got it yet but I here their the best you can get.
Dunlop Deluxe Pro Guitar Capo
.I've used one of the originals - without the current buckle and with more "slots" - for years on Gibson-type necks and fingerboard radius. The curved might work fine, but I don't have a shorter radius guitar.

Here's the problem: On a really "flat" fingerboard it's just not that good. I'm a bit disappointed because I like the "extra light weight" concept.

I'd say that if you have a really flat fingerboard it's worth messing with perhaps, but you're better off with something like the Kyser - but again, be careful that the purchase matches the radius.

When it's a bit curved and the fingerboard isn't, I found I couldn't really get an adjustment that doesn't muffle strings on a "hybrid" nylon string guitar. With the old version - mine has gotta be over 30 years old - with the more slots I never had a problem. Go figure.
Dunlop Deluxe Pro Guitar Capo
.seriously, save up another 5 bucks and get the Dunlop Trigger capo. for all those saying that they like the minimalistic design: trigger capo's never, ever, ever, ever get in my way, even when playing open chords. I have no idea what you guys are talking about. I had this for about a year when I was 13 and I first started the guitar. I then upgraded to a real capo.
Dunlop Deluxe Pro Guitar Capo
.Buy this capo and you wont regret it, works perfectly and dosnt get in the way of anything
At first i got this for my acoustic just to mess around with and see if i liked it, i love it and use it nonstop when i play acoustic. I tired it on my classical and it works amazing, i thought i was gonna have to buy a diffrent type of capo for my classical but it fits and hugs the strings tightly. Just like it should
Good quality but sometimes when you tighten it it feels like the plastic will snap, hasnt happened though so it must be pretty durable.
This thing is great for the money, im buying a second one for my classical for sure
Dunlop Deluxe Pro Guitar Capo
.I really dont know why, but I love this capo...My dad, an active musician, bought one of these guys back in the 70's and it is still used today in the next generation. So it certainly deserves the 5 star quality rating I gave it. But the reason I like it is that it is very small, to handle, and easy on the eyes- rather than the big, unsightly clamps that are more popular today. The only reason why I docked it half a star in features is that is does take like half a second longer to place than a clamp capo. But whats good about it is that the sizable strap feature makes it easy to lay on every frett up to the 22nd... not that you'd use it that high or anything.But yes I certainly reccomend this capo. Its Easy, Cheap, and it lasts
Dunlop Deluxe Pro Guitar Capo
.An inexpensive capo probably worth even less than it cost. Relatively easy to use, but tends to be in the way of the fretting fingers. Capturing the lever arm would make it much easier to use. Does work, but I would not buy it again.
Dunlop Deluxe Pro Guitar Capo
.I have been using these capos for over 30 years, and I am completely sold on their ease of use, and low profile. I have tried the spring loaded capos, and for various reasons, I have found theses dunlops work best. Any capo will change the pitch of the guitar, depending the fret it is assigned to. If you are capoing much past the 3rd or 4th fret, perhaps a change of key is in order. These capos have never marred the neck, and adjusted properly, never buzz.
Dunlop Deluxe Pro Guitar Capo
.does its job
Dunlop Deluxe Pro Guitar Capo
.Custom Guitar's Friend is a better alternative to the shops here in the SF Bay Area. No talking with clerks who would rather be somewhere else; or being asked to settle for second or third best when I am looking for a particular item. What I want is what I get with Custom Guitar's Friend.
Dunlop Deluxe Pro Guitar Capo

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